Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goats and Sheep and We're Good 'n' Tired

 Weather reports are beating down on us with the prospect of rain. We can even see the large bank of clouds coming over the Channel Islands. My best friend called me about helping her with her sheep.

 She didn't want to call someone else to come over and pay them to clip feet. Our local sheep expert is quite grumpy these days and we know he isn't feeling good.

My legs hurt like crazy and Jeanie has had some issues with her health, so early Tuesday morning I asked for help. For service, not paid ... but we needed our strong missionaries to help us to hold down our big sheep and goats and fix the hooves.

My Steve and Elder Waiting For the Gate
The hooves lap over and the ugly dirt that they walk in constantly will turn to the worse thing called "Foot Rot" both of our herds looks like they had skis on their feet. I didn't trim the feet since summer. A bad habit to get into. If a person is up on their chores, it isn't nearly a hard job to trim feel. Our old ewe's and ram's hooves are super hard and thick. (don't tell anyone, but my toenails seem to be doing the same thing)

Ask a missionary to get dirty and they are so happy, even if it means to smell like lanolin and wool and they are loving tackling the sheep and goats right through the days dirty pen. I was impressed!

Ram Sheep Strategy
We went out to eat at a fancy restaurant in our messy clothes and visited together and had the greatest time. The missionaries weren't asking us about referrals or going to visit my non-member friend. They had a great time but we all did together.

My daughter Marnie was asked to be put-on this "Level Program" and when I heard it earlier today I wanted to be doing it. Before the missionaries were about to leave I asked to be on this "Level Thing." I asked one of the missionaries if we are in a "level" knowing nothing about it. I want to do it, too. I felt I was missing-out. He pulled right-out of his dusty Levis, a yellow card.

A yellow card and it gives us 3 assignments and we only need to do one. They ask us to perform a service (sheep didn't count because we hadn't started the program yet) or we can post a religious note on Facebook or some other Social Media. Also, reading our Scriptures or talk to someone about the Gospel or a scripture, and when one is done, we get to go to "Level 2" My Marnie's already there at Level 2. I already posted my message on Facebook, so I've done one and it was easy, I had a Gospel conversation with my doctor, another one, but not required. I hope I can do all three.

I was so impressed by my daughter's post on Instagram. She's a Relief Society President in Laramie Wyoming and needed to feed an army of missionaries. The thanks from the missionaries for a great dinner was a "Thankful Song" for full tummies. The work of service in the Gospel is never a paid ministry, but truly my daughter Larin felt blessings above money.

Laramie Wyoming Missionaries

 It's starting to sprinkle with the coming rain and a load of relief fills my heart. Love to work with my friend, Jeanie. Always so fun! Ranchers have it so good when we work together.

 ***My Thoughts exactly***
Mormons have it even better when we live the commandments and do it all with JOY!

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