Monday, December 3, 2018

No Puppies This Year

This is so hard to write. We miss raising puppies so much and so many people are writing and calling to buy a puppy. My site has been a place where people copy my photos and they’ve saved them on Pinterest (without my knowledge) and then those pictures were copied and are on dozens of advertising sites with Blue and Red Heelers for sale.

We might sell puppies again. I need to have some medical issues addressed at UCLA and be ready to give all that attention they need. We still love them and have the cutest Babydoll Sheep they can work and learn to gently work them. The Heelers smile so much and sleep so well when the dogs work the sheep.

I’m so sorry this has happened, again. So many photos are used throughout Social Media that advertisers use to catch unsuspecting families or individuals that want to buy a forever friend. Please  complain to the Social Media like Pinterest (the worse) Facebook, and Instagram. I know there are lots of others. I’m not an advertiser and I will use my own site to sell our puppies or word of mouth in our rural valley in the future.

Thank you for loving our puppies, they’ve all been sold a couple years ago and have happy homes. Sending hope for all to find the perfect puppy for Christmas.