Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Excited About Dead Grass...and More

***I got sidetracked last night about my new ram-lamb, named "Handsome" I forgot about the grass. The grass is below and actually not that interesting, however my "dead-grass" plan may work....

By-the-way, don't bother trying to upload your email or message on blogger. This is the worse formatted mess of a blog post I've ever tried to do. It didn't help that I fell asleep, but now that I'm trying to write on my computer....it's horrible. Pictures fly away, grass posts end-up with sheep, sheep are with the grass, if it was alive grass. I could maybe think that there's some sort of reason that was happening. Did I ever mention that sheep should have been named "pigs" because they will eat themselves to death. Pigs are smarter than that. Sheep love grass, even bad Fescue.

I know I've never tried to upload a post with a mobile device, but the time has come that I need to start thinking of going to sleep. (I wrote sheep) quick change. I know my mind is on my huge sweet ram lamb. He's absolutely beautiful and sweet beyond my highest expectations. He loves me and if I can put Laney dog up in a pen somewhere "Handsome" and I are going for a walk. He's soft and really wants a hug. We talked by me hugging on him and I even gave him kisses on his soft cheeks. I know we'll be pals for a real long.....skaijkalakjdhvzkcapo (sleep-time..added this morning) Sheeh! I don't even have to count sheep, I just need to write half a paragraph and I'm GONE.

Maa Maa! He LOVES me!
I put Handsome and all the sheep in the old sheep pen because he needs his shots for our area and I need to worm him, too. Maybe it's good that they are all bunched-up together. They eat fine and I think all the other sheep believe he's one of the lambs that have been here all along. They share and that was a worry for me. I  can't wait until they can go out in the pasture behind the pens. There's big Malva weeds and they are just right for munching.

Below the orange feather-looking things on his feet are just a pieces of twine stuck in the ground when we had our last huge rain storm. The clay made it cemented in the ground. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to pull that string out. I suppose scissors are the answer. I never thought I'd actually get a sheep to pose over the twine like he had orange feathers on his feet.

The feathers on his feet!

"Handsome" Meeting His New Pals
Still Wants Out and Stands by The Gate

This blog was supposed to be about how excited I was about "dead grass" and I AM EXCITED!

Patchwork Grass, ugh
 I was distracted by my sheep pictures. OK, about a month ago my son-in-law received some extra grass from a huge lawn project and for an unknown (we do have clues) all the grass died. Marnie and Steve worked their Bods-off getting it in quickly and it was like a beautiful green carpet. It looked so wonderful when it was put-down. And....always wet...we all watered it. Now, some random weeds are peeking-out of the cracks. It's DEAD. I got the noxious weeds with that Round-up that sprays only a little bit on just one weed, and as I did it the stinking dogs followed me. All of them were trying to lick the Round-up off the plants. There should be on the warning label: "Attracts Dogs."  My daughter had to come gather the dogs and let me just finish. BUT..while I was doing the waiting a wonderful idea popped in my head. It's too hot now to replant with manure and grass seed, that's a fall job. It would have been perfect this past month because we're all so foggy just before summer. Perfect, but the grass wasn't going for it. I decided to use my little boxes of wild flower mix all on the dead grass. Don't write me and tell me it's a bad idea, I already did it.

The "Leaning Tree" Does Need to Be Given Some Help (Left foreground)
Our attempt to grow grass right here by the arena hasn't ever been exactly the most beautiful lawn. It looked better than my pictures after I watered it today, this is where my beautiful garden had been. I thought grass would really grow in this area. The wild flower seeds are somewhat in the same area and I think will produce some pretty blue and red flax flowers and poppies. I'm getting more little boxes today. The wind came-up and my seeds typically just blew away. I do have a plan..go out before the wind starts from the west and scatter the seeds really early in the morning and then soak 'em good. I'm excited with flower idea and I won't be just watering dead grass. It could be really pretty and I'm looking forward to all of it.

Firefighting Blessings

Before I stop all this post now about the dead grass and my lovely sheep; something neat happened yesterday. I headed on down to my husband's fire station to pick-up all my granddaughter's information for camp and take it up to her camp director. My husband was at a call and that, in itself is becoming more and more common. I just wait. I thought maybe I could call him because he could be on an inspection and I could ask him if he had the paperwork, or how long should I wait, or if I should come back later...Well, I called and he answered the phone with not a "Hello" or "Wait" all I heard was blood-curdling screaming from a young woman. I was stunned.I heard the gentle words from the crew trying to calm her. I thought it was a car accident and she was hurt beyond my comprehension. I immediately hung-up and said a prayer. Oh, it hurt my insides, like when one of my grandchildren stub their toe. But this was far worse. Anyone that has compassion within them, has felt the pain and makes a person just grab at their sides and groan. 

Here's what the screaming was about...It was a new baby being delivered by our crew! The lady was pushing and Steve left the phone on so I could hear the baby cry and know that something wonderful and great was happening on THEIR shift! I suppose I really could have FELT her pain. Yippee!!! The baby was a boy and she obviously didn't make it to the hospital until after the birthing with the crew. My Steve was crying he was so happy for them. The call came in as a baby being born about 4 months too early and nope, she was due today. Relief! The dispatcher had gotten some misinformation, and that's not unusual when those who call for help are so excited and upset. I came back to the station and asked about the call fearing he had to use the "jaws of life" to help someone escape. Yeah, he did literally and the "jaws of life" have new meaning and hurray, a baby escaped. Steve was grinning ear to ear, because the baby was healthy and wonderful. He said, "She was like us!" and then said "They were like us!" The new husband and wife have had two miscarriages and was now had a healthy a baby, full-term. Steve remembered the joy we had when we first held our new precious daughter. He was so excited he wanted to tell me the APGAR? thing, he wanted to tell me their names, and where.  But, by the HIPPA Law... he couldn't tell me anything and I could see he was about to burst and OMGsh, he wanted to tell me so bad! It made me laugh. My day turned-out to be so glad and thankful and I left my Steve waving and knowing he was thinking, "I love my job."

Perfect Gift From Heaven

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