Sunday, November 30, 2008

All of Thanksgiving and Friday I thought of Jeanie

I almost didn't put my post online below. Actually, it's the posting that I wrote just before the Happy Thanksgiving post. I had worked on that post for weeks collecting family sayings. I never meant to hurt anyone and especially my best friend since Kindergarten. I just quoted my dad trying to be "a dad" and using this off-the-wall expressions to stop our bouncing on horseback and get a tighter bras. Jeanie and I have laughed about that our whole lives. Then, out-of-the-blue, Jeanie calls on my husband cell phone and we were out in the 'almost desert' shopping. Jeanie said just right-out that she had breast cancer for sure. I was the one that was suppose to get it. She sings, is beautiful, and I'm her fan--you know, like the "Wind Beneath Your Wings" movie. I first couldn't comprehend what she was telling me. I was in shock and I know that my emotion of that, was really evident on the phone. My husband and I drove to her house and as ugly as I look right now, fighting facial cancer, to say just something encouraging to her---I couldn't say anything. Steve and I stayed almost an hour. She was getting so many calls. I came back in the evening to talk. She has been such an example to me. She's been eating healthy, a vegetarian for years, walking miles everyday, and no history of breast cancer in her family. I'm just the opposite. This is not fair for her. Why?

I've had a couple of biopsies, one tumor removed, a couple positive re-screenings. How can this happen to her? I just couldn't handle it. When I knew I had breast cancer (not, it was benign) I had this elaborate funeral planned for my breasts. A cement cross with pink flowers and ribbons all over it. I would hope they gave me the breasts the doctor removed, so I could plant them and then plant a pomegranate tree there. There's a metaphor in the Bible about breasts and pomegranates. Then, Floppy and Bob would be laid to REST IN PIECES. I would write RIP on the cross. Dolly Parton has tattoos on her scars, don't ask me where, 'cuz I don't know.... but tattoos, I would do it, just to GLAM it up. I would have a large Breast cake made and we would have a party with a couple fireworks to say goodbye.

Jeanie made me promise to get a mammogram. I've been putting it off because I'm scared of another failed test. Waiting is such agony. I called Friday, thinking it would be a few months, you know how booked these places are. No, I got caught. Saturday Mammogram at 9:15 a. Like Saturday school detention. I called Lori, my sister, and asked her what I needed to ask the technician and she told me when I have my mammogram, be sure and have the technician check the lymph nodes under my arms, we are built a little differently. I had forgotten that information or mental block there because it hurts a little bit. Lori reminded me she'd been after me since my birthday in October and also the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I can't go to the appointment that I made and I don't even want to go at all. I want to ride in the parade with my family, it's a tradition and we take-up almost two engines with our large family and Dustin and Steve drive. But, I made a promise and that's more important. I had forgotten, but did remember (thank you) from my sister to catch those under arm lymph nodes and I for sure ripped or tore-up my rear udder attachment. (translation is skin tearing) and it did. I was in a real hurry to get back to town even though I did do the exact speed limit. I went on Santa Paula Street and I checked down all the streets and found the fire trucks, still waiting, parked my car in a glorious parking spot and jumped on the step behind Steve. I was in the Santa Paula Christmas Parade, with a black and red ball cap on, huge sunglasses on, waving like Miss Guatemala; and something started hurting like blisters all around my chest. Yes, I knew what happened. How completely dumb, to let that ever, ever bother me. That thought was sooo trivial....I felt fine. I'm thankful for 100% soft cotton jersey clothes that I wear. Like usual, the pain was very short and this morning completely gone, but my head was thinking about my friend. It's a rough rode a head for Jeanie.

I know that we are in an earthly experience that there are those things that Heavenly Father allows to happen to us for some reason. Trials strengthen our faith and I know that we aren't given so much that we cannot pass through the trials. I choose my earthly life and all that goes with it in heaven. I can pray for her, I can do that and she asked to be put on the prayer rolls of the Temple and I'm so thankful to be able to do that for her.

I believe a lot of men want to retire and be mammogram techs. Glad it was a girl giving me the screening! I'm thankful for the sweet encouragement that she gave me. I'm also glad that the tech didn't use what I can't even bear to think about , but do....and it's a pickle picker. Looks like a medical instrument to pull the breast into place. Whew! They don't use these, except in bad dreams. When I get that note from your doctor saying, "All Clear!" I will forget the very, very slight discomfort. And by chance it comes back different than that and I need surgery--I say GLAM I'm GLAMIN' my new ones up and if I choose not to have reconstruction, I'm going to GLAM that space up-- have a party! Men make them out to be WAY more than they really are. I'm going horse back riding bra-less! To My Dear Friend Jeanie: YOU GO GIRL!!! Sooooo......moral of the story.......don't put off those monograms!

