Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We Still Have Puppies Check-Out Our Heeler Page

Darby & Duelly

I think its my turn to show some pictures and they're really just starting to really play!
We over-worked them before the pictures and poor Chevy, he was sleeping at my feet,
it's a wonder we had pictures of him with his eyes open. 

These pups are still little and just starting to feel good about being without their mother and out in a field. They were either at my feet or in my arms or under the camera while Tanner was taking pictures. We tried for the middle of the day so not to have long shadows, but that's their regular naptime and their playtime was only about an hour before they were sound asleep. Wake a puppy and we get a grumpy face. I'll update again next week and we should have a "wild bunch" on our hands.

 Marnie's Puppies Are All Sold

Lottie Sold

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