Monday, February 13, 2017

New Post. The News From Here

We aren't having puppies. If I haven't responded to your emails lately, I'm so sorry. I'm hearing our male dog, Duelly... crying again and it's been constant for a couple weeks. Darby was his best friend and my husband hasn't been able to fill the void left by Darby's death.

It has been exceptionally colder this year and Darby seemed slower except, when she was in with the goats and sheep. Darby loved herding! I looked forward to having her here with me and milking this Spring.

Darby seemed to tuck her legs in like she was cold a couple months ago. Once in awhile she wanted to stay inside until the afternoon and she'd hobble-up on the porch to see the grandchildren. My daughter noticed she didn't want to walk and was shivering. It was a normal day and not less than 70•. I panicked!

 My Steve, my daughter, and I went up to the vet's I held her in my arms. All the way, I held her tightly knowing it was the last time. I couldn't go in. The dog, my daughter, and my husband returned. It was only arthritis and she'd be herself with her medication morning and night.

Darby was herself and played, fetched everything, growled at Duelly to be gentle each time he was to close her. A few weeks went by with her medication and then, she couldn't uncurl herself, and we all knew she hurt. Darby couldn't eat or drink and I this time I knew this was it. Steve and Kiely took her back to the vet and Steve took Darby into see her doctor. Steve said she wasn't afraid, was relaxed and my husband said she went away slowly while he held her.

My daughter in Colorado is breeding stumpy Red and Blue Queenslands. She sent a note to me saying she would give me the first of her stumpy puppies. I'm not ready. PeeWee is getting a lot of attention.

Our Duelly, is even sadder than I am. Of course, we all know dogs die before we do and we mourn their passing. There's a huge reason that this isn't nearly like any other dog that has died in our care. Someday I may blog about it. Nothing really odd, just gratefulness for her and more. Miss you so much and can't believe you're gone, Darby Dog.

Happy Day


carriermnky said...

I'm not ready either, it's only been a day but I'm just reading to help fill my void. The gut tiers that pour out of me is ugly. I loved my girl they just are great companions to us humans. Thank you for posting. I know it's from February, I still wanted to reply. Your blog drew me in due to your family filled with dogs.

Susan said...

I hope you’re feeling better. I was finally checking my blog and thinking about something uplifting. We just went though the passing of my mother-in-law. She was glad to go and so happy. She was 94. If you are looking for s puppy I still have contacts. We’re still content with good ol’ Duelly and my personal protector, PeeWee. I’m glad I didn’t sell him, he’s pretty slow-minded. Sometimes crazy Queensland’s can’t sit still and listen & Im grateful to have a pup that just wants to visit. Take care! SusanLaz

carriermnky said...

Hi Susan,

How kind to connect me with a potential family member. Since my post, I found my healer heeler. she's my second one I've had and I absolutely have fallen in love with her. Thank you again be blessed