Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm On a Stupid Diet! Period!

Honestly, I hate juicing, but everyone of my five girls and their aunt are doing it. We have our own Facebook update page and I was sucked-right in with dreams of losing lots of weight. I know they didn't want to leave me out so one of my daughter's even went out and bought me this fancy juicer.

Today the juice tasted like dirt. I added a lime, I did that! I think it was the red cabbage and small, not ripe sweet potato. It wasn't sweet. I could've gone grazing in the Malva weeds and it would've tasted better. Yip, I'm complaining until after one week, I lost 8 pounds and it's not water loss. How'd that happen when I was so full?

I'm trying to vary my foods and now I'm just following what my daughter posts online. She finds the best recipes so I need to stick to them and not just fly-out on my own. One thing for sure our Chickens are sure loving the pulp! And our eggs our rich with the super-dark yolk. I want an egg.

Tonight I'm eating for reals...2 bananas in the blender (I have to have those to replace take the potassium I need from the heart pills I take) I hate bananas, but I don't anymore this way. Okay, 2 bananas, I know I said that ... a box of beautiful strawberries picked just about noon today, coconut milk plain, no sugar--no additives, etc, just coconut milk and 2 scoops of Whey protein powder mixed with the coconut milk to get the blending going. Okay, I don't need an egg. I'll give this another day.

I'm really wanting to do this, but I'm feeling everyone is losing faster than I am. I'm not sure I can stay on this eating plan. So I just ask myself, "How can I feel a year from now?" "I'll have the same sore knees and tight clothes or will I be feeling better?" I read this last quote from Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Can't quit.

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