Monday, March 11, 2013

Water Aerobics, Knees, and Insurance. Hitting The Water!

Sheesh! I had all kinds of stuff planned for today. It wasn't 80 degrees today, but it was really warm outside and not a cloud in the sky. I was exhausted. I started my Water Aerobics class again today after a break since mid-October. I know they thought that I wasn't coming back. My doctor wanted me to have the insurance pay since my need for the pool was therapy for my knees. The insurance did approve it and even the therapist called for a starting appointment. We were going to work on my knees and then I could do the Ai Chi (thermal water Tai Chi) and then do the  aerobics without hitting the bottom of the pool.

Card by Renie 2003 I'm the One In the Polka Dots

It took exactly two days from when the therapist called that Blue Shield cancelled my Easter Seals visits. My doctor is sending a letter of appeal and will stand against the insurance to pay for my claim. Swimming really does make my legs stable and I will fall eventually if I don't continue exercising.

I received a forwarded article in Woman's Day Magazine about how to fight an insurance denial.  Here's the link: Woman's Day Magazine

This information probably has helped many people who just thought of giving-up when the denial letter comes in the mail. I know I almost did. My doctor's already working on it and I've got a letter ready to send-off and I plan to follow the outline that Woman's Day provides. There's even patient advocates and the link is online in the article. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I don't want new knees I want the ones I have, to work right. My surgeries haven't been successful and made my right knee so much worse than before my surgery. I also have a genetic heart defect and the my cardiologist doesn't want me to have any surgeries in the near future. I think he plans on a new medication and until I'm stabilized, I'm not sure I can have anything done except emergencies.

This may not be my post that is funny or good for my friends and family to read about in my blog. But I'm so happy to have hope that I can continue swimming, I just can't get the therapy that I need right now. It's so great to me that I have an option to fight the "all powerful" insurance. I'm not in a rant just very hopeful and positive.

The very best part of swimming is my dear, dear friends that I have there. I've been doing this for over five years and even though five years seems like a like a long time, I'm a "newbie." Some of the ladies that go and swim are in their 90's and have been exercising there for almost 30 years.

The "pool-hall girls" go to movies together, we have parties, we attend weddings, and everyone  let's go with not only the hard times, but we celebrate great events in our lives.. like my friend Dallas, her grand daughter is getting married and we're so excited for her. It turns-out I'm friends with the groom's aunt and his grandparents. It's amazing because she live three towns away from me! The ladies there at the pool share our best doctors, great movies to see, go to lunches and dinners, celebrate birthdays together, some even gather and go to the casinos together. I bring our chicken's eggs to share and some bring books, and vegetables and fruit from their gardens.

I'm not "up-to-speed" yet on my getting back into shape. I spent 45 minutes on the stair-stepper between classes and it took the energy right-out of me today. This afternoon I did accomplished a lot helping my Steve with information that I had stored on the big computer and he needed pictures and plans for work.  I did the livestock chores tonight, pretty easy.

My priorities tomorrow are starting to reorganize the "Cowboy Room" for company.  I'm moving everything around in there. And, I really want to dig-up a part of my planting area for my Vinca Major or common name for Periwinkle. I think it's called Periwinkle, maybe it's just me lol. It does super-well under the Oak Trees. I think the only acid soil is under the Oaks. Then, I'm mowing the front lawn. Easy do, it's already edged.

Tonight I'm going to bed early and listen to Tim(my) Conroy Jr. on KFI Los Angeles. It makes for lots of giggles and usually I'm asleep before he finishes his time-slot.

 I got at Easter Seals this morning and the water was 94 degrees. I was never more happy than to smell chlorine in my life and walk down into the warm water. It reminds me of great times. It's just really fun.


Alex Stephen said...

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Susan said...

Hi Alex, I'm glad you found some information here that you needed. The outcome of "my denial" was good, but exactly one month later the Easter Seals was taken over by The LA Easter Seals. The new larger group abruptly razed the buildings and pool and are selling the property. There were a lot of tears when the pool closed. I'm sure the pool was truly keeping about 10 people that I know, alive. It put an army of people out of work and one young man's new career as manager of this Easter Seals...his whole position disappeared. He didn't get transferred. I'm looking for a new pool. The "Y" is completely full. Still positive I'll find something soon.