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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm always amazed how much fun we have when the girls get together, just as girls and visit. It isn't too often all of us are together. We did this gathering just before Bree had to go back home to Arkansas.

You know, I thought I had this great invention (for I don't know for what reason, I could NEVER make it) I found out it was made anciently and on eBay. What a revelation! Not a real revelation, just a surprise--how's that?

I don't think we ate too much pizza. Just talked and laughed until the place closed. It was so fun for me to be with my grown children and talk to them so differently. Even Kiely was there, no baby, no more and right in there as an adult, speaking her mind and joining in with all the laughs and inside jokes we have.

We took pictures of our hands together-never to separate. The fun pictures that we took of ourselves was: the funniest face we each could make. Well, they were funny! I promised not to post them, but will hide them somewhere. Very cute! I love my girls!

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  1. Good to see a photo of all the Lazenby ladies!

    Enjoyed reading you blog! Thanks for sharing.

    Aaron Serr


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