Happy Father's Day. I Love Animation, Especially When It's Not Well Done

Be Sure That The Music In My Player Is Turned-Off. You Just Hit The Center Button.
Kiely, Marnie, Steve, Tressa and Larin

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Too Many Kids... Not enough Heads

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Well, with my dad just below, I couldn't help but think of Thanksgivings past. Until I joined the Church in 1970 we never said, that I can remember, prayer before our dinner. We always did at events like Rotary and the fire station; but the thing we waited for at home at Thanksgiving was my dad to sit at the head of the table and say, "Pass Ever'thang!" Sooooo the first year, 1970, I said the prayer and then, my new husband the next. But still there was the old tradition--we would say prayer then look at my dad. He would grin clear across his face and announce, "Pass Ever'thang!" Only then we could dive-in. We were able to have prayer together for 30 years and then laugh at his announcement. It doesn't seem funny writing it. But, believe me, it was sooooo old and so funny--all of us couldn't wait, actually anticipating it. My children, except baby Kiely, were able to say prayer with him, even my mom (she's says prayer, just like us, only not baptized, yet) She even tells the missionaries she's a member and then they corner me and ask why isn't your mom on the rolls of the Church?

I'm blessed my husband gave my mom a ride out to my Aunt Diana's today. I stayed home still fussing with a cold, and face mess. But....really nothin'. I just don't want to pass on the cold. This whole day I've felt so thankful and so very blessed. Even with my Bree and family in Arkansas--I feel they're all around me. So dad, yee-aaah, Wha-hoo! "Pass Ever'thang!" A time for reflection...Old Times

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quirky Old Fashioned Family Sayings

I really wanted to write down some of my dad's sayings. I've emailed so many people to remind me. I am going to include a few of Steve's that came from his side and a couple from Justin Hall, a missionary that served in Fillmore that we stay connected to with the blog, emails, etc. He is a real cowboy, but even more than that he is a cowboy poet. I feel so blessed to know him and his family.

