Monday, June 4, 2012

Graduation & Reaching Goals

I don't think we can ever take enough pictures when a long-time goal is finally reached. The best way is to share the moment with those you love. I'm so proud of my oldest daughter, Tressa. She just keeps going and going. I'm not surprised, well a little, because she's so busy with her two very involved children. But, she a woman who can do it all and enjoy the journey. She'll be receiving another graduation in November. This graduation is year is so full. Kiely and Matt, Tressa, and then our middle school grandchildren and those going on to new schools in their upper-levels. Life just keeps going and seems to go faster each year.

Tressa's Beautiful Family
I honestly admire any woman who can go back and do all the goals that they've set for themselves years earlier. I don't mean just learning, but actually putting forth effort into a passion that they had set as a goal. It's harder when you're busy with children and a husband, a home, garden and yard, and the social and church obligations that come into our lives. Sometimes I think that we are counted-on to do assignments given by others because it looks like (on the outside) we have more freedom than another to accomplish a volunteer job. I think everyone's busy, or should be, and if my girls can squeeze just moments of time to fulfill their pursuits I believe that greatest can be gained. I know some duties should be shifted around and I'm not saying what... exactly, because it could be any chore, hobby, or activity that sucks time and energy out of anyone. Sometimes the road we travel may have a ditch or two, or a mound of snow, like Kiely and Matt's new home in the mountains. In my case, I think I've had plenty of rocks and boulders. When my children were young, I raked those rocks with Steve to make things smoother for my kids.

They learned to work with us and eventually worked at solving all their pathways smoother, built bridges for the ditches, and  Four-Byes, for the mounds of snow. It's perhaps finding the right tools to accomplish it all. Sometimes I think I need a tractor with a front scraper and while I'm wishing for one, I'd add a hopper to go with it so I don't have to keep going back. I know right now my mind is on my girls, but my son has done the same. He started working with my husband at the age of five. I know that sounds like child labor, but it's a best friend relationship and by easy comparison with men his age, he, by far accomplishes so much.

Me, Tress, and Tressa's Grandma Dune

Me (Susan) Tressa, My Steve in the Back, Grandma Dune and Eirely, My son, Dustin's little Girl.

So Happy and I'll Bet, Relieved.

Pictures by Aimee Dolich
Tressa will stay the course and loves to jump over every hurdle. Achievement comes with the faith that anything can be attained, and she knows it usually involves hard work. Hard work has never held her back and it hasn't been an easy road. She inspires me.

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