Monday, October 7, 2013

I Think I Lost My Place

Holy Cow!

It's been forever since I've added anything to my blog. This past month I haven't read all my emails or even deleted any of them, even the reminders to take my heart medication (I've got a beeper for that on my phone) I don't need an email. So here I am looking at over 4,500 emails. I forgot this whole month! I did take care of my messages--I did a lot of messaging.

I have been sick, yeah I was... and I'm not quite over that mess. I suppose the doctors are working-out a plan. But, I milked my goats through it all. I sold puppies and took a quick trip to Utah (very sick) and then went to Utah again and stayed almost a month with my youngest daughter and her husband and now new grand daughter, Dune Marie Aitken. She is named after Kiely's grandmother Dune Marie Patten Lazenby and was also born in Payson, Utah.

 I'm a bit bored and dislike the desert off Highway 15.
It's so different from the desert just to the North.
I know that where Death Valley is but it's at least interesting.

The Neverending Story Started Here

So I knitted and knitted. Just like I had done for a few months
and like most older grandmothers like to do in their spare time.

The Beginning
I Went Crazy
I don't think we were even invited to be up there, really...we just went. How could we miss our grand daughter Dune Marie coming into the world? It wasn't an easy time for my daughter, Kiely (she had huge complications and didn't complain at all) but for our grand daughter, her daughter, she let the doctor help her deliver the baby quicker. The problems was just a bump in the road and lasted just a short time. I'm figuring it's like my being a bit sick. Just one of those bumps we all have and endure.

I have to have challenges at certain times of my life. It's a time I become closer to the Savior and through the Atonement I can share my burdens. This always have an increase in my faith and of course know the miracles happen after the trial of my faith. I love prayer.

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