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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Some Things Are Really Heavy

 We’re at the beach house once again and in the early morning after taking a medication that’ll keep me awake all night, I decided I should put something in my blog about this particular stay. Here it comes…

This was fun painting circles

                          We have tons of sand

See the island ?

Kinda’ flat waves are unusual here and looks like a lake. So the fun begins and my nephew who’s a grandpa runs out to meet a great swim and gets sliced by a stingray. Used 170• hot water take the pain of the venom away. Works.

This was just the beginning 

This was actually 2 days ago and the sulfur smell was worse than the quake. My sister in law was talking to me in the living room and her eyes became huge-she was looking through me. We were close to the epicenter and felt the quake really jarring, not the rolly kind. So this poster says hurriquake. Yup! It was raining, smelling, small waves, and lots of dolphins jumping. I think the hurricane passed us. My family turned the cars around in case of a tidal wave. What a weird experience. We’ll be saying in years remember when Robert stepped on a stingray, the hurricane came, but just rained for one day? —Surfers all went home and we had that earthquake and not one thing fell; not even me?

Lost Kayaker
The fire department look for hours and hours and found the lost red 55 gallon barrel with a rope.

I should add all the kids, right? I will. All 50 of them and they’re not still! Where’s Dune?

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