Monday, October 1, 2012

Adree, My Example, My Joy

My grand daughter wrote a report on me. I was quite worried about what she'd say about me. Yep, I'm a "yacker" and love to visit. My favorite visitors are my family and especially my grandchildren! So fun and I hope I'm not remembered as an outrageous old woman. "Out Rage" is not me, but I am silly and truthful. Adree truly gives me "Joy" and I love her with all my heart.

My Adree, and my neighbor grandchild has been with me a lot even before her house was built. She's really fun and beautiful. I have to save this "report on me" so I can reread it and know what a treasure this is for me. Thank you dear grand daughter, you brighten my life.

"When I visit my grandma's house I have many memories and feeling come to mind. Different smells, sights, touch and tastes, and things I hear make it very special. Many people may call my grandma overexcited, but she is really a talkative, loving, enthusiastic, daring and loves to know everything that's going on. She is actually one of my role models because she is so loving and very daring to try new things and be different.

At my grandma's house I love the smelll of the old house and there is a small smell of Dr. Pepper. The house always squeaks whither you step on the steps or on her dark green carpets. I also love to hear her goats, horses, and sheep make noise and warn all that there's a person coming or going. The quiet ranch is also a peaceful place to relax. I enjoy touching the sweet, juicy, and sour oranges. I will never forget the rough touch of the torn and metal cages.

The sights are my favorites if it is the constant supply of little kittens, old rusty  tractors, or the sight of all my grandma's supply of pictures of my large family. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and my ancestors hang-on the walls.

My grandma has a large island in her yard with grass, plants, and a large tree. I have many memories from there if it is the all-family watermelon eating contest, the butt-rock, or the long games of hide and seek and tag. When I am in my grandma's house. I think of the sweet and tasty taste of eggy pancakes, grandpa cookies, eggs and sausage, and fresh orange juice breakfasts and dinners. And the taste of Dr. Pepper.

All these things run through my mind every time I go outside of my house. I care a lot about the place that I live and everything that comes with it. It was and still is a great place to grow-up. I enjoy spending time with my grandma and cheering her up. I guess that comes with living a driveway away from your family.

Adree, as Sparky The Fire Dog
That's my girl, as Sparky, the fire dog! Adree you are a character and will go far in your life! She's in the Fire Cart and not at all afraid to be the one to jump-out giving hugs and love to all the little ones. Adree dances in the street and happily promotes safety in the Santa Paula Parade and other city functions. You're my role model and my example. Thank you for blessing me today.

****Added November 28th, 2012 This great grand daughter of mine! She brought over an early Christmas gift that she had made in Young Women's class at Church and it's beautiful. So thankful for her. She wrote me another long sweet letter and I'm just overwhelmed.

Adree's Early Christmas Present To Me