Monday, June 25, 2012

Weird Junk That Just Falls Out of My Purse. Buried Treasure

It's summertime! Wow, that took me by surprise. I think I need to change my super-springy purse to my yellow, summer-shiny one. It'll be easy this time... I've got everything organized into zippered cases and know exactly were everything is. If I want to change purses and can easily just pull out the cases and just move them over to my new purse. VoilĂ ! (That's French for "there we are!" or "Here!"... right?) about the only word I can remember from 7th grade French class. THIS will be easy.
Yep, he's lookin' at my Purse Junk
 "Ahhhh..not so fast, Pilgrim, you got some tough cleanin' to do and you're burning daylight", I'm saying this in my "John Wayne Mountain Man" voice. Yes, I know! He also says,“You're short on ears and long on mouth.” I need be less wordy and talkin' to myself out-loud-- like the John Wayne is really standing over me. I must need some company, never-mind that thought, I'd still talk to myself. Oh, my heck, now even my Cocktail, Fabio, is starting the jabbering after me.

My inner John Wayne noticed things weren't exactly as I had envisioned this "switcher-roo" with my purse exchange. My camera is in my shirt pocket and I couldn't just pass this opportunity to make my kids really know for sure I need my 'shawl.' So I'm doing it again, documenting my day of fun mess. Just to set the record straight, my husband Steve wanted me to add he NEVER puts his hand in my purse, truth!

Phone Holder On Top and Looks Okay, Right?

Here's the normal stuff that goes in my purse. A hankie on top, sunglasses, Wait! Those are spoons with the red handle-- to play music (?) and they don't belong. You know, that southern spoon band player, thingy. I don't really carry those, but they were in my purse. I need better glasses. The black and white thing is my new journal from Kiely and fits very well in my purse. I have a couple pens in my purse and the striped one is very fat, and under it is my real glasses. I see the little green lotion next. I have a western tiny bag for my Temple work and my heart pills. (I watch that little pocket-book closely) a red lipstick I hate, and a red spoon from the yogurt shop. OOPS! And my red bag holds all my insurance, license, cards, etc., my brush, and then my coin and money purse that has a clip... and can't be picked-out of the side pocket. It actually locks-in. Under it all is my make-up bag and all the little bags go in the big one. Except the money bag that clips-on and my hair brush. Organized! Yes! sorry about the distraction of my spoon  instrument.   I WISH!

Below is the junk in my purse. Really, the spoons aren't really junk, but they don't have a place. Except the red spoon from the yogurt shop is really trash now because they were with some little rocks I found in the house. I threw the little rocks out of my purse with the pieces of a trash bag that was all over our yard and some plastic pieces that are so chomped by a dog, I can't really figure-out what they are. All of this was right with a spoon from the yogurt shop and a white fork--I don't know where that came from. But I know where it's going.

This is a list of the junk under my picture. I don't know how in the world all that fit in my purse.

  1. Carabiner to hold water buckets
  2. Sheep and Goat hoof clippers. Wow! That's dirtier than the rocks, probably
  3. Masking tape
  4. An old clothespin
  5. The round beige can is Farmer's Hand Balm
  6. Blue sticky notes that don't stick, and that's why I have the masking tape
  7. Tiny pink notebook and it's full of my tiny writings
  8. Magnetic (heavy) flashlight
  9. Water facet spicket (I collect those and found it in our metal bin) It looks like a flower project to me
  10. Tiny square block with the green dot is, I think, from Twister (?) no idea where I picked that up
  11. Oh, there horse wormer up near the masking tape hahahahhah 
  12. Another hanky but it's going in the wash
  13. A little sparky, re-lighting birthday candle, it's near the beige round can
  14. Matchbook car fastback. I think it's a Datsun 240Z Unknown owner
  15. New pencil eraser--I don't carry pencils in my purse
  16. Orange reflector from a bunny decoration that served to alert drivers after dark to watch for big rocks, the bunny was hit by a car and I saved the reflector.
  17. Shiny seashell, I don't know
  18. Razorback Fan faded magnet from our car. It has turned pink, but I didn't throw it away
  19. Paint brush
  20. 20 EVEN? A fancy black paper clip to hold all the bulletins I picked-up on my way out of the Chapel at Church. Not really, I did throw all of them away except the one I had picked-up.
    I need to work harder on my purse. I'm tired just writing all this down and now I have to pick all this up and find places for them. LEAVING! Steve just asked me to go with him in Dustin's low-rider for a few groceries and we're going for  Cheviche with Avocados and for Steve, Tacos Al Pastor, "Hurry!"

