Saturday, June 15, 2013

And We Did This, and This, and This?

We had an early start today with lots and lots of chores to do before we headed-out past Los Angeles.

So we did this, and this, and this, got dressed and put my make-up the car (bet that looked lovely with a few curlers hanging here and there) I was essentially "all dolled-up" before we hit Fillmore.

We both hated the terrible traffic and going at speeds not known to small town folk. No problem, we stayed ahead at the front of the traffic jam.

Rancho Cucamonga's a good ways from our house and the building we needed to be inside was huge! We sat and the music started and there was our Tressa graduating, again!

We're so proud of her! She was in a mass of other students. I suppose I thought 330 names were a lot to go through she graduated with a major in Psychology so she was back toward us, but so far away. A Mega-tron shows us her walk. Wow. More graduates than I've ever seen.

We know this is a great dream come true for our oldest daughter and she'll go far. Not a cliche or part of a speech, she really does have a wonderful and new plan. We are amazed at her goals for the future. My children never give-up. I'm so proud of Tressa and for her family's support. I cried.

We went home the old road and scenic route. We call it the "Bree-way" because I have a daughter that hates freeways. So on the "Bree-way" we stopped here and had a happy picnic.

Hugs, kisses and  I know you know ... I love you, Tres! We're very proud of you and glad we took our jar of pennies and nickels to pay for parking (for reals) it was worth every cent!

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