Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So Done!

I think I may start this out laughing so hard that "Mel" could hear me.

This isn't a rant or complaint at all. It's more like should I post with this new teeny tablet and that it is so hard type? I'll talk in it because talking is an option. I'm talking in this microphone (that I can't see) instead of trying to write. I didn't plan to speak in this thing, but I really am unable to even type it. Thank you. Hahaha! It wrote thank you and my laughter!  I said "thank you" to the machine. I'm an idiot. "Space Odyssey Hal!" hahaha! I can't actually type, the keys are too little and I don't need to thank a machine!

Oh my gosh, I'm sure I can't post this to my blog. One of the things this little keyboard does continually... is mess-up with the vowels and it's putting another little icon over some letterß ----  It did it. It put a "bunch of mess" on my blog and I have to come in a go over it all. I will say for sure, there's just some things a person can't say about a product that's in use and there's complaining going on about it. Who's in control here? Not me for sure.

Random Placement for the "Goat Farmer
MeMe." Not quite me but I love it anyway.

Lower left (don't look)

(Frowning---that picture's ... hahaha) I have squirted goat milk from the teat to my mouth. It was silly, for fun and on a dare. My children once or maybe more dared me and my grandchildren did too. It is cleaner right outta' the teat for sure. And we don't have Pygmies right now, but I love them. We have had pigs, now eaten.

I'm on my IPhone now. No telling what this post will all look like. ***I had to remove all the HTML from my Android Quest. I knew it and it's crazy. I think know Google's getting into spyware territory.

All I wanted to write was I have a bad back and it's getting better (STOP! I don't care what's trending right now! Twitter ticker-tape flying across my screen.) I have Sciatica and that a part of farming I don't like. I suppose I should accept the fact that I'm older and my back parts don't heal as quickly as they used to when I was young. Not a whine or complaint because I like being a grandmother and I need to act like one.

I shouldn't have tried to jerk that big, metal, heavy outside couch outta' of the mud last May. I'm grateful this isn't something else yuckier and maybe by keeping down a few days my back will heal a bit. Staying flat so the inflammation goes down is boring. I wanted to go and do stuff, like go to Church.

Here's my picture in bed and the only reason I'm smiling is because I was trying to take a "selfie" kind of picture and it hurt my back even more. I've never had much success at that anyway. So my Steve took my phone and stood over and me and the flashes of the camera were going and I was trying to make him stop it and I started laughing. Yeah, it hurt to laugh. No make-up-in bed selfie--lovely!

                      ^ line across the page is me leaning on the keyboard. It fits, I guess.

I want to do more and I really can't. I still milk the goat with my back-out. I love it too much. And I adore my Physical Therapy swimming as ever and it's the best. I need a pool. That's not a wish. A little one would do and it would help my husband's "retirement injuries" received from falling-off the mountain...he could definitely use it. He was fighting a bush fire, my Captain Steve needs that even more than I do. I know they don't make them to fit my fireman. He's too tall. There no way we could dig a swimming-hole. It's not only illegal, our rocks are big as VWs, and I don't think either one of us could dig a hole to plant a twig.

Yep, my toenail polish has never matched my fingers and I don't care
Android Adventure Completed!
(shhhh...it can't spell, either so that's two of us!)

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