I was so rattled by the fact I had to hurry--I accidently put the shaving "lotion" on my toothbrush. There's a cloud over my head and it's a heavy fog. I threw-away the toothbrush and didn't put it in my purse. I feel like a puppy dog waiting for my ride to the beach or "Bob" in the movie What About Bob. Too anxious.

We had fun driving the beach low-rider, doing a little bit of shopping at Smart and Final, grabbed a bite to eat and came home to Dustin and his kids waiting for us.

Looks like they all want to see what's in the "tater barrel" and I still think it's a little early. Steve's anxious to see if our experiment worked. I think it's really hard to grow Utah potatoes here and in a half black barrel. Not so shabby.

 And we got enough new red potatoes for a couple of dinners. I had my purse and only chucked a few in there before somebody said, "Somebody stop her!" Just kidding Honestly, harvesting potatoes is just like discovering buried treasure and we had a blast looking at every one, even the tiny ones. If I had my purse...I'd for sure put one of these in there. Gotta' show we did it.
Real Buried Treasure

Rotten potatoes are my favorite smell. True or False?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fireman's Father's Day

I've just realized that the events leading-up to Father's Day were a mix of expert planning and then, a complete mess. No, I didn't fail in what I was planning, I just didn't put-away all the things that had led-up to my home-made "present project" I can only say that playing the "The Glad Game" from the movie Pollyanna, helped me be motivated to set my house in good order and have it look-like nothing was homemade. Clean-up my mess day was set to before Steve came home from duty on Monday.

I had a great Father's Day with MY boys. I went to the fire station after church and had dinner with my dear husband and my dear son. Both are captains and at the station, they're in charge. I had the best seat at the table and they treated ME like a queen. I wanted to look nice and hadn't bought a dress in years, honestly. I needed a new dress.

I had made a new dress from seersucker and felt like it was a formal. I didn't realize the sheen and the fullness of the pattern. It's a Simplicity pattern #5767  It was easy to make except the cuff facing and when I actually got to the point where I wasn't sure how to do it. I just thought of my mother-in-laws favorite sewing quote, "Who's gonna' git off their galloping horse and look at that?" I think the relief of not having it perfect made the facing, with a placket slit on each side, completely easy. My next dress with the same pattern will be a breeze. Don't you love it completely when you KNOW a pattern and not even refer to the directions at all. I forgot pins cause puckering. I will not tear-out another seam and really baste the just facings and the zipper. Oh, yeah, I might even put some pockets in for my hankie. It was an inspired sewing project from Pinterest only because I wanted to see how cheaply I could make a dress, and like it. Hey, nothing wrong with finding exactly the right color and pattern, and material, right? My dress was from Ben Franklin Crafts and was flat fold Friday and on the $1 a yard table. I bought 7 yards. I have a bunch of material left over.
Easy Simplicity Pattern #5767

 Father's Day at the Fire Station

I arrived at the fire station right after church and when I got there Dustin was going-out to a call. Steve looked-up the call, and it was in his sector, but because Dustin's engine was parked one engine over closer (GPS) to the call they received the alarm. It was lights and sirens and Steve already had been on a real terrible call earlier in the morning. I had told them to quit talking about it because it was so bad and we were going to eat. I suppose the a form of debriefing, but it was really upsetting for me to hear about it all.

