Friday, December 15, 2023

Heart Stopping Reality

I'm getting a Watchman in my heart. It took hours and hours for all the tests and could save so much money. Pradaxa; the blood thinner (skin thinner) is super expensive vs. Cumadin aka Rat Poison. Getting the Watchman to catch blood clots saved money and possibly my life. We had to go to three different labs. Quest just didn't get it right and so much time, wasted and plus three more doctor visits. 

At the hospital I was all hooked-up and then another lab.  The  paper pusher lady came into see me. She was so nice and asked if I wanted to see one like I was getting. I held it in my hand and said, “What’s all the wires made of?” She said, “Nickel.” I laughed. I asked if she was sure it wasn’t surgical steel or 18k gold. She said it again, it was Nickel and I told her I was allergic to Nickel. We had spent so much time signing-in. We were sent-out quick. 

Do I call the Cardiologist, an allergist? I’m due for more Pradaxa. This whole heart deal is genetic My uncle just had heart surgery he’s the last of the  six and all had strokes like their grandpa and his father and his father. I’m so grateful for the wonderful Priesthood Blessing before going to the hospital. This Watchmen isn’t removable if it gets messed-up. Ugh!

The doctors thought I’d be okay because I have a pacemaker. Mine was layered over with silicon… my daughter-in-law engineered it. It’s the German one. So glad the lady showed me the Watchman before surgery and that I was prompted to ask about the metal.

Sunday, October 29, 2023