Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

Birthdays are always special especially we can share our birthday with another family member. I had Dustin on my birthday and I've always thought he was my greatest birthday present ever. My Steve and our grand daughter Eirely, share a birthday and it's always fun to celebrate together. I wasn't to thrilled with the Chucky Cheese Birthday and it was fun in the beginning... but there were a lot of screaming kids when the "Cheese Rat" wanted to hug the kids. It when Eirely was about four, but all the other ones have been wonderful. Steve's thoughts were, "I will be entirely happy if I don't go to that place again."

Our son-in-law's in the bishopric and he didn't remember that my Steve's birthday was Sunday. He wanted him to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I got the same request. I was sick! How could I do that? My topic was on Family Search (my link works) and how to find your ancestors without paying a dime. The newest version-out really lets you find names fast and easy plus a super-short source popping right-up with the name. So easy and so fun learning genealogy when it's simple.

Both of us did the preparations on our talks, all last-minute because we were so busy. We had a week to look things-up we wanted to include and it was pretty much already done in both our heads. I hadn't slept in two nights anyway because I was sick. And....I was completely wide awake, why not just use that time and I did. I couldn't NOT go to church because I am going to a party. Besides, if I do what I was asked it just might make me feel a whole bunch better, and it did. How could I stay home from Church and then go to a Birthday Party? That's the me telling my kids, if your sick there's no playing outside. It's not going to happen. And getting-up and going-out and it WAS really good for me. I also received another calling in church in the Primary. Oh, do I love it!

 See what just getting-up and doing does for you. My best days at Church or at the Temple have been those days I really had a good excuse to stay home. Endure to the end and you will be blessed. 

Steve's talk on Memorial Day was wonderful and as
 soon as we got home after church Steve set-out our flag. 

One of My Favorite Artists Jim Shore
 We grabbed our home-made (is there any other kind?) rice-crispy crunchies and headed for the beach house. We had great time! The neighbors right next door, were celebrating three birthdays on that day and we ended-up a bit... being together. The kids loved the crabs running all over and this crazy octopus that wouldn't go away.

After lunch the kids did "stand-up paddle boarding" and played in the canoe until it was time for cake and other fun goodies. So fun and so sweet we stayed way past dark. I sure love our family, it's like we never see them.  : )

 I think our family just loves the beach, even if it's raining and stormy or sunny and or foggy. It always smells wonderful and nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the back patio and watching sea-life and all the crawlies all around.... and that would be my grandchildren.

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