Dustin's call was horrifying to hear. It was a large spider that had bit someone on the back of the leg. The call wasn't too far from the station and he returned soon and said that they had the spider with them. Nooooo! They confiscated the spider?
 On-Scene Report County-wide. Plastic Spider Removed From Home
It was a plastic spider and the acute poison symptoms went away when the person found-out it was a toy. He said those calls are the best calls in the world. The firemen smile and it leaves a great story and memory for them and they got the proof. Dustin said if his kids were with him on Father's Day, his day would have been perfect.

The firefighters served us and did the dishes. I had a visit from the Stake Presidency and renewed my Temple Recommend. My husband and I have so many dates planned to go down to the Temple. President Watson was very sweet to visit me at the station, even on Father's Day.

Now for the present. I picked this out months ago. It's a saying at the fire station and he's not leaving it down there. We had always thought those silly saying were funny. I saw this on Pinterest. Again, I was inspired to try and make the posters and have them framed. The site that had the free download was in a small resolution, so I had to re-sized them. Actually, I had to re-do them because I didn't want round edges and I wanted different colors and I didn't take long on my Photoshop and I had them made at 16 inches by 24 inches and the resolution at 600. There wasn't a bit of pixeling, very sharp copies. I bought the standard frames at K-mart that matched. I also bought chalk paint for the glass. The one that looks like orange is a very light coral color.

I really feel that the last couple of days have been our real celebration of Father's Day. My kids all were wonderful... sending messages and everyone called. We were sent fun pictures of  Steve with him holding the babies when they were little.

Timery, our Larin's cousin, is giving Larin kisses. The photo won the best Father's Day picture. We have enjoyed Steve's "Brady-Bunch Dad" hair-do. Christmas 1979.

Our Father's Day Holiday

We took a vacation day, even though I've been under-the-weather with my cold. It's passed the contagious time, but had to go on antibiotics to recover from it, so after going to the doctor's again and off to the drug store. We hurried and went to breakfast at our new favorite spot near Ventura High School. We drove to places we wanted to see, people we wanted to visit, and talked about the things we want to accomplish this week. Steve stopped on our way back and bought me some yogurt and yep, it hit the spot.

Ventura County Fair Livestock Brand New Fencing!

The Barn At The Ventura County Fair
Steve went to the place on the fairgrounds were the new barn has been put-up. He couldn't wait to show me the livestock barns. Everyone has been going in to see it. They leave all the doors open while the workers are there and let us completely enjoy the renovations. It's been decades since they've remodeled the Livestock Area of the Ventura County Fair. The kids can all stay again at the beach's edge, right in the sand. Everyone is in tents, motor-homes, and trailers again this year. Last year it was so sad about not being able to do that anymore and we thought it would never be back to the old-way again. Well, it's back and a huge draw for those that want to enter our county's livestock show. Vacation + Fair! Can it get any better?

Faria Beach, Mondos, "The Cove"
We drove about 3 miles passed the fairgrounds to where our family's staying soon at the beach house. Oh, the tide is still extra-high and no beach at all. Actually, I'm glad we're waiting for August because it looked like it might rain here in June. The "Cove or Mondo's" rarely, ever has cloud cover and our visit took us by surprise. We can't be too surprised though--I've gone and stayed at "The Cove" for my whole life, 61 years. We've seen everything, but snow. We'll have to remember to go there if we ever have another rare snowfall. We've even seen whales and sharks and a funnel cloud. Honestly, we didn't know what it was, until a lot later so we weren't even worried at the time. We even were knocked-out of our beds from an earthquake one year and actually, that was fun...
The Rincon
Darling Beach Cabin
We saw this little cabin on the wall at the Ventura Breakfast House. Steve and I would love a house, even like this--sand and all. Little cabin on the beach. Looks a'bit like it could just float-out into the ocean and I'll bet it's on the East Coast. Very cute.

