Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Am I Doing?

This is what I'm doing currently at about 8:00 pm April 29, 2012 and trying to sneak-in one more post before May. Tomorrow's going to be "super busy"  I'm sure I'll regret not taking the time to add just a little post in here to get the bathing suit picture gone and off my latest post.

It's Sunday evening and I'm loving the peace that comes when I know all the critters are fed and put to bed. It's a'bit like the old days when the critters were real kids and not little dairy goats. I was thinking about what a Sunday night seems to be for me... when Steve's on-duty at the fire station and I'm here alone. I miss him. So, I think I'll surely listen to the radio, but for now... all I can hear is the little canaries chirping, softly as the sun's going down and I can hear they're feathers fluffing and getting ready to nest their tiny bodies in their canary-beds. A bit like a dog turning around in a bed to find a comfy position, I guess. Oh, my dryer stopped and I suppose I should rescue my purse out of there. I spilled my Cherry Dr. Pepper on it, so even though there's extra pink, that I love on it. I do need to remove the stain at the bottom. My Marnie made it and it came out of my dryer full like a petticoat. I guess this is the beginning of my post

1. What I'm listening to right now:  I just posted it.

My Purse Just Tuned Fluffy

2. Eating and drinking:
 I wish I were eating... but nothing seems good except frozen yogurt, so I am indulging in my vice of drinking Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. The soda-pop is cold, really fizzy, and even if the commercial says it's smooth, it's not... and tingles cold all the way down. My grandchildren did an experiment at school to see which soda pop does the most damage to teeth and your insides so they put an egg in different brands of soda pop to see which one is the strongest. Just guess which one won that contest, that is did the most damage to the egg. Yes, siree, it was my very own Cherry Dr. Pepper. I must have good teeth because in over six years I've been able to avoid any cavities. Oh, my time is coming. Swimming daze is tomorrow and I do have a blood test appointment, so the soda pops got to stop right here and the water begins. So, I'm drinking and not eating. I guess one is bad and the other is good.

3. This is what I'm thinking about:

It would really help a lot if I didn't actually look a big orange. I made the wise choice to wear brown and white today at Church and not go with the bright orange blouse. I love the orange blouse, but then this blog would be tooooo accurate.

4.  The weather:
The weather couldn't have been more wonderful and more temperate. It was lovely all day. I know the bugs and snails have now made their appearance and I'm glad I can nip some tiny varmints in-the-bud. I need to help our sensitive horse, Banner, deal with her allergies and fix (KILL) the snails before all my tiny marigolds have every blossom eaten and the flowers die, miserably.

5. What Am I wearing:
I guess I should add to my list of stuff here... to what I'm wearing. Yep, it's that lovely dark, pink, flannel nightgown with the sleeve bottoms ripped-off. It's the new style, like my purse that Marnie made for me. If you tear fabric the "right-way" there's this fringe that develops after a few washings. That's it! .... I wanted some "fringe" just below my elbows. I didn't just cut the sleeves off because they were too long...truth, yes I did. But, I do like the soft fringe that has developed over time. It's too late for my turquoise, flannel nightgown, it's ripped all up one side. The fringe-look won't help that nightgown. It's been moved to the rag-bag and the sad-part of this discussion with myself, is that the flannel is so old it has become really soft. Some things really become so much better over time. Like my Tennie-runners. Oops, back to my #5 What I'm wearing, right now.

I put on my dark, pink nightgown and it is truly the MOST fetching outfit! I did that first thing when I came home from lunch/afternoon-time with the firefighters down at the station house. My Church clothes always, ugh... are always feeling way too tight. Do guys have the same feeling? I bet if they had to wear a Spanx, my stupid bra, and pantyhose, and shoes with heels... they'd know what miserable feels like. Don't say "a tie," because I that's like some necklace or scarf and doesn't count. Someday, I'd love to just "sit loose" at Church. hahahah...I just had a couple great visuals. Men in Spanx, sitting loose, as in some MuuMuu. Never-mind, but it's funny, right?

At this moment, I don't have any socks or slippers on. That's unusual for me, but I'm looking at my red-painted toe nails and thinking that the red-stuff has gotta' go before our trip up to Utah. If my grandson, Jaxon, sees my red toenails... he'll panic.

