Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Honor? Holy Cow! I Am Flabbergasted

Ranch Mama  was so very kind-hearted to honor me with such a sweet Blogger Award. I'm for the first time speechless which is probably the first time ever. I'm really trying to whittle-down my blogs for easy reading and organizing in my labels. Ranch Mama is a beautiful cowgirl that tackles a huge job of being a mother, wife. and innkeeper ... clear-up in the mountains of Montana. Here's the award she gave to me and I'm so honored I can't contain myself. I think I'll go in and have another cold-one (Diet Dr. Pepper)

Here's the list of fun things and they are ones that we are required to do:   Yippee!
1. Thank the person that gave the award to you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer 7 questions about yourself.
3. Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
4. Hand the award to 7 deserving others

1. Name 3 things you find most beautiful about the natural world? 

A newborn baby has to be first on my list. The mountains of Southwest Colorado where my great grandparents homesteaded in the 1890's. The "Pink Moment" at sundown at the beach or across the mountains and bluffs where we live.

2. What was the most creepiest thing to happen to you in the Doctor's office?

 The doctor was checking me for breast cancer lumps and had me stand on one foot without any covering over my chest and jump on one foot and repeat on the other side. Recently, I had to moon the doctor (not the same doctor) and show him a suspicious skin cancer spot and turned out be a pimple. The only other one was was when I had my gall bladder and appendix removed and Dr. Carson Liu said that he loved looking inside me. I felt more naked at that moment than another other time in my life.

3.What are your two biggest regrets and how would I change them or do differently?

I had to give shots to our horses and our young stallion was doing his morning feisty dance. He knew something was going to happen. Back then, the West Nile shot had to be given separate from the 6-way. I disregarded all the warnings coming into my head of my dad telling me to never get on a ladder and hold a horse. Steve had Sonny on the other side and had him pushed-up against the fence. I also didn't heed the warning about wearing gloves and that's especially wrong when handling a nylon lead rope. At the second injection Sonny reared and turned-away from me. The force threw me out flying and down on the ground and into the heavy, wire fence. I tried to save my face from getting smashed in the fence, but I broke both my kneecaps and also had heavy damage to the cartilage and ligaments in my knees. I thought I just bloodied my hands and it did take the skin clean-off. Steve told me he'd buy me anything and take me shopping... so he helped me in the car and I walked carefully into a large computer store. Suddenly, I couldn't walk at all just as I entered the large store. My shock had worn off and Steve had to carry me out of the store. Bummer, I didn't get to buy anything, either. My biggest regret here is that I didn't listen to the promptings I received. The other regret is that I should have landed on my hands and elbows to save my knees. My knees are still hurting. I could have gotten a free face-lift outta' that fence and dang it, that would've been wonderful.

4. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

 Pet? Our dogs bark at cats, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, and probably rats, birds, and whatever else they hallucinate about in the middle of the night. I know it annoys everyone. Today I was putting citronella in the bark-breaker of our Ginger-dog and the spray hit me right in the kisser. I still have a headache. I think  citronella is worse than a shock-collar. We have a roping arena in our backyard and our family has had one the whole time I was growing-up. My grandfather and dad had "team roping" on Sundays and every Sunday or when my dad had a mischievous idea, I got hit with the cattle prod.I think I shocked him plenty myself. I've been cattle prodded a lot more than 100 times and even had cattle prod fights (a little like LIGHT SABERS from STAR WARS) just a "little" like play-light sabers because they weren't lights, the prods were electric. So all you pet owners that worry about your pet getting shocked by one teeny battery, try eight! No big deal.

5. How would you describe yourself in three words?

The first one is difficult to admit and I'm constantly told to "get-over-it" I'm a world-class "worrier" and it's not lack of faith. It's just I think I can figure-out in my head some solution even to those things I couldn't possibly fix. I have this thing about the words, "Study it out in your mind... prayer phrase that keeps me engaged in troubling thoughts. Okay....The two others are easy, I'm a "Cowgirl" and lastly, I'm "Happy."

6. What do you do that scares your husband?

Very easy! I scare the wits out-of-him every time I sneeze.

7. When did you last laugh?

Pillow talk last night. Tanner, our grandson was in the back bedroom and I worried about him hearing us laughing. I was cold and Steve cuddled-up to warm me. I faced him and thought how perfect his face seemed to me and I set my hand on his cheek and I said, "You look like a Roman God" and he put his hand on my cold cheek and said, "You look like a Hollywood Goddess." I laughed until my sides hurt and that laughing just set me off. Have you ever tried NOT to laugh? My excuse: I was way too tired.

The 10 Factoids. "Just the Facts, Ma'am, just the facts." Not in any particular order...

1. I shouldn't eat bread, frozen yogurt, or drink Dr. Pepper. All cause gas
2. My goal is to lose plenty of weight now that I'm not taking Prednisone. Ugh!
3. I have a bunch of children and grandchildren that keep me on my toes and make my life completely  wonderful.
4. I'm Mormon and love Church. Cussing is not in my vocabulary but sometimes I think the four-letter "S" word. I'm repenting a lot.
5. We have a ranch and my biggest regret is selling the donkeys. I love to milk our goats, shear the wooly sheep, and we have horses, lots of dogs, and I don't have a clue where the dang cats came from, really they're feral, but all are after me every nite to feed 'em. The chickens are the most giving of our creatures. Our crop is growing rocks.
6. I'm dyslexic. And nto (see?) only do I write puzzels.... I can even talk backwards every single day, like "Yoda" in the Star Wars movie. It takes me a couple "do overs" to write in my blog because I have to do extra editing.
7. Swimming is my therapy and keeps me sane or insane and even though my mother told me I could never knit or crochet because I'm "impaired mentally" I can totally do those things and love knitting in the car. It's the only thing I can do to stop worry, relax, and I don't get carsick. See what idle hands vs. busy fingers can do for you?
9. My husband bought me my dream car, a Toyota FJ Cruiser and I almost rolled it in the desert while it still had the dealer plates. He broke our movie camera by dropping it to run and save me. The FJ has already got over 1,000 miles on it. We have Arizona, California, Utah, and Arkansas pin-stripping.
10. I can't bite my fingernails because a couple months ago...crazy Eddie, my dentist, made my teeth rounded on the top and bottom. Dang, with an "S"

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Susan said...

Oh my gosh! My ear looks huge. I had to look at it in the mirror. It's not it's a camera angle or the creepy is happening. When you get older your nose and ears keep growing and your face stays the same. Why is God create us that way. I mean I understand the wrinkles, but the nose, ears, and Oh my heck...I forgot! My eyebrows and I surely don't need more of those. Just had to comment. You know you wanted to. --SusanLaz