Santa Paula Airport
The clouds and fog followed us home and my Steve went to see his friend at the airport and the clouds looked like a thousand other times when the clouds move-in and spill over South Mountain. We were at the end of the Santa Paula Airport. I love South Mountain and our big SP written on the mountain-side.

Abrupt and Useless Bluffs Santa Paula California
This just happens to be our favorite spot. It's our backyard behind our Jurassic Park and overlooking our Santa Paula Creek, "The Crik" and a view of the Abrupt and Useless Bluffs. I've ridden my horse, taken jeep rides, and even hiked all over those foothills. I love the view and has a perfect vantage point on the highest peek of the cliff to see the ocean and a view beyond the Channel Islands off of our coast line of Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. It's hard to imagine that these cliffs are that tall. I know they are because I've perched my horse right up to the edge. I didn't need a phone camera back then, I have the memory of the view in my head forever.

I loved being with you, Steve on Father's Day. You're a great example to me and I'm trying to do right. I love you so much. You're the greatest dad and finest example any child could ever dream of having in their life. A great grandpa, too. The "cuppy-cake" making Grandpa Steve for any "little ones" and "teens" that come through our door.
Steve Lazenby at 911 Tribute Ventura, California

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Excited About Dead Grass...and More

***I got sidetracked last night about my new ram-lamb, named "Handsome" I forgot about the grass. The grass is below and actually not that interesting, however my "dead-grass" plan may work....

By-the-way, don't bother trying to upload your email or message on blogger. This is the worse formatted mess of a blog post I've ever tried to do. It didn't help that I fell asleep, but now that I'm trying to write on my's horrible. Pictures fly away, grass posts end-up with sheep, sheep are with the grass, if it was alive grass. I could maybe think that there's some sort of reason that was happening. Did I ever mention that sheep should have been named "pigs" because they will eat themselves to death. Pigs are smarter than that. Sheep love grass, even bad Fescue.

I know I've never tried to upload a post with a mobile device, but the time has come that I need to start thinking of going to sleep. (I wrote sheep) quick change. I know my mind is on my huge sweet ram lamb. He's absolutely beautiful and sweet beyond my highest expectations. He loves me and if I can put Laney dog up in a pen somewhere "Handsome" and I are going for a walk. He's soft and really wants a hug. We talked by me hugging on him and I even gave him kisses on his soft cheeks. I know we'll be pals for a real long.....skaijkalakjdhvzkcapo (sleep-time..added this morning) Sheeh! I don't even have to count sheep, I just need to write half a paragraph and I'm GONE.

Maa Maa! He LOVES me!
I put Handsome and all the sheep in the old sheep pen because he needs his shots for our area and I need to worm him, too. Maybe it's good that they are all bunched-up together. They eat fine and I think all the other sheep believe he's one of the lambs that have been here all along. They share and that was a worry for me. I  can't wait until they can go out in the pasture behind the pens. There's big Malva weeds and they are just right for munching.

Below the orange feather-looking things on his feet are just a pieces of twine stuck in the ground when we had our last huge rain storm. The clay made it cemented in the ground. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to pull that string out. I suppose scissors are the answer. I never thought I'd actually get a sheep to pose over the twine like he had orange feathers on his feet.

The feathers on his feet!

"Handsome" Meeting His New Pals
Still Wants Out and Stands by The Gate

This blog was supposed to be about how excited I was about "dead grass" and I AM EXCITED!

