Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just So Ya know, I Haven’t Died Yet

Yep, I've been sick. It's complicated and while we were saying goodbye to all our last litter of puppies, I was having tons of tests and biopsies. So today, here I am sitting-up trying to ignore what's ahead and write in my blog. I'm not exactly having an easy time because of coughing fits. Oh, yeah! I have pneumonia.  It's not fun and almost ruined my time watching my baby and her husband graduate from college. Utah State University, to be more specific.  I'm so glad I was able to go and then celebrate.

I'm not sure how I got pneumonia, but it has something to do with another problem and that will involve a lot of steps and take awhile to fix-me-up.

What's my future? What's anyone's? Right now I just keep on doing the chores, eating heathy and getting well, and most importantly I'm looking forward to our beach house reunion (can't wait!) I will be with my husband and all my children.

 If my doubts creep in about my health, I will think on the words of Oliver Wendell Homes.

The ending is "...and a pattern will come all right, like the embroidery." 

My sampler with be covered with roses! I'm not worried.

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