****I was thinking. Fetching outfit? Does that have a meaning that's like I put something on to wear to be fetched, as in caught? Well, the bear roaming our backyard may see me and think I'm a good "fetch". Honestly, we got a couple of the reverse 911s and there's bear out-thare and it's actually only steps-away from our house and probably just hanging-out in Jurassic Park. The bear is sleeping and I know where it is.... the bear's goes in the avocado trees at night! Cops? Where do bears go for food?  Yeah, my back-door there's a bear waiting for me to emerge in my "fetching" dark pink nightgown. Bear-cub to mother-bear, "Mommmmma, I really want that dark pink grandma for dinner (whine) I'm tired of avocados." (I've had too many children)  Should I carry a stick or something?  I've suddenly become creeped-out. Steve, if you read this on your email, can I have a new long, flannel nightgown? I would like one with little flowers or sticks on leafy, green background. It would be a perfect protection and an "animal camouflage" for Spring. I'm sure we can get one online at Walmart. They have mossy-oak, even flannel, I betcha'
Jaxon Hates It When I Point My Toes At Him. It's so "Pointless" and the most "Pointless" is my rambling about a new flannel nightgown. Like that'll ever happen.

6.  I think the next thing on my list is what am I enjoying?
The answer is: My completely empty head. I'm not asking for anything and please note that the nightgown doesn't count because really, really I'm not getting another flannel nightgown. Please refer to: 10 THINGS LINK. The flannel stuff is out. I'm not worrying about anything, and not trying to answer any of my own questions that cause worry. I think purple is a good color and I just see purple. (Oh, my gosh that was random, no purple in the whole room) No, I'm not seeing any UFO's.

7.  Let me see? What the heck do I need?
To see my children together in one big bunch or separate's okay, too. But...I suppose I'm writing for the present, so I need some classical music and I have that.... no problem and speakers are right next to my bed. I need that. Easy fix.

 8. What do I want?
To walk and stand and spend one night or more without taking Tylenol. When I'm asleep my knees roll-around without me even moving, and I can have a "kick-fight" with myself without completely waking-up. Oh dang, that's not true.... I wake-up take a couple of baby Tylenol's and go back to sleep. I can understand when people get into the drinking-beers-at-night habit when they have pain going on. I really want my knees replaced. I just this minute moved my leg over about 2 inches and my kneecap moved the other way. Pop! It made a really ugly noise. My first reaction is to shake it and that's what happens when I sleep. But it makes it worse. Good advice that needs repeating, "Never, ever work on a horse from a ladder, even when your on the other side of the fence." I was pulled-off the ladder and rammed face-first into a rusty, heavy fence made from WWII airport runway, support for concrete.  My biggest mistake was covering my face instead of saving my kneecaps. I really would've loved a face-lift. That's a lot less surgery, too.

9. What do I think about Polygamy?  hahahah I had to look that up on spell-check, and I'm a real Mormon. I'm totally "down" with it and have a wife picked-out for my husband. I'm not telling, and no she won't even live here. I'm JOKING!!! Except in case I die, she'd be perfect for Steve. He knows and they'd really get along fine. She only likes cats and she makes me laugh. They'd get along.

10. What's interesting to me that this picture is on my desktop and I don't know how it got there! Why's this snake is so hungry it couldn't wait for dinner?

I have Almost No Words For This Photograph, Except One. Photoshop?
If you have an answer to why the snake is eating it's tail I'd like to know. I'm ditching the snake picture on my desktop and also this sheep...Yeeee--ah, both are definitively going to the "recycling delete bin"

Now that those images are in my head, I think I'll go crawl into bed and set the music going. I guess I'm going to resort to counting dogs instead of sheep.

 The wonderful "purple" aura has blasted right outta' my mind!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phoning, Sponge Bob, Socks

I'm going off the deep-end here and I need these noodles!

 and unless my legs are wrapped around a water noodle
I may just go down and meet Sponge Bob himself.

I'm just posting my three favorite things that I love right now. Things, just things. Sometimes simple stuff is wonderful and taken for granted. I took pictures of these three great objects.

