Saturday, June 9, 2012

Making Scarves or Is It Just Basket-Weaving for My Neck?

 "This month has been a special one it's _______time for you!"♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ "We'd really like to celebrate this happy time with you."♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ "So hippity-hey, and hiddie-ho, there something we can do."♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ "We'll sing a song that we all know....(Happy) ________ to you!"♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ 

I think I need to mention that the the "Happy" can be "Congratulations" or any other appropriate word that fits.

I've never had a busier month! This is already one month that I've already accomplished the most in my yard, attending all kinds of parties, being sick, been with my grandchildren, and promotions and graduations and even taking care of my farm animals. This month has been so crazy--but, I've needed something to do while I'm waiting. I hate to just bite my fingernails. lol.

All of this in-between time has driven me to making scarves. I had to think of something to do in the car or waiting anywhere. (My exception is in a restaurant, but I do think about it) There's doctor visits and waiting, waiting for events, driving and waiting for grandchildren, going with Steve to fetch all the stuff for every huge, super fundraising event that has taken every single day of his 4 days off these past 6 months and waiting. Did I mention that the community involvement that his parents engrained in his brain membrane has never worn-off. I ask, "Are you on duty, can you take me in your car?" "Are you getting paid?" He has told me over and over, "I don't belong to Rotary, or  Lions Club, I belong the the Firefighter's Association and this is my community service." I always say, "Okay." but I don't really "get it" because every single time there's a huge BBQ or "Station Meals from The Boys Club" or any other club fundraiser... that needs so much preparation time for the event. I ask the same questions. Ugh. I like the fundraising, but I think he needs to go out and shoot a gun, go fishing, or swing in the hammock I gave him for his birthday. It's still in it's box. **sigh**

I found a "waiting hobby" that doesn't include my phone, tablet, or mini laptop. I'm actually doing something. I'm making these really pretty, lacy scarves. I'm teaching myself to knit. Well, if a person can call this knitting? It's only six stockinette stitches and binding-off knitting? It's a start, maybe.

I do genealogy and make websites, but that stuff is work, this is fluff! Real fluff. BTW my websites are way better than my blog.

Easy Lacey Scarves
The scarves are cool, feminine, and easy. I wasn't sure on the brand, because I've had to take a few skeins back because of flaws. I went to a very high-end yarn store and they told me not to fret about that because even the most expensive skeins of yarn have flaws and they have returns too. I'm talking about $26.00 a skein--not cashmere, but for $26.00 a skein for 34 or so yards? The skeins should be perfect, right?

I buy Primer Starbella and it's easy and the directions are on You Tube. I just watch the Primer Starbella's own site video, and their site the easiest to follow. I used size 6 gauge wooden knitting needles because I'm afraid of slipping stitches and an onion sack thingy to hold my yarn so it doesn't run-away while I'm working the needles.

I tie a knot about an inch or two from the end of the yarn and weave from the back to front six loops (use 8 loops if you would like the scarf more fluffy and use 2 skiens. The scarf will also a bit longer, but perfect for Autumn football games. I just knot the skeins together and just keep the 8 stitches going) Always go in order from the tippy-top of the ribbon either way you make this and if you do add another skein be sure and tie the extra skien with the salvage at the bottom and the loops on top. THEN ... S-t-r-e-t-c-h it out! The top is the side without the wider selvage. My left pointy finger holds the knitting needles and stitches together at the top. I shorten my hold on the needles to just over the end of my fingers and that makes it faster and less reaching over the pointy needle top each time I wrap a new loop.

It always starts so loose that I had to make at least six rows of stitches to make sure I was doing it right. It's the looseness, I'll never get over that. So now I use my fingers like a shuttle in a loom to tighten each row as I do it and that helps and it shows the regular work about the third or fourth row. I always use the loop that isn't connected to the needle and I have to make sure that the loop that is being used is only the top of the loop, not the whole loop. I could end up with dozens of stitches on my needle if I didn't pay attention to that detail. If I happen to get 7 stitches on my needle I add two together to get back to the six. It may not be right, but show me where I've done that! hahaha You can't find it and I've looked like crazy.

My right hand is the over-caster and bear-claw. I open the ribbon and "bear-claw" the ribbon netting open so it goes faster and faster and faster... ye---ah! It's so fun to learn something new and also hide all my old lady "turkey-neck lines" Do this, it's fun. The cost is only $6.00. + a little change (and less if you have the 40% coupon) I go right pass Michael's to go see my beach grandchildren every week.

Yes, my husband does call it basket-weaving and he'll figure-it-out when I've gone to far... when I attach all my lacey scarves to our CB antenna and they wiggle through the air like a Chinese Dragons. I'm thinking ... orange and yellow, and red, so everyone can see me coming-down the road or over the sand dune in the desert.

**I learned to make the scarves because my mother and I saw them in Utah at the co-op in Ephraim. I think she wanted to buy them all. I knew this was something she really, really would enjoy so this is how I started. I was making some for her and my sister, who has always adored scarves. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift. So the motivation was my Mother's Day gift and another to my sister for helping my mother so much for the past 3 months. I felt very comfortable making the scarves and almost didn't need to watch what I was doing after only making about eight of these. I've never knitted, but these are so easy and keeping track of the numbers of stitches is only a glance down and I know. I prefer the wooden knitting needles because the loops don't slip off as easy as with the metal ones. Knitting is so relaxing and I can feel the tenseness in my hands and use it to judge how I'm needing to relax my fingers, neck, shoulders, etc. It really helps. White knuckling in the car in lots of traffic, I can never relax... just seconds after I loosen my hands, they go for "the crazy grip" on the steering wheel as tight as if I'm about to ride that crazy roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm. 

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