Monday, October 7, 2013

Terrifying Big Hawk Break-in

It was terrifying to me...

Something loud crashed and broke in our kitchen! A big hawk was dancing on my kitchen floor. Not an INDIAN! This huge bird broke-in through my kitchen window! I sorta' screamed a bit louder than I thought I was able to do. I was shaking so bad. First thought was that it was a giant bat. Not funny, McGee! The hawk broke the glass a second time getting out. His total damage (not really sure of his head) but there's only 5 small white feathers outside and the hawk is nowhere. 

Is this bad Luck? I mean... besides a broken window? My Steve came home to console me. Nah, he came to pick-up all the glass and look at the hole in our window and shook his head, laughing. Danger Ranch. 

This is what I saw. Not the actual hawk, but has the likeness of the alleged perpetrator of "breaking and entering" and dancing on my kitchen floor.

Red Tailed Hawk
Sky Hawk Not Batman
My thought is that if I had been in the kitchen ~ I don't think the glass would have got me because I would've fainted. My friend said it was my Grandpa Joe, who's a Crow (Indian) and has been gone for almost 10 years. A couple of white feathers outside~~nothing flopping around. I can't believe this bird lived. The hawk broke the window twice! Lots of glass going out the same way he came in. There's glass all over outside too. Steve just said that there's more glass scattered about than that window could possibly hold. It exploded.

Hawk Window Pain
I'm glad it's not snowing outside like at my kids in Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Utah, because I have a wide open window. Oh no. I just had a creepy feeling.What sort of varmints might climb-in a visit us tonight?

It was a really "big bird," but not yellow. He didn't leave a dream-catcher or silver bullet. The weirdest is that all our dogs were barking and then completely quiet! Our canaries, our cocktail, dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, not even a little peep. Erie silence. I heard the hawk flopping around, and in just one second thinking, "Take the gun or the camera." as I opened the door. Hahaha I freaked-out.

I found my camera on the floor and glad it had a protective case. I sat down in the living room trying to call my husband. I'm so glad for the memory of recent calls came up, because I couldn't remember his number. 

My Steve cleaned-up all the glass and all the left-over glass in the window. Honestly, he thought this was funny. I'm so glad we are redoing our lawns because it's hard finding all the glass shards outside.

Great Break-in The Hawk Didn't Steal Anything
 It might rain in a day or two. I'm very happy 
Steve's not on duty and staying at the station.

Confession: I took a Xanax, there's no beer in our house.

*Happy!* Steve hired a glass fixer: TaDa! No worries.

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I loved reading your story!