1.  I bought this magic eraser that's a sponge and I thought I just could rub it across anything and it would become clean. I used my good arm and scrubbed hard and a powder came-out and gave me an asthma attack. Lovely! I haven't had one of those in years. I went to shove it back in the new box, and found:  OOPS, I didn't read the directions and I was suppose to put water on it first. The cleaner sponge was made in Germany. It was only 99 cents! AND... Yes, it's a sponge and I call it Bob. So I love Sponge Bob now because today he cleaned my window sill so clean that it looks newly painted. I'm not joking..for 99 cents, I hardly had to press down and this sponge wiped-away every bit of dirt and discoloration. It left all the paint right there. It is the most perfect cleaner. I went all over the house going crazy and rubbing it across all the hand-prints my children and grandchildren placed on the walls, cupboards, doors, and windows. Then I cried because they were gone. hahahah I did. I'm just writing in my blog that I love Sponge Bob and I don't care who knows it.

This is my other favorite thingy!

 2. Jamie Lee Curtis was walking using this phone extension. TMZ, or the other ... "making fun of celebrity TV gossip shows" had a picture of this phone with Jamie Lee and the people on the TV show were cracking-up, saying mean things as, "Get in this century, lady." I looked-up this retro-phone part on the computer. The Amazon site is perfect (they have everything, almost) and I happened to think the phone cradle was really neat. And guess what? Yes, I bought it but this telephone extension, like the old type, keeps the force-field from entering your brain, so it does have a GOOD purpose. I love it because I can cradle it in my neck, everyone can hear me, I can absolutely hear my caller, and it's got a push-button "off" in the center that you really have to push and click. It's made of that soft skin that everyone has on their Iphones, but me. I just happen to super-like 60's daisies and glam from Mexico. This phone cradle comes in tons of colors and turquoise is my favorite. 5 stars! I love it and it's only 20 dollar-ein-ies! YES, I really, really love it. It's fun to see people look at me weird, too.

Oh my gosh, I'm going to be "discovered" using my retro phone set!
I may get discovered because my socks are different!
 3. Okay, I need to admit this, but honestly I love new comfy socks. I love them so much that I may cry right here, right now. The padded new socks are cheap, keep my toenails from turning weird colors as in turquoise, because I'm painting everything that color. They keep my feet from getting athlete's fungus (I do swim a lot and I do wear my tennie-runners everywhere) I don't have cracked heels, they double as slippers, they go well with cowboy boots and I don't have to wear pantyhose, I can put them on in bed and go right to sleep because my feet aren't cold, and I can walk and feel all bouncy because new, heavy, padded socks do that to you. Love is too light a'word, I adore new, padded socks and they come in all kinds of wonderful colors. But right now I'm content with these. Soooo bouncy.

We cleaned the yard up today. It was like summer and so fun. I enjoyed raking, yeah, I had a little bounce going there and my feet never felt hot. My phone was in my purse waiting for someone to call me. And...I'm still in awe about the "sponge eraser cleaner" tool I call Bob. I may even use it outside. It's so fun to use something that works, it's not from the Dollar Tree or the 99 cent store. It's from a discount store that a very, very sweet Asian lady owns downtown. I think there's lots of these kind of stores in maybe "small shopping centers" like "strip-malls" in Los Angeles.

Steve and I said good-bye to another puppy today. Dash, the little inquisitive one, dashed-off with their new family. 

And then, we went to see our "star" baseball player that not only pitches great and was the starting pitcher today, but catches terrifically. Dallin has the movement of a very quick magician, sticking each pitch quickly toward the strike-zone to fool the umpire. Odd thing though, Dallin is a great hitter. I always thought pitchers couldn't hit the ball much. This guy is a ball-of-fire and I can't wait to see how far he goes with his sports. I can see a scholarship for sure and that would be wonderful. Here's a great play that was recorded by our dear friend.

