Saturday, August 1, 2020

Starting Over Makes You Stronger

I'm not sure how how to begin this all again. I need to because we have an American Bashkir Curly stallion to be bred. Sonny's a rarity in this part of California and I've been asked so many times about him. So, there's that....


We also have Babydoll Sheep that we are breeding and selling. I'm breeding six ewes and have three rams to work with. I’m going to have the boys sheared next Friday. (the girls were done a couple months ago) It's too hot for the boys and I thought the June gloom would go on and on. Then July 31st hit and my daughter started calling anyone that could help us. Her FFA teacher was her first choice to call. These sheep are not really harder to shear, just different. Maybe harder because they’ve got such short legs. This is a one picture I found. My sheep are way cuter! All my photos are on my phone and I thought I had uploaded them all on my computer.

Last year's shearing was hilarious and the sheep didn’t know each other after being sheared. They butted heads like having a new ‘pecking order.’ We paid a lot for the entertainment. That would be a great job for someone now that so many people are spinning wool. Hard work.

Our Little Barley and a random pullet

Queensland Heeler Notice:

We have a new female cattle dog on the ranch named Lottie. She is going to be bred with the notorious Duelly. Sounds like a "Pill" but he's too friendly and knocks everyone over. Lottie is going to be ready to breed in December and my daughter will have Spring puppies. I can't even think that we'll be doing this all over again. Not in a bad way. It’s really exciting and then also sad when the puppies are sold. We can’t survive with out our Heelers.

New Momma Dog, Lottie

The old guy, Duelly (Miniature Queensland  Heeler)

Our guard dog: Duelly

Ranch Activities:

My granddaughter and grandson have rabbits to sell and we're so grateful for the eggs from our chickens (sounds like Easter) We are also blessed with a great amount of vegetables and fruit from my daughter... Kiely’s garden. I only ate a squash last night for dinner. I ate a squash and had no idea what kind or variety. We’ve always had some garden but this year has been incredible and I know it’s because we’re taken care of from God. I know others who have lost their garden or haven’t room for one. We give-out way more than we eat. 

The turkey slaughtering is about to come to pass. All the equipment is here. I thought my husband and son-in-law wouldn't do it because she adores them. She attacks girls and women so she’s got to go and really that's why we have her. The turkey was raised to eat. I’m glad they’re doing it now because if it was Thanksgiving; I couldn’t eat turkey.

Oh Howdy! I was gifted a yogurt from my husband and it's melting. He brought it from another town, even. So I'll finish this all later.


Oh, and we went up to Utah and saw dear friends and we went to Montana and Idaho and Colorado to see our Larin and family. We stopped in Ridgway and visited my cousin and she lives right next door to my what was my great grandparents ranch. I took so many pictures.

I put them on my computer and there are thousands of photos. I’ve spent so much time looking for my pictures and I came-up with nothing.

I found this picture; so I know the pictures are somewhere. Our grand vacation trip... maybe I'll post a few pics for posterity, right?

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Service Unto Others Using The Savior’s Examle

I haven’t written much in my blog. The days are flying by and without strong medication I find myself watching or not watching wanting to do all the things I could do before my surgeries. I’m hoping after tomorrow’s appointment, I’ll be set for my surgery at UCLA and it’s been an eight year journey. All these hoopes we go through to make this one successful. I’m better and finally knitting and we’re traveling. This is a true catch-up blog post.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is about being on the receiving end of service. I’m so thankful for all that have blessed me. My husband brings me breakfast in bed and places his warm hand on my back every night to sleep. His day job is like the Red Cross rolled into one person. He only knows service. The last few days and nights were filled with helping others and comforting others that experience loss. We left our two grandchildren’s birthday party so he could help a mean-spirited lady remove a pole she thought might hurt her home. She yelled at my dear husband and was without any gratitude he came so save her home. My Steve doesn’t get paid, he smiles and patiently waits, does the job and gets in his truck and says she has had a rough time.

My daughter and family are living with us while they look for a home. Homes are few to find after The Thomas Fire and the others. They clean and her husband feeds the animals (not a metaphor for grandchildren) He tells me your farm is a “Prepper’s Dream.” and I give him the look of the mean lady my Steve helped Saturday. He’s poking at my sheep and goats as food and says it with a silly grin. Thank you Matt for all you do and I don’t know why I never say, thank you. I never know who actually does the chores. Matt is probably the one I owe the most gratitude! Thank you with all my heart.

I need to know where is DORIS S? I miss her so much and thing of her everyday!

I’m in a place where my all of my family are trying to do everything to make me happy. My daughter is a short order-cook and often, it’s all made and can not take a bite. Again, embarrassed by my lack of gratefulness and I lay down.

I’ve prayed for chances to serve. Kiely’s day all my children thrive helping others just like their dad and What can I do to minister? I’m grumpy. I can hardly have energy to walk. How could I make bread?

I’ve done things only Steve notices and he reminds me. I asked Steve to give a soda pop and water to a highway maintenance guy in the desert. I do little and need to do more. I loved the article in this months Ensign for September called, “Many Ways to Minister” by Elder Enrique R. Falabella. I’m grateful because I can do this!

My husband just bought me a scooter a few months ago and Kiely ran in my bedroom and said, “Mom!” “Dad brought you a scooter and you can go all the way to the sheep!” “I drove it and it’s so fast!” My response was, “I have to take a shower.” Ok, Ok I’m going outside. No anxiety here, no panic attack, be happy, be grateful! What should I wear?  I’m not using the scooter, but I will drive firetruck golf cart. I should be able to do chores. It’s so hot outside and without Steve, I might crash. I’m such a chicken.

We attended our dear friend’s baptism today. It was so spiritual and I’m so excited for her.
As I got in the car to go home, my Steve at the church, ”What’s  with the man-bun?” I came home and promptly put my hair in curlers and walked in the other room and he said, “Whoa! (like I scared him🤨) “How’s the reception?” After almost 50 years he has to know that my hair is that of a cave-dwelling hermit. There’s more to this but I need to go to a funeral.