Monday, April 1, 2013

¡Easter! Estoy Tan Hecho. Okay, Listo

I've wasted so much time this week! I decided last Sunday that this would be the year that I would have a new dress for Easter. I've worn the same dress for15 years straight and not only is it way out of style, it's faded, thread-bare, and practically see-through. I still love it however, the best part is when everyone talked about their new Easter dress ... I could really brag that this was the same Easter dress I've worn every year since 1998. That started being impressive about the sixth year and at that time it still looked new. My Easter dress wasn't that memorable because it wasn't just an Easter dress. I wore it just like all my other Spring and Summer dresses. It wasn't a lot of money, but was so cheerful and had the very best colors for me which are coral and turquoise. Both of the colors were on this broomstick-style dress and the material is so soft. I suppose even softer now since it's totally worn-out.

No kidding, I was still resolved in not buying fancy duds, but making my own Spring dress (and get-this) I bought the material for only $7.00. Yep, I am amazing.

I had the pattern and I had already made a dress from it. The dress really is "a-piece-of-cake" to make, that is-until I was coming to the sleeve facing. It has a cuff with a placket. I did it easily before but this time it was terrible. I left it and thought I could cover it with a button. So tired of doing something over and the little tufts of material were making this dress construction so much harder, even the ironing.

I decided to cut the facing sleeve off and use the other version that doesn't have the placket. I've made this before and not long ago. How did I mess this up? I ironed it before I sewed it, duhr ... and the other is that I didn't copy the dots to match-up. I measured, but obviously it wasn't right.

I had to make a new facing for this new dress I'm working on because I lost part of my pattern and even though I had made another facing for the recently made dress. I made this dress a little bigger and had no zipper and I didn't have a back seam. Oh, my gosh ... I wasn't ever super good at sewing, but I made the dress way tooo big. I hope you can follow this. Bummer! I could handle the too big, maybe, but I needed to redo the facing again. I was too worried about the curve, etc. and I then, Oh my gosh! I realized I cut the facing out of the center section of my already cut-out piece at the bottom. Sewing used to be relaxing until I turned dumb. 

hahahaha I Love John Wayne!
  I'm going to sleep "on" it and not "in" it to figure this out. 
  I really may have a new nightgown for Easter *sigh* 

My Cutting Board Is An Old Closet Door I Put On The Bed.
My wonderful Easter dress. I cut the dress down to try and take-out and even-out the hem line. Oh of course, when I did that it became to short and I wouldn't be able to even lean-over. I have extra fabric so to find-out just how much I needed to try it on. Noooo! Not only did I already know it was too big, it was WAY to big! I had finished all the seams and blind-stitched the neck facing. A lot a good that would do the neck was so big it will fall off one of my shoulders. 

So, I went in and went to bed and cried. No time to make another with my Uncle Dan and Aunt Barbara here to visit tomorrow and I need to see them and the next day was Tatum's soft-ball game and Dustin couldn't be there right when it started my other grand daughter needed a ride from her class. Tatum needs fans, right?  Honest, I'd put on my "happy face" outside and come in the house and complain. It was along the lines, "I'm so stupid! I just made that dress perfect a couple months ago." "I've lost all my desire to ever, ever sew again!" "I'm wearing my black dress for Easter." That was my choice and I had or my nice Fall outfit I got for Kiely's wedding two years ago.

We don't have a stinking dime, right now while Steve's on Workman's Comp. (he completely hates it, it hurts, and he can't work) Steve took me out for the discount Sumo sushi roll and we laughed at their sign. We see "Happy Hour" at a lot of restaurants, but "Reverse Happy Hour" Steve asked, "What's that?" The picture in our heads was a brawl in the resturant and everyone's yelling at each other? We laughed so hard, but I think both we needed something funny to cheer us up. Steve then drove me over to a little shop around the corner and I got a Spring blouse. Nothing fancy, but it was turquoise and bits of brown and I could wear it with my brown Fall skirt. The blouse's name is the "Pity Easter Top." I was so happy. I may even sew again.

Sunday was a wonderful Church meeting, especially seeing the huge crowd at Church. There were lots of visitors, but one really great thing was that our regular Primary that sang--none of them visitors, filled the podium area and I counted 20 children and our four grandchildren that attend our ward, too, were back East. We haven't had that many children in our Primary for over 10 years. The whole ward was excited and we even had a confirmation of newly baptized member. It was so spiritual, amazing, and a side-thought ... it was great to see we all didn't dress-up.

Perfect Spring Blouse
Steve and I rushed home and laid our Easter clothes out on the bed and put work clothes on to make colored Easter Eggs. All of them had been cooked but we needed to do something special with them. Luana, my sister-in-law had decided to make them, but I also volunteered, so she let us do it. Luana wanted to color the whites with pastels and gave us the directions and she was going to make a plate of chicks in another. My cake pipping kit was missing the large tip, so it looked like I was squirting-out worms as I filled the eggs. Steve and I got our good clothes back-on and carried the eggs out to the car and hustled to Ventura, just 15 minutes away. The weird chicks and eggs went with us.  Oh well, here again I learned a lot and it was fun seeing all the grandchildren and nieces and nephews say "Cool! Messed-up Chicks!" Little malformed, but every single eggs we made was eaten and we made tons of eggs.

We went over to my son's girlfriend's place on the ocean and our whole family invaded her home. She's so good to us and it wasn't exactly perfect weather, but completely perfect weather for us. We love the beach and ocean when it's sprinkling or a storm is overhead. Pretty rare site for Ventura and there was going to be a "red-tide" that night. Kids all got really excited. I wondered why the water looked so icky. I thought it was from the run-off. If you kick the water at night it's a whole different deal, it's beautiful! The ocean water will be florescent blue like the movie Avatar and the more agitated the water becomes the more the magical it all becomes. It's not a good thing for the sea life, I've know that my whole life, but when you can't fish or really swim you can sure kick it and bright-blue flies though the air. Images are on Google. We did stay after dark and it's one of the those nights when you are so happy to see the "Red Tide" that everyone forgets to take a picture. I have to only think that it's a such a happy time because a lot of my childhood nights were spent running through and making crazy, blue water during a "Red Tide" event.

I think we'll think of another reason to make colored eggs before Easter again. I pulled-out my stored-up material today and picked a new fabric to redo the same dress. I put the other in the sewing cabinet. I'll fix it for summer and maybe by then I can figure-out how to make that dress work. Sometimes holidays are hard especially when there's a bit of a rush and because of money we can't be prepared. Wait for the money for the eggs, wait for sewing, a longer Church time means we need to go faster to travel or be ready for guests. It's all worth it, every bit and I'm still laughing out-loud, by myself ... picturing and thinking about the sign at the sushi restaurant and their "Reverse Happy Hour."

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