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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Forced Into Yardwork. I'm Loving It!

This past month lots has been happening around here. There's baseball games in three different towns, and the ending of basketball season, and I love basketball. And now there's yard work!

Our circular driveway that  a person could actually drive around except there are two cars propped-up waiting to be restored, Dustin's old Land Crusier and our old Convertible Valiant. Our horse trailer full of Alfalfa, a Ford tractor with a sideloader attached. Scattered tons of metal lawn furniture. We had a recycling center so I got all the lawn and outside party chairs and tables at scrap value and begging my husband it all could be beautiful. And of course our truck and FJ, our Minit trailer we want to restore. Our Sister produce trailer that my Steve uses for CERT training and in the prime location sits my new tractor! Oh, ye-ah! It's a trashed-up driveway, if everything was brand new,  it still would be a mess.

So I found beauty all over the little cracks in the asphalt. Camomile. It's an herb that grows usually in Germany and the Mediterranean. Our Camomile is wild and grows everywhere and it's native to Southern California. It doesn't have the pedals, but all the wonderful qualities of the others are present in our herbal weeds. I walk and smell it's aroma and how great is fresh Camomile tea?

I learned all-over again how much fun it is to fix-up the yard. Today would be perfect to do it all over again, but my work was just day before yesterday, and the rain (surprise) made the soil too muddy to work.  Monday's forecast at 80 degrees and I'm getting some gloves ready.  I may even have some flowers to plant by then. My lawns are the best they've been in a long time I have to consider we have burn patches from our recent and rare freezes this past month. I'm doing this not because I wanted to do it, but because Steve's still hurt from the firefighting mishap and falling off that bluff. I may get him to watch "Breaking Dawn II" today. Nah. But I found joy in playing in the yard and something I forgot I loved.

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