Monday, June 25, 2012

Weird Junk That Just Falls Out of My Purse. Buried Treasure

It's summertime! Wow, that took me by surprise. I think I need to change my super-springy purse to my yellow, summer-shiny one. It'll be easy this time... I've got everything organized into zippered cases and know exactly were everything is. If I want to change purses and can easily just pull out the cases and just move them over to my new purse. VoilĂ ! (That's French for "there we are!" or "Here!"... right?) about the only word I can remember from 7th grade French class. THIS will be easy.
Yep, he's lookin' at my Purse Junk
 "Ahhhh..not so fast, Pilgrim, you got some tough cleanin' to do and you're burning daylight", I'm saying this in my "John Wayne Mountain Man" voice. Yes, I know! He also says,“You're short on ears and long on mouth.” I need be less wordy and talkin' to myself out-loud-- like the John Wayne is really standing over me. I must need some company, never-mind that thought, I'd still talk to myself. Oh, my heck, now even my Cocktail, Fabio, is starting the jabbering after me.

My inner John Wayne noticed things weren't exactly as I had envisioned this "switcher-roo" with my purse exchange. My camera is in my shirt pocket and I couldn't just pass this opportunity to make my kids really know for sure I need my 'shawl.' So I'm doing it again, documenting my day of fun mess. Just to set the record straight, my husband Steve wanted me to add he NEVER puts his hand in my purse, truth!

Phone Holder On Top and Looks Okay, Right?

Here's the normal stuff that goes in my purse. A hankie on top, sunglasses, Wait! Those are spoons with the red handle-- to play music (?) and they don't belong. You know, that southern spoon band player, thingy. I don't really carry those, but they were in my purse. I need better glasses. The black and white thing is my new journal from Kiely and fits very well in my purse. I have a couple pens in my purse and the striped one is very fat, and under it is my real glasses. I see the little green lotion next. I have a western tiny bag for my Temple work and my heart pills. (I watch that little pocket-book closely) a red lipstick I hate, and a red spoon from the yogurt shop. OOPS! And my red bag holds all my insurance, license, cards, etc., my brush, and then my coin and money purse that has a clip... and can't be picked-out of the side pocket. It actually locks-in. Under it all is my make-up bag and all the little bags go in the big one. Except the money bag that clips-on and my hair brush. Organized! Yes! sorry about the distraction of my spoon  instrument.   I WISH!

Below is the junk in my purse. Really, the spoons aren't really junk, but they don't have a place. Except the red spoon from the yogurt shop is really trash now because they were with some little rocks I found in the house. I threw the little rocks out of my purse with the pieces of a trash bag that was all over our yard and some plastic pieces that are so chomped by a dog, I can't really figure-out what they are. All of this was right with a spoon from the yogurt shop and a white fork--I don't know where that came from. But I know where it's going.

This is a list of the junk under my picture. I don't know how in the world all that fit in my purse.

  1. Carabiner to hold water buckets
  2. Sheep and Goat hoof clippers. Wow! That's dirtier than the rocks, probably
  3. Masking tape
  4. An old clothespin
  5. The round beige can is Farmer's Hand Balm
  6. Blue sticky notes that don't stick, and that's why I have the masking tape
  7. Tiny pink notebook and it's full of my tiny writings
  8. Magnetic (heavy) flashlight
  9. Water facet spicket (I collect those and found it in our metal bin) It looks like a flower project to me
  10. Tiny square block with the green dot is, I think, from Twister (?) no idea where I picked that up
  11. Oh, there horse wormer up near the masking tape hahahahhah 
  12. Another hanky but it's going in the wash
  13. A little sparky, re-lighting birthday candle, it's near the beige round can
  14. Matchbook car fastback. I think it's a Datsun 240Z Unknown owner
  15. New pencil eraser--I don't carry pencils in my purse
  16. Orange reflector from a bunny decoration that served to alert drivers after dark to watch for big rocks, the bunny was hit by a car and I saved the reflector.
  17. Shiny seashell, I don't know
  18. Razorback Fan faded magnet from our car. It has turned pink, but I didn't throw it away
  19. Paint brush
  20. 20 EVEN? A fancy black paper clip to hold all the bulletins I picked-up on my way out of the Chapel at Church. Not really, I did throw all of them away except the one I had picked-up.
    I need to work harder on my purse. I'm tired just writing all this down and now I have to pick all this up and find places for them. LEAVING! Steve just asked me to go with him in Dustin's low-rider for a few groceries and we're going for  Cheviche with Avocados and for Steve, Tacos Al Pastor, "Hurry!"

I was so rattled by the fact I had to hurry--I accidently put the shaving "lotion" on my toothbrush. There's a cloud over my head and it's a heavy fog. I threw-away the toothbrush and didn't put it in my purse. I feel like a puppy dog waiting for my ride to the beach or "Bob" in the movie What About Bob. Too anxious.

We had fun driving the beach low-rider, doing a little bit of shopping at Smart and Final, grabbed a bite to eat and came home to Dustin and his kids waiting for us.

Looks like they all want to see what's in the "tater barrel" and I still think it's a little early. Steve's anxious to see if our experiment worked. I think it's really hard to grow Utah potatoes here and in a half black barrel. Not so shabby.

 And we got enough new red potatoes for a couple of dinners. I had my purse and only chucked a few in there before somebody said, "Somebody stop her!" Just kidding Honestly, harvesting potatoes is just like discovering buried treasure and we had a blast looking at every one, even the tiny ones. If I had my purse...I'd for sure put one of these in there. Gotta' show we did it.
Real Buried Treasure

Rotten potatoes are my favorite smell. True or False?


Unknown said...

I'm sending you an award, just cut and copy if you want to post it, no need to do all the stuff if you don't care to!

Susan said...

Wow! I'm so surprised you picked me! Thank you so much and I was so worried about getting it right I even printed your blog post out so I could do it... and not miss a thing. Honestly, fun idea and a great way to share the fun.