Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aww, Come On .. Cram More In A Day

I love that saying. I loved the blog that made it very clear that we can all be awesome in so many ways. Maybe that's why I feel so bogged-down. I'm trying to be awesome in so many ways and so all of them make me just blah. I want finish all my projects before all the next batch of lambs and goat kids. The lambs could come tonight or the end of the week and the kids are due on the 30th of April.

This is me ... and I don't know why this is all happening. I started on my genealogy and tons of names fly-out and jump at me, like they're saying, "Put me in your book." "Don't forget me." "Get all the names right." My intention is to do this all again in a new program and make sure all my names have sources and also having all the correct names. My Steve's mother just gave me a whole box full of genealogy. I am very excited. I am excited. Excited! Really.

Best Reminder, Ever!

I'm still on a diet, was there a bet going that I'd quit?

Oh My... What Have I Started?
I do love it and it's surrounding me right now. I've learned so much, just this week and somehow  a lot of the fog is clearing, but I know it's going to be a long process. My new goal is to try and do one family group sheet everyday and do it exactly right. I want to be perfect.

I totally wish knitting was so cute and enjoyable right now! I've started knitting in the round and let me tell you those knitting needles with fishing line aren't good for anything except maybe picking the cotton out of medicine bottles. My daughter wanted me to make this cute little skirt. I know I can make it, but the soft yarn was a double spun and a little elastic. Fishing line and elastic yarn, hmmmm. It was a fight from the beginning picking up each stitch, up and over to the needle tops and then knit it and try and scoot it down again and then the stupid "fishing line" would flip back and forth having a memory of being looped like an old watering hose. I ordered a new type of knitting needle and if it works, I will put it on my blog so I will remember the shop I bought it!  I would love for this to go easier. No wonder Bernet Yarn is discontinuing their line of elastic yarn because there're no needles in the tri-counties that make it easy to knit. (actually impossible) I'm really looking forward to making these little skirts.

My Mess Just Waiting For Some Maybe Great Needles?

Here's my other project. I've only promised to finish this since Christmas. I've manage to paint the gold and silver bottle caps and now the white. That Rust-preventative type pain paint, doesn't work. The rainy-mist yesterday made my bottle caps rust through the white. So I did it all over again. One more time with the red caps and I can look for the little, sweet pictures. My grand daughters want put their own pictures on the inside of the caps with resin and then on "dog-chains" or little pin-backs that I bought over an year ago.

Believe it or not I have a big area to clean-out and need to redecorate and my walk-in bathroom closet is already sanded and ready for primer. This isn't a summer project, not at all. It needs to be the Spring.

So much is going great with our farm. Steve's getting someone to bring us some good soil for our bins and we are "going-to-town" with our garden. Plans include a greenhouse for the winter and we've got all the needed supplies already. We don't need that yet, just love pondering it my head.

I have another small project I had to paint but it may have not worked, but I'm not going to add it here because I may be producing a flop. My dear husband may come to my rescue by throwing it in the trash. hahahaha. Better place for it anyway.

Great Flowers Without Us Even Trying. Matilija Poppies
I thought if I listed all that I have that I'm working on right now--not mentioning the tending of our grand children. I might feel a bit overwhelmed. I know I have a horse to move and give shots to two of them. They love that (naht-ugh) and Sonny is in this total high-gear "twitter-patted" manic-state of Spring. He'll be NOT fun to move. I have his picture at the top of my blog. He's the black Bashkir Curly that's so cute that when he nips at you, ya' think he's giving-out kisses. *Truly I'm blessed to have fun stuff to do*

Funny, I don't feel stressed, hurried, or overwhelmed. I'll just do what I feel up to be doing and the rest will just wait. Goat kids and lambs can come and I can start milking and now I think I'm going to bed. Wow, I forgot. I'm going to be milking again. Milking?


Breeda said...

I NEED TO GET ON HERE MORE OFTEN!!! As I read it...I see it. I wish I was there. I would totally help you milk. I love you MOM!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new blog look!