Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Cram It Into One Post and Move On

I have a favorite App. and I carry it with me everywhere. It's called Instagram and the best part is each picture has a space for posting and comments. A "Heart" check box, to love the pictures and lots of room for the hashtags. Yes, I know what they're purpose is connecting with others that have the same hashtag. My love of Instagram is the random stuff my grandchildren post online. I could have posted all of the pictures and it would be filled with football, baseball, and basketball players. And cars, and lots of animals, and young adults that hack your phone and take pictures of themselves on all the kid's phones. Okay, on the animals... I only gave my blog one this time, he was too cute to pass-up.

 By the way...there's an App that takes a picture of the person that really steals your phone for reals. I'm getting it, because so much of my life is on my phone. Notes, Appointments, reminders for appointments. I know if you're reading this, I'm redundant.

Singing, "I Love Technology" I'm Not Related To Him
How is it that we can learn about our children through new Technology? Some of my family Tweets (140 characters) I can catch a glimpse of a thought or feeling of my family. Some have blogs, but not like in the past because of Facebook and Instagram. I feel in someways it's not to great to go that route because so much of  Facebook can't be copied-out and saved or Instagram. Actually, I would hate to have everything I've ever posted be in someone's possession, as in a identity theft.

The pictures I love last for a little while on Instagram and "Poof" they are gone. But since I can't copy the picture and they're so tired of me asking them to send me a copy from their own phone library. Sooooo,  I take a picture of the picture. Oh how wonderful is the I Phone? Adree received her first I Phone today and she was so happy. She was using an old phone and just allowed on Instagram. Now her parents can track her and she can call if no one's there to pick her up at school.

I never, ever would have thought that my grandchildren or children were so obsessed with taking pictures. Well, me too. I saw a pack of Chihuahuas running down the street and I wanted to take a movie of it. I still might see them and I'm stopping next time. There were at least ten struting down the sidewalk with their swag-on. They were following the toughest one and he kept looking back to make sure all the others were still going with him. Total Chihuahua behavior.

"Sandlot" Icon From The Movie, I Don't Know Him Either.
So here's the Instagram pictures mostly my grandchildren take and a couple from my children. I suppose this is quite the boring blog because just about everyone does this, but something will be new and better and I want to save these--I wish I had saved them all. Maybe I'll have them FOR--EV-ER.

#Waiting #tired #hungry #wheresmyride?

I think the looks on their faces or what they're thinking about, what's beautiful to them, I love their funny jokes and silly faces, their likes and dislikes, and their ducky lips! That face is supposed to look like kisses...Ha! Someday they'll be telling their grandchildren that their lips didn't really look like that. For me this is capturing moments that we would never, ever have. We wouldn't or couldn't have our camera ready in time, or even think to waste film (lots of money) on say, "An Ice Cream Cone." Or even the backs of our kids.

#yummy #icecream #likeclosetomybirthday #lovingicecreamintherain

Okay, Where's The One. My Grandson is "4"
Passing-down The Phone and Charlie's Only 5
She has blond Really Curly Hair-Whata' Change

Cousins and Forever Friends

#Teenagers No Need For More Hashtags

He's Really Saying, "Hi DAD!" While My Son Was On Fire Duty

Dustin Has More Fun Than Most On His Shift! There's More To This-A Movie lol

Making music on the guitar the old fashioned way and new music on a computer.

High School Assignment in Spanish Class? Who Does This? Hannah

 Baby Pictures and I can't get enough of my little red-headed Okie grandchild!

Up At Night

Hashtags All Over, But I Cut Most of Them Out

Red Dirt of Okalahoma on My Red-Headed Baby Susan

Programs and Awards

School Project And Our Ancestors

Dr. Suess Day!

My Grandchildren and Son-in-Law Show Off Their Wins at Pinewood Derby

I love the pictures of Little kids being happy and finding joy in just small things.
I'm so blessed! Sweet Little Pictures. I have so many!

 New Sister
Finlee Dressed Herself For The Snow of Wyoming

Guess? Kenna Loves Stickers
I recieve a lot of pictures of what my grandchildren love to do and the silly things they do!
Dallin's New Baseball Team

Hannah's Love of the Ocean

Jake Loves Those Airsoft Guns

Jake's Favorite Team

We All Love Pigs! Probably Hannah Posted This Little Wilbur

Tanner and Corbin's Scout Hike Up Matilija and Those Are Matilija Poppies

 Watching The Oz with Hashtags everywhere ###

Pictures in The Girl's Bathroom At School? Of Themselves, of Course

Tanner's shirt above is hilarious and I kept looking
 at it and looking at it, Adree had to explain. I was distracted.
Watching The Oz
Tatum's Full-on Ducky-lips, Kisses
I Saw The Hashtags on These And What A Fun Picture!

Then there's my own children and me catching the moment!
 We caught a moment of our daughter, Tres...
 catching a moment of her daughter in very stormy weather
Tres and Hannah

Dustin's Nightly Sunsets Near His Home. This Is At School House Beach
My Marnie's Long-time Goal Early in The Morning.
   Hiking To Two Trees. Perfect Picture
 of Our Channel Islands In The Distance.

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