Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Been a Month? I have Kept My Journal. I Need To Fill In The Blanks

I've been quite busy! We have lambs, boy this year we had lots of them. Boy is right. We have only 2 ewe lambs. And a couple buck kids. But no a waste of money for breeding because the milk we're getting is divine and I love watching those little buck kids playing together while I milk. It's goat milk. I didn't make myself too clear on that, but one ewe I could milk. Our white ewe *sheep* had four lambs and she didn't designate one as a bummer this time. The sheep has the biggest udder I've ever seen on a ewe, ever!

We still have pregnant dogs. Darby is helping me so much with milking. I can't explain it, but trust me. That dog doesn't say a peep, but she's is everywhere and then again, right with me. She as good as my daughter's helping me and my right-hand girl. Laney is actually looking more and more like she took. We still aren't sure on her being pregnant. My husband is positive she's going to have puppies.

I've had pneumonia and it started with a tachycardia (Atrial Fib.) episode and a low-grade fever--that day was my marathon. It all started after I had cleaned-out some pens the day before. I haven't had a fever in years and I'm still am so congested. I think I may have inhaled some baby mice or something. Honestly sick and not a bit of giddy-up in any my steps. That all happened about the first part of May. I do have a heart defect, but it's all controlled with medication. A Firefighter husband is the best partner in the world.

Captain Steve Lazenby
This is an example of one day... like Yesterday and still Saturday, we went to see a parade, after all the morning chores including milking--we went to see my grand-daughter, Hannah be Miss Teen (photos coming) in the Fillmore Festival Parade. We saw a whole game of our grandson, Dallin pitching, hitting and winning his Little League game, then over to Ventura to pick-up some crazy yarn I've been yearning for and then off to my son's, to see my other grandson, Tanner and his new 12 string guitar and we were blessed by being serenaded and listened to him play acoustical guitar arrangements by others and his own songs.  We also returned lost keys and phone chargers from their camp-out the night before celebrating The Priesthood Commemoration. And on top of that, we even watched off-the-dock at the house (the beach house) and they all saw a shark (not so cool) and we watched an octopus chasing shrimp and all these crazy-colored crabs. Their dogs licked my Nike Cross-Trainers to a brilliant, bright white because my shoes were covered in goat milk. They almost look new again. hahahha with dog slobbers. I know that's sick, huh? Honest, they look great now. I'll add more later, it's late ... and I hate to cough and type at the same time.

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