Thursday, September 14, 2017

PathwayConnect I Started School At 67

Ecccckkk! I'm starting school, again!

I've wanted to start this school since I heard about the pilot program and I was 60. I thought I could handle it all back then. I knew it was in Glendale. Oh the trip! It's 100 miles down and back. Then, it was in Valencia and I was sure I was going then. Valencia is so much closer and about 45 minutes away without any traffic on one of the most dangerous highways in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. My husband; if you have read this blog at all you know he was a firefighter and the memories of this road haunt him. He wasn't ready for me to commute. Finally, it's now at our own Stake building and Institute. My one daughter jumped at it because she already had her Associates Degree from Ventura College and this program will transfer all units if it's from a certified school, like a national, state, or community college.

So I signed-up and since that time, it didn't really stress over the day to start school. Now, it's tonight! I'm a little nervous, but more than that, I'm excited! After I received my call today to confirm the time, I started shaking. I'm not sure of my emotions with this. I know I need to pray for help to remember what's needed for me to do this well.

No, I'm not going to back-away or "shrink" like Elder Maxwell described fear. That's the last word I said before I had my heart surgery. It makes me brave and just do what needs to be done. The surgery time was 3 hours and the best nap I've ever had. I had so much energy! Good booster and positive word. 

My husband called me to remind me about my medication that I have to take at noon. I think he was sure I would forget because I'm so preoccupied with tonight. I asked him that if I happen to fail, could I start over? He's answer was that I could and as many times as I would like to take Pathway. It's learning! But, he told me I wasn't going to fail and it was going to be wonderful. I hope it is. I will update my blog to report on how all of this went.

I'm not quitting so the opposite is trying, that would be me.
My start on school will be like when I'm trying to accomplish my homework or studies. I'm going to pray. Is there any way else to have help to give me strength, determination, and of course, a good attitude?

This is the logo I see when I sign-in below. I was so surprised about the modules and the way school is taught. My daughter learned online with Utah State College and she said her learning was very, very similar. I was so surprised she didn't tell me about it. It is hard to find a completely quiet place in our house. I'm distracted by the animals outside, the clock ticking, or even quiet music. These kind of distractions have always been with me and florescent lighting is the worse. My phone is going-off with notifications, non-stop, so I do know I need to temporarily block the little noise. I'm not looking now at my phone. It isn't time. I'm going to change and mentally block the noises I don't have control over and not let them bother me. I was born bothered, so I'm not sure if that's possible. I'm going to pray for that special blessing. I can do that when I'm having my blood pressure tested, I can do this.
The Logo for PathwayConnect BYUI

I will not quit or shrink and use my Faith

 My children and my husband pushed me physically up to the front of the room to sign-up for school.   They have been my cheerleaders and I appreciate them. It's so odd to be on the other side when I used to be their cheerleader and help them go to new classes. Big difference with me this is college and not Kindergarten or high school.

I didn't know what was coming! I am so relaxed and happy for my oldest daughter as we celebrated her graduation from college and received her Master's Degree. I cried a lot, but she made the graduation fun by using her laptop to show her and hear the speakers so well. The party that night was incredible. I remember Tatum thinking a gopher was like a pet squirrel. She went to pet it and surprise! She danced all around worried the gopher would suddenly run-up her pant-leg. We roasted Starbursts and marshmallows and had a lot of happy talk. Our driveway parties are the best because we are a ways of the main road. There's not too many that can even see us. My middle daughter and family can see us because they live right next door.

 This was the biggest surprise ever and it is a true statement, below. I need a solid plan for when I study and when I play. I need to get-up and walk around during study time. I have a Pomodoro and I'm going to use it! I need rest between real concentration. That was the only way I could learn any piano. A type of Pomodoro. One musical selection session and go get a Coke. Nah! My favorite was to go sit on the side of my dad's Model T Ford Flatbed. It was big long step on the long-running step-side with my dog, Scoots and tell him all about what I was doing and I'd be back. So Pomodoro is one goal, exercise is another, reading my scriptures and taking notes, take time to make an organized place to work,  be early to my my class meetings, and have my laptop, cord and extra supplies including water with electrolytes with these I can enter my class each week ready and organized. Is that too much?

I know there will be other goals for this class. I've never gone to one before and I'm not sure of what I need to add. Oh! Stay off Facebook and Instagram. That's a given. I still love my friends there, but for a time, I need to FOCUS.