Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Stuff: Riding Tractor and Gettin' ReCERTifed

I often wish the days wouldn't just fly by like they do. I'm spinning and I'm not talking about all the wool I have to card-out. I'm thinking I've got to get out to the sheep pens and shave their rears before they start lambing. We're having a "work party" on Friday. Getting some stalls ready for the ewes. The weather is crazy right now and we can't depend on it to be nice weather. Lambing at our place, always seems to come when the barometer changes. I've rescued so many newborns! The ewes will have them against the fence and the lamb drops outside the fence and the lambs are screaming-out for the coyotes. I shiver to think, and that's not a literally shakes me when I been impressed and have had that feeling to go outside in the middle-of-the-night to see a newborn almost drowning in the pouring rain. They're resilient little creatures and perk right-up after they get warmed-up and have some milk in their tummies.

I love my new tractor I received for Valentine's Day. LOVE IT! Honestly, the tractor like riding a toy car at Disneyland and so much more fun! It's a little 225 Kabota. Soon to be Turquoise. We're having a discussion about me painting the wires. Maybe, damask print turquoise. OMGsh, I'm going to do the seat upholstery in that or chevron. I can ride it in the east-wind and it doesn't act nuts, like a few horses I'm acquainted with here.

The tractor has set-out for over 15+ years in the weather and I want to go out and "tarp" my it's got pearl glass paint job on it. Ya' think I'm some kind of "Hick Tom-Boy." : ) ❤ my tractor...thank you, **my Love** It's a blast to drive and so easy to steer. I know I'll be able to get a lot of work done and also make it easier to do my chores though-out the summer.

We have been super busy, but isn't life always busy? Dear Daughters and my son, who's got all those Lazenby children, please take note that the time really does fly by us.

My son needs to get married... He can't do it all for his children's growing-up years. Soccer moms seem so busy. As do the Karate moms, baseball moms, basketball moms, surfing dads. Always busy, but do stuff for you. If your passion is to paint a canvas. Don't wait to enjoy your passion, too. Nellie Lee became my dear friend late in her life. She had just begun to paint and was really talented. Everyone was so surprised, especially Nellie and her beautiful landscape paintings were sought after. Everyone wanted a painting for their own wall. Nellie painted for fun and said that this was to keep her going in life and she had always wanted to paint, but didn't have the time. It was only three months later that she died in her sleep. I suppose her wish was granted to be able to paint, but how many paintings could she have done if she had started earlier in her life. Unnecessary, "time suckers" take away from what we would love to do. I may just go out and paint my new tractor and then my big horse wagon, and then all my out-door furniture. Accck! I NEED to clean pens!

I remember nursing my baby, hugging a little child on my shoulder, and helping another do their homework at the same time. There were days that I know I went up and down Ojai Road ten times in one day for all different activities that children needed to attend. Practices, pick-ups, errands for the Dad. Don't ever put-off all that you want to do until you retire. Please remember all of this. I have two terribly damaged knees from falling off the ladder tending horses (my bad, my fault, and completely what I was told to never do) and I did. I feel like now this span of time, is not what I imagined. Injury or not, we are as busy as we have ever, ever been in our lives. The events and activities pour into our day. We care for our livestock, pets, and whoever is over at our house each day and then there's always something that needs tending. I wake-up in the morning and each day I say to my husband, if he's not on duty, what's the schedule today. So don't wait, do what you'd like to do best. Develop your talents now and just leave the "time-suckers" to those who actually think they have a life. My TV hasn't even been turned-on this whole month. There are others and I know everyone knows what takes time-away from their life. I'm proud to say I've never played "Blasting Birds." Oh, it's "Angry Birds!" Steve said, "What? You mean 'Angry Birds,' you can't remember?" Well, I don't do that game.

I missed some very important Church activities these past two months while retaking my CERT class officially. Yep, I have to reschedule and take the time to do this. Not a "time-sucker" at all. I go with Steve to many of his classes, but I feel every once in a while I need to update my knowledge and actually participate in the class. It's so much fun, but that's the way Steve teaches his class. The best part is that he does it by starting on time and ending on time. It feels good to think I can empower myself to put out a small fire with an extinguisher or know exactly when a fire's too big and evacuate safely as well as other emergencies, like first aid.

My Granddaughter In Class Led The Bandaging Exercise
I know I'm sounding like I'm selling my husband's class, but the CERT training is free. Steve loves big classes because it makes for excellent drills. He hasn't ever received extra money for extra people in the class. He usually works and does this on his regular shift and another Captain covers his time away from the station for the class. He's just my Noah, preaching that there will be a time that we need to be prepared. I graduated and I'm not afraid of the disaster to come, but I sure need to learn more and read the book, again.

Time worth spending!

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