Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh No! Oh No!

I had such an wonderful blog post planned about my grandchildren this evening. All of them have phones except the babies of course, but they have instead of Internet, they have Instagram. The older 3 high school age kids-only two of them have Facebook and the Internet and they hardly use it. The grandkids are loving connecting with their cousins and their friends that I know. Of course, all the parents are on Instagram and the grandparents. I'm not sure they know we can see all that they're doing without the hashtags. It's hilarious.

B.U. T. (I should add another "T")

My new blog design hit the Internet and fell-apart. I know the problem is too over my head to fix, but  my head is just not getting anywhere, anymore. There's a sound for that swoosh: high note: Pooouuh-WHOOP! Hand movement over the head. (I'm lost.)

And better.....hahahahah!

I'm soooo going to bed and I'll have no trouble sleeping tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Did you do all this blog stuff? LOVE it! Can you do some stuff with me on mine?