Patchwork Grass, ugh
 I was distracted by my sheep pictures. OK, about a month ago my son-in-law received some extra grass from a huge lawn project and for an unknown (we do have clues) all the grass died. Marnie and Steve worked their Bods-off getting it in quickly and it was like a beautiful green carpet. It looked so wonderful when it was put-down. And....always wet...we all watered it. Now, some random weeds are peeking-out of the cracks. It's DEAD. I got the noxious weeds with that Round-up that sprays only a little bit on just one weed, and as I did it the stinking dogs followed me. All of them were trying to lick the Round-up off the plants. There should be on the warning label: "Attracts Dogs."  My daughter had to come gather the dogs and let me just finish. BUT..while I was doing the waiting a wonderful idea popped in my head. It's too hot now to replant with manure and grass seed, that's a fall job. It would have been perfect this past month because we're all so foggy just before summer. Perfect, but the grass wasn't going for it. I decided to use my little boxes of wild flower mix all on the dead grass. Don't write me and tell me it's a bad idea, I already did it.

The "Leaning Tree" Does Need to Be Given Some Help (Left foreground)
Our attempt to grow grass right here by the arena hasn't ever been exactly the most beautiful lawn. It looked better than my pictures after I watered it today, this is where my beautiful garden had been. I thought grass would really grow in this area. The wild flower seeds are somewhat in the same area and I think will produce some pretty blue and red flax flowers and poppies. I'm getting more little boxes today. The wind came-up and my seeds typically just blew away. I do have a plan..go out before the wind starts from the west and scatter the seeds really early in the morning and then soak 'em good. I'm excited with flower idea and I won't be just watering dead grass. It could be really pretty and I'm looking forward to all of it.

Firefighting Blessings

Before I stop all this post now about the dead grass and my lovely sheep; something neat happened yesterday. I headed on down to my husband's fire station to pick-up all my granddaughter's information for camp and take it up to her camp director. My husband was at a call and that, in itself is becoming more and more common. I just wait. I thought maybe I could call him because he could be on an inspection and I could ask him if he had the paperwork, or how long should I wait, or if I should come back later...Well, I called and he answered the phone with not a "Hello" or "Wait" all I heard was blood-curdling screaming from a young woman. I was stunned.I heard the gentle words from the crew trying to calm her. I thought it was a car accident and she was hurt beyond my comprehension. I immediately hung-up and said a prayer. Oh, it hurt my insides, like when one of my grandchildren stub their toe. But this was far worse. Anyone that has compassion within them, has felt the pain and makes a person just grab at their sides and groan. 

Here's what the screaming was about...It was a new baby being delivered by our crew! The lady was pushing and Steve left the phone on so I could hear the baby cry and know that something wonderful and great was happening on THEIR shift! I suppose I really could have FELT her pain. Yippee!!! The baby was a boy and she obviously didn't make it to the hospital until after the birthing with the crew. My Steve was crying he was so happy for them. The call came in as a baby being born about 4 months too early and nope, she was due today. Relief! The dispatcher had gotten some misinformation, and that's not unusual when those who call for help are so excited and upset. I came back to the station and asked about the call fearing he had to use the "jaws of life" to help someone escape. Yeah, he did literally and the "jaws of life" have new meaning and hurray, a baby escaped. Steve was grinning ear to ear, because the baby was healthy and wonderful. He said, "She was like us!" and then said "They were like us!" The new husband and wife have had two miscarriages and was now had a healthy a baby, full-term. Steve remembered the joy we had when we first held our new precious daughter. He was so excited he wanted to tell me the APGAR? thing, he wanted to tell me their names, and where.  But, by the HIPPA Law... he couldn't tell me anything and I could see he was about to burst and OMGsh, he wanted to tell me so bad! It made me laugh. My day turned-out to be so glad and thankful and I left my Steve waving and knowing he was thinking, "I love my job."

Perfect Gift From Heaven

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Making Scarves or Is It Just Basket-Weaving for My Neck?

 "This month has been a special one it's _______time for you!"♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ "We'd really like to celebrate this happy time with you."♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ "So hippity-hey, and hiddie-ho, there something we can do."♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ "We'll sing a song that we all know....(Happy) ________ to you!"♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ 

I think I need to mention that the the "Happy" can be "Congratulations" or any other appropriate word that fits.