Our Grandson, Dallin, is in the center with some best friends

Saturday night! If Steve ever has that day and evening off, we go to our favorite restaurant El Pescador. Well... it's my favorite restaurant and we eat authentic Mexican food, I don't force him, he always asks me where I want to eat. Oh course I had my usual cheviche tostados with lots of avocados. I don't order anything else, ever. The two tostados just fit my appetite perfectly. I heard my new favorite song there, too:  Corazon (something, something)  Chivas. The owner of the restaurant is getting me the whole CD for the song in every Latino style and I'm getting a free Chivas green and white shirt with Don Chente on the front. That's the name of their restaurants in Southern California. I don't really like being a billboard, but the guy, Don Chente, looks just like Vicente Fernandez, but no horse. And I do think soccer is a great sport and my confession here is that I really suck at playing at it. I'm not used to being pushed-down by rough, mean women. It makes me feel uncomfortable to play, but not to watch it. Now, if it was a horse that was rough and mean that would be different, I'm pretty darn sure I can still handle that. No fear, but I should, huh? El Pescador is the same "restaurant family" as "Don Chente" and in our town.

I sure appreciate and I'm really grateful for the blossoms of spring! 

Please note: It's the "Law of the West" that everyone in California has to learn to swim. No problem, I float like a tractor-tire intertube and passed my swim course when I was so young I don't remember how old I was or what I was wearing because it over 58 years ago.

The other "need to know FACT" I raise dairy goats and I love our La Mancha breed, but I love Nubians for their butter-fat in the milk, and the Alpine Breeds for their excess of Caprylic Acid, a very, very good health benefit and probably the most beneficial product that a goat produces. I also love their personalities and Pygmy Goats and quite honestly are just my pets and I sure wish my Steve would let me put a "Chivas" sticker on my car.  Olé.... Olé Olé Olé  USA! USA!    Doesn't matter, he doesn't like goats.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dog Days And Preparing For Rain

This is one dog day I won't forget. I  got-up early to the sound of dogs ripping the blue tarp on top of the kennel. All my clothes were set-out for today and I hurried to dress and get outside to save what I could of the tarp.  Strategically, I cut the shredded part of a small hole in the tarp that Laney, the dog, had already torn-up. She had jumped on the doghouse in the kennel and bit the tarp. I thought if I cut it back and rolled the tarp around  Laney would be less inclined to bite at it.

Sorry 'bout The Blur--I was shaking!
All the water that collected from the rain poured-out on me when I opened the tarp up with scissors. I cleaned up all the mess except me, and put the shavings down. Then, I put a new dog house Igloo in the kennel and removed the other one that had filled-up with water.  I repositioned the tie-wraps. That little change in the tie-wraps caused me to accidentally lift the door to the kennel and It fell off on the ground. The dogs ran away. I was so wet except my rear that I went over and sat down right on a full can of open Dr Pepper. That was so cold!

The girls that bought one of the puppies just pulled into the driveway to see their new cutie named "Dash" and hold him.  I was freezing. I forgot about the runaways, and when the girls had left I suddenly realized Ginger and Laney where  gone. I went everywhere calling Laney and Ginger.  I was actually yelling for them. The storm was moving-in and I'm sure the wind muffled my calls for them.

I lost my voice, but was still looking everywhere for the two dogs. They seemed to have visited the crik in back of our Jurassic Park. The dogs where running and plowed right into me at the corner near the chicken coop.  Ginger and Laney were soaking wet. They were drenched. And, I was drenched and now...pretty darn muddy. It had already started to rain. I wanted to climb in bed but knew feeding time would be in just a few hours. Note: If you happen to see me, I'll be the one feeding horses, sheep, goats, and my dark, pink flannel nightgown.

I came in the house and started to sit down and realized I hadn't eaten all day. Sooo, I went in the kitchen and made a hamburger patty with the "pink slime" showing and some veggies. I was all set. I lifted the big bottle of ketchup and turned it over and squirted it right out on my antique tablecloth, missing the hamburger completely. Ugh!

I ate only the hamburger and could see it was starting to rain harder. I grabbed my phone and the dog food and headed back outside. It was only 5:00pm but it seemed like 7:00pm or so. All the animals were crying for food.
Our "Sonny" Looking At The Dogs
Laney Blue Looks So Innocent GRRRR! Darby Is Apologizing For Her Daughter. Yeah, Can't You See It?
Maaa! Maaa! Maaa! That Ma is Me
 I fed the dogs first and then went out to do the other animals. I finished and started to gather my things I'd left outside. My phone went in my pocket in my shirt and I grabbed a collar on the table, and then put the scissors in my back pocket of my Levi's and sat down in the barn. Rip... the scissors tore a huge hole in my back pocket. Ouch!

