Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We Give Thanks For Rain

Beginning The Renewal of Green Again

We're so grateful today to have had a whole day of rain.

It wasn't a deluge like it was reported and we are thankful for the saving of the hillside homes. Mudslides cover homes not protected because of wildfires. A huge storm would've been devastating.

Our little town is having it's own worry with the rain. We were in the news recently because of the Hazmat Incident. It hasn't been cleaned-up yet. We ask ourselves will it leak into our great valley river and irrigation ponds?

Thankfully we are having the sweetest rain. It isn't sprinkles and it's just raining enough to hear on our roof. The ground is receiving the moisture and there's no mud. Our land was so dry!

We had a lot of time to prepare for the rain.

My grandsons came and cleaned pens and water tubs. My husband made a great composting pile and everything that needed cover was put in our barn or tarped.

I suppose I'm just happy that this rain parted and went around us. This gave us an inch and we may another by tomorrow. It's not the 5 inches and heavy winds like it was predicted for here.

The mountains are receiving lots of rain. Some towns are getting more than forecasted. We have just enough. Heavenly Father hears our prayers.

Our plants were dying and including weeds and our very old Oak Trees. The little growth under our feet was gone and when they died it left dust and rock-hard clay. There are no flowers, no foliage, no beautiful grass, and nothing green.

We're starting over! This is my rain blog tonight. It's pretty much "absolutely nothing" to the rest of our nation. But it is soooo important to us. We are grateful beyond words and because we've had to be patient and know prayers are answered. This was right; we had to ask and appreciate what The Lord provides. We're very blessed this evening.

Look toward the sky for Eagle feathers. There the clouds that drift and we see the feathers with no beginning or end. (Cirrus clouds) 

We look at those clouds with hope and say to ourselves, it'll probably rain in approximately 4 days.   It did.
-- Cumash Belief

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