I've never had a busier month! This is already one month that I've already accomplished the most in my yard, attending all kinds of parties, being sick, been with my grandchildren, and promotions and graduations and even taking care of my farm animals. This month has been so crazy--but, I've needed something to do while I'm waiting. I hate to just bite my fingernails. lol.

All of this in-between time has driven me to making scarves. I had to think of something to do in the car or waiting anywhere. (My exception is in a restaurant, but I do think about it) There's doctor visits and waiting, waiting for events, driving and waiting for grandchildren, going with Steve to fetch all the stuff for every huge, super fundraising event that has taken every single day of his 4 days off these past 6 months and waiting. Did I mention that the community involvement that his parents engrained in his brain membrane has never worn-off. I ask, "Are you on duty, can you take me in your car?" "Are you getting paid?" He has told me over and over, "I don't belong to Rotary, or  Lions Club, I belong the the Firefighter's Association and this is my community service." I always say, "Okay." but I don't really "get it" because every single time there's a huge BBQ or "Station Meals from The Boys Club" or any other club fundraiser... that needs so much preparation time for the event. I ask the same questions. Ugh. I like the fundraising, but I think he needs to go out and shoot a gun, go fishing, or swing in the hammock I gave him for his birthday. It's still in it's box. **sigh**

I found a "waiting hobby" that doesn't include my phone, tablet, or mini laptop. I'm actually doing something. I'm making these really pretty, lacy scarves. I'm teaching myself to knit. Well, if a person can call this knitting? It's only six stockinette stitches and binding-off knitting? It's a start, maybe.

I do genealogy and make websites, but that stuff is work, this is fluff! Real fluff. BTW my websites are way better than my blog.

Easy Lacey Scarves
The scarves are cool, feminine, and easy. I wasn't sure on the brand, because I've had to take a few skeins back because of flaws. I went to a very high-end yarn store and they told me not to fret about that because even the most expensive skeins of yarn have flaws and they have returns too. I'm talking about $26.00 a skein--not cashmere, but for $26.00 a skein for 34 or so yards? The skeins should be perfect, right?

I buy Primer Starbella and it's easy and the directions are on You Tube. I just watch the Primer Starbella's own site video, and their site the easiest to follow. I used size 6 gauge wooden knitting needles because I'm afraid of slipping stitches and an onion sack thingy to hold my yarn so it doesn't run-away while I'm working the needles.

I tie a knot about an inch or two from the end of the yarn and weave from the back to front six loops (use 8 loops if you would like the scarf more fluffy and use 2 skiens. The scarf will also a bit longer, but perfect for Autumn football games. I just knot the skeins together and just keep the 8 stitches going) Always go in order from the tippy-top of the ribbon either way you make this and if you do add another skein be sure and tie the extra skien with the salvage at the bottom and the loops on top. THEN ... S-t-r-e-t-c-h it out! The top is the side without the wider selvage. My left pointy finger holds the knitting needles and stitches together at the top. I shorten my hold on the needles to just over the end of my fingers and that makes it faster and less reaching over the pointy needle top each time I wrap a new loop.

It always starts so loose that I had to make at least six rows of stitches to make sure I was doing it right. It's the looseness, I'll never get over that. So now I use my fingers like a shuttle in a loom to tighten each row as I do it and that helps and it shows the regular work about the third or fourth row. I always use the loop that isn't connected to the needle and I have to make sure that the loop that is being used is only the top of the loop, not the whole loop. I could end up with dozens of stitches on my needle if I didn't pay attention to that detail. If I happen to get 7 stitches on my needle I add two together to get back to the six. It may not be right, but show me where I've done that! hahaha You can't find it and I've looked like crazy.