 I was so wet again that when I got into the house,  I went directly to the washing machine and took my clothes off and put them in the washer including the scissors. I gasped and realized I had thrown not only the scissors, but my phone and the collar in the washer. I got them out before I started the washer, but it was close. I'm surprised that my skin wasn't all wrinkled-up from being wet for so long and clear through to my skin. I was freezing all day. Skiers must be weird or hot-blooded. I hate being cold.

I called Steve to tell him that I finished all the chores. I had locked the door and locked the car. He asked how I was. I said, "I'm  having a bad day and I dumped ketchup on my favorite tablecloth and I'm tired, and wet, and I ripped my best Levi's." He asked me how all that had happened and upon hearing my tale of woe he told me that he's just going to call me "Loopy."

I know this all just seems like I might be a bit "altered" and would rather have the name, "Loopy" than have anyone, including myself... actually think I was a mess. Loopy Lazenby sounds pretty good. Loopy with a "Y" if you please.

Oh, It's Pretty Today, But I'm Still Cold!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today I really wanted to celebrate Easter and I did, but it was different. I had planned on going to Church and wear the same Easter Dress that I've worn for the past 16 years. It's faded a lot, but I do get lots of compliments on my dress and that makes me giggle inside. I look forward to wearing it on Easter for 20 years straight. But today, I'm not feeling so good.

I had the chance to sing in the Relief Society Choir. I really was anxious to sing. That's a turn-around for me, big time. The song was "Love Is Spoken Here" and I love the two-part harmony. I know the song by heart and I can actually sing it perfect and on-key. I was also asked to speak in Young Women's today. I miss Young Women's so much and couldn't wait to be able to be apart of the program. Actually, elated fits better. I was elated that I was asked. They picked me and I felt so blessed. I wasn't able to be there for the dress, the song, or the lesson.

My husband was asked to speak in Church today and some firemen helped him take the time-off to cover his duty to attend and be able to accomplish this. He seems to end-up working all the holidays these days. We missed being together Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day and all the other holidays in between including this Easter. This was wonderful to have him not only for the day, but he was the main speaker. I saw him today for only moments and wish I had heard his talk and I should've gone with my feelings last night to have him read it to me. I know he worked late into the night preparing what he was going to say today.

Today is also our annual family get-together. All the family that lives near us, and that's a lot including the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents gather at one of our homes and have Easter Dinner. It's going now and I'm hoping for a picture or two. I usually take lots of pictures on Easter. Where we live Easter seems to be the most beautiful day of the year and today is no exception. The temperature is around 80 degrees and so green everywhere including all over our precious mountains.

I'm disappointed that I didn't have the chance to be apart of everything today. I missed so much, especially my family. I do feel grateful for this Easter and that part of Easter, the spiritual part, I didn't miss. I've been feeling and thinking of the Savior since everyone began Lent. I'm grateful for my testimony of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I've also thought a lot of  Easter time because of our General Conference last week and how The Leaders of the Church reminded us of the Atonement and how the Savior suffered and died for us. I've pondered The Last Supper and Passover. We are given the opportunity for repentance including the Sacrament to help us become more like the Savior himself and try and become more righteous individuals. We can can live with Him someday. I know that we are going to be resurrected again and have our bodies of flesh and bones.

The renewal of live is all around us here and I know in my heart, that all of this is a reminder that The Gospel is true and we will live again. Heavenly Father blessed us with Spring to see how even our grass is now so green and beautiful (with some mowing) The trees are all beginning their leaves and remind that just a few months ago we said, "Look! That Oak tree has died." and we're surprised again with the bight, new, lime green leaves reminding us of this glorious time of year. Our fruit trees and flowers are blooming and at night we can smell the blossoms all around.

Beautiful Ram Lamb
 There's baby puppies, kittens, lambs everywhere ... and so 
many baby birds. My canaries are singing beautiful music to me right now.

I would've loved to have been at Church, but not knowing if I have the flu made me think it was better to not go to Church and send-on what I have to others. I'm hoping it's maybe allergies or just getting used to my new medication. I still have so much to accomplish this week. I'm grateful that I can express my thankfulness of this day. I better get better fast and continue focusing on the better of my blessings of Easter.
Eirely Happy Dancing!  Even The Flowers In The Sand Are Blooming