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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

I Haven’t Forgot To Blog... I Have Too Much To Do.

It has been a busy time since we visited so much of the western states during July. Wonderful trip and I would love the opportunity to share every campground, view, mountain range, and stuff we had to eat. Anyone (and that specifically means my family) that starts to look at it would be disappointed to tears. 

Others would close this site because it’s unless I'm sharing secrets like finds of hidden Mickey Mouses in Disneyland. All this stays the same. 

Go see the first KOA in Billings Montana. It's pretty wonderful. Lewis and Clark's Graffiti, Tags, and Scribble on the side of the bluff with the dates. I recommend it only because these will eventually be gone through erosion or human removal. Lots of the tags have been preserved by the government and cameras to prevent further damage to the site.

 I'm part Crow and I'm very sad that the Natives have decided to damage each monument. Sacagawea, the scout for Lewis and Clark was able to find her family and also is part of my family through marriage. The fur trapper Jean Baptiste, my uncle, "owned" her gave her to them and she took her one baby and was pregnant and went on the expedition and took them to the Pacific. I was thrilled to see one of the children's markers way out in Oregon. He lived a long life considering the circumstances. 

Sacagawea, depicted in a beautiful mural in the Rotunda of The Capitol Building. I praise her for her bravery, strength, and great skill and a much needed interpreter for Lewis and Clark.

 Maybe her life was good with Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, maybe not. But it had to be a trial necessary for her to be found. She had been kidnaped by another tribe and through Lewis and Clark was later reunited with her brother, now a chief with the Lemhi Shoshones.

Here’s her son’s grave and we put Sacagawea Quarters on his gave stone  

Sacagawea’s grave is inside Yellowstone. I truly believe there are pretty mountains, and trees, and lakes. The land is immense! It’s also a desert.


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