My right hand is the over-caster and bear-claw. I open the ribbon and "bear-claw" the ribbon netting open so it goes faster and faster and faster... ye---ah! It's so fun to learn something new and also hide all my old lady "turkey-neck lines" Do this, it's fun. The cost is only $6.00. + a little change (and less if you have the 40% coupon) I go right pass Michael's to go see my beach grandchildren every week.

Yes, my husband does call it basket-weaving and he'll figure-it-out when I've gone to far... when I attach all my lacey scarves to our CB antenna and they wiggle through the air like a Chinese Dragons. I'm thinking ... orange and yellow, and red, so everyone can see me coming-down the road or over the sand dune in the desert.

**I learned to make the scarves because my mother and I saw them in Utah at the co-op in Ephraim. I think she wanted to buy them all. I knew this was something she really, really would enjoy so this is how I started. I was making some for her and my sister, who has always adored scarves. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift. So the motivation was my Mother's Day gift and another to my sister for helping my mother so much for the past 3 months. I felt very comfortable making the scarves and almost didn't need to watch what I was doing after only making about eight of these. I've never knitted, but these are so easy and keeping track of the numbers of stitches is only a glance down and I know. I prefer the wooden knitting needles because the loops don't slip off as easy as with the metal ones. Knitting is so relaxing and I can feel the tenseness in my hands and use it to judge how I'm needing to relax my fingers, neck, shoulders, etc. It really helps. White knuckling in the car in lots of traffic, I can never relax... just seconds after I loosen my hands, they go for "the crazy grip" on the steering wheel as tight as if I'm about to ride that crazy roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Graduation & Reaching Goals

I don't think we can ever take enough pictures when a long-time goal is finally reached. The best way is to share the moment with those you love. I'm so proud of my oldest daughter, Tressa. She just keeps going and going. I'm not surprised, well a little, because she's so busy with her two very involved children. But, she a woman who can do it all and enjoy the journey. She'll be receiving another graduation in November. This graduation is year is so full. Kiely and Matt, Tressa, and then our middle school grandchildren and those going on to new schools in their upper-levels. Life just keeps going and seems to go faster each year.

Tressa's Beautiful Family
I honestly admire any woman who can go back and do all the goals that they've set for themselves years earlier. I don't mean just learning, but actually putting forth effort into a passion that they had set as a goal. It's harder when you're busy with children and a husband, a home, garden and yard, and the social and church obligations that come into our lives. Sometimes I think that we are counted-on to do assignments given by others because it looks like (on the outside) we have more freedom than another to accomplish a volunteer job. I think everyone's busy, or should be, and if my girls can squeeze just moments of time to fulfill their pursuits I believe that greatest can be gained. I know some duties should be shifted around and I'm not saying what... exactly, because it could be any chore, hobby, or activity that sucks time and energy out of anyone. Sometimes the road we travel may have a ditch or two, or a mound of snow, like Kiely and Matt's new home in the mountains. In my case, I think I've had plenty of rocks and boulders. When my children were young, I raked those rocks with Steve to make things smoother for my kids.

They learned to work with us and eventually worked at solving all their pathways smoother, built bridges for the ditches, and  Four-Byes, for the mounds of snow. It's perhaps finding the right tools to accomplish it all. Sometimes I think I need a tractor with a front scraper and while I'm wishing for one, I'd add a hopper to go with it so I don't have to keep going back. I know right now my mind is on my girls, but my son has done the same. He started working with my husband at the age of five. I know that sounds like child labor, but it's a best friend relationship and by easy comparison with men his age, he, by far accomplishes so much.

Me, Tress, and Tressa's Grandma Dune

Me (Susan) Tressa, My Steve in the Back, Grandma Dune and Eirely, My son, Dustin's little Girl.

So Happy and I'll Bet, Relieved.

Pictures by Aimee Dolich
Tressa will stay the course and loves to jump over every hurdle. Achievement comes with the faith that anything can be attained, and she knows it usually involves hard work. Hard work has never held her back and it hasn't been an easy road. She inspires me.