This is how I remember my dad's looks the most. The older Gene Wellman looks a lot like Jack Nicholson. My dad's personality was not at all like Jack Nicholson, my dad was super funny. I couldn't bring too many friends over. I was afraid he would walk around down-stairs in his under-bunders My best friend Jeanie was used to it. She always got a kick out of him saying LSMFT. In real life it means Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco, and he smoked Lucky Strike cigarettes. To my dad it was short for put on a tighter bra when you are riding the horse, especially when I was showing the horses. Guess he didn't like guys or judges looking at me. It meant, "'Loose Straps Means Floppy Tits." It was all about "strappin' them back." According to Molly Shannon. (SNL) Jeanie will lol when she sees this--I know she's never forgotten that. I think she was told that everytime she came to the house to ride with me. Okay...Here's the list:
"Oh, this and that and stuff like that" (we said it and still say it)
"Ya' want a pokey hat?" (sounds bad, just an ice cream cone)
"What For?" ask my mom...she'd say, "Cats for, kitten britches, wanna' buy a pair?" real fast
"Go break me off a switch!" my mom....I hated that! She still runs faster than I do
"Rode hard and put away wet!" I heard that a lot and had to walk my horse an hour after every ride and if the horse was wet still, it had to have a blanket. 
My dad, "If you don't stop cryin' I'll give ya somethin' to cry 'bout!" From Everyone in my family
"That (creep) is lower than a rattler" I know you can go lower, like in a wagon wheel rut. (Creep is a substitute word. I think I'll have to do that with a few others on this list.)
"You're just like a blister, show up when all the work's done." My son's saying
"Go play on the freeway!" Ewwww or "Go take a long walk on a short pier!" I hate those.
"Hotter 'n a three-balled tomcat in a pepper patch." Did I really write that?
"Build a bridge and get over it" or just plain "Get Over It!!!" My husband
"This is such a purty day, glad I didn't strangle as a baby." Mr. Willard Beckley
"You can't fix stupid!" My husband
"What n' tar nation?" I have no idea where that came from, but my mom even said that today.
"Better than a poke in the eye with sharp stick.."
"What ever blows your skirt up." Ron Meadows
List of the subtitute "F" words: Not the really bad ones...
"Windchee" Granma Connor
"Bucksnort" Granpa Connor
"Tooter", "Let One," "Pass Wind" Last one refers to a horse
"Horse Apples" Dad said that's why that place is called Apple Valley. Or "Go clean all those Horse Apples on...." (and that was just about everywhere!)
"Quit Being sassy or I'll paint yur back porch red!"
"Don't make me stop this car!" She did, my mom
"Behave or I'll sell you to the gypsy's!" I said that to my grandchild last week (Mom....? Dangit)
"Your hairdo looks like a prairie chicken!" Shelly Smith and we say it all the time another one....
"You little humans!" or "You little Beans!"
"Whoa, Did ya' comb yur hair with a firecracker?"
Justin Hall's quotes and some were my dad's too:
"Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyways."
"You and me are gonna' lock horns!"
"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining!"
"Don't bite your nose off despite your face." Everyone in my family
"Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day."
"Accckkkeeee Doo-Doo" "Poopy" "Poop" Mostly, "ACCCKKKKEEE!!!"
"I'm gonna kick your (butt) so hard, you'll wear it as a'hat!"
"Putty-knife" or "Monet" or...there's lots more...but my girls describing other girls
"He couldn't hit (shoot) the broadside of a barn" My dad
"She got ants in her pants?"
"Work'n like a dog." or "Sweating like a pig" lol pigs don't sweat and our dogs don't work.....
"You could just grow potatoes in thar." (ears)
"Yee--aahhh, all waaasshed-up with a dirty neck" My mom
"Crick" The creek behind our house--it's a river right now, cuz it's raining
"Circlin' the drain" dying
"fair ta middlin' " My husband
"Grubs on!" Dinner's ready, everyone says that
"We'll wait for you like one pig waits for another" if you miss the "Grubs on" Steve, my husband
"Wanna' hear a dirty joke...White horse fell in the mud" I heard that hundreds of times. An fell for it over and over. My dad
"You're so loud, even Mel can hear you!" Etchells Family, but Mel has passed-away and that even gives the saying, a deeper meaning. I told his wife recently we say that, and she cracked-up. He's been gone for a lot of years now.
"Quit running around like a chicken with it's head cut off." My mom
"Oh, sssshhh Chipmunks!" My mom
"Your Grandpa Joe can't carry a tune in a bucket!" My grandma Wellman
"Happy as a tick on a fat dawg." Ron Meadows
"If 'twas a snake it'd bit you!"
"Slick as a whistle!" My dad said that everytime he didn't hit a rock, diggin' post holes
"Well, just bless her heart." When you think you've said something not complimentary about someone-Oh, we all say it.
"He's busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kickin' contest" My dad
"That (SOBs) as full of wind as a corn-eatin' horse. My dad, of course
"Off like a herd of turtles" Mostly, my dad said that backwards
"Wish I had a swing like that in my backyard." Steve looking at a senior girl, when he was a freshman, near the pool side alley and ran into the pole. Yes, he fell down and I think he said he cried. I know her name.....
"He's out n' the marble orchard." Everyone--about the cemetery
"Well, cover me in honey and roll me in oats-just call me a Honey Nut Roll" My husband is happy
"Tighter than the bark on a tree."
"If I were (a dog) as ugly as him. I'd shave his (rear) and make him walk backwards!"
"I'll be darned!'
"She's so buck-toothed, she could eat an apple through a picket fence." My dad and my husband
"Slower than maple syrup."
"Scared me out of my skin." Yes, my parents did that a lot
"Talkin' poor mouth." My husband doesn't like pitty-parties
"____ is going to hell in a handbasket" Grandpa Joe
"She'll just bite yur head off!" My dad talking about my mom
"Madder Than a Firecracker" "You're drivin' me up the wall."
"He could fall in an ( sh*#.....outhouse) and come out smellin' sweeter than a rose" My dad and my husband uses the substitute word--funnier with my dad's. I'm bad, I know.
"Yur ugly and your mother dresses ya' funny." Steve to my son, still!
"Am gonna' knock ya' n' to next week!' My dad (never ever spanked me lol)
"Crazier than a run-over dog" My dad
"He got hit with the ugly stick" Steve's favorite line You can add uglier...if you say whopped with the whole forest.
"She's like puttin' a dress on a worm." Steve about Tressa and the nickname stuck, "Worm"
"She's got summer teeth" My Steve, meaning some of her teeth are missing
"Butter Face" My Steve, meaning she's got an ugly face.
"Madder than a wet hen." My dad
"I'm not asleep, I'm just checkin' my eyelids." My husband
"I'm freezin' my tail off" My dad
"Act like you got manners" My dad, mom, and both grandmothers
"You (darn) pot-licker!" Yur a mess 'cuz yur licking the pot for cookie dough or the sop of a roast
"Fish or cut bait" My dad, get to work
"I'm gonna' jerk a knot in yur tail." My dad and Steve
"I'm gonna' slap yur nakked, and hid yur clothes."
"Think thie'all waaaoosh them toys aft the kids waller n' them?" To Bree in the library in Arkansas The lady's accent was so thick that I can't even write it like she said it.

I have tons more, better go to bed. "I keep checkin' my eyelids" and I'll be "lookn' tomorrow like I been drug threw a keyhole backwards."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where The Heck Is Everyone?

Sunday is pretty much a family day. Just because I didn't eat dinner (lunch) everyone left. Well, they ate and left. I hear nothing from my cave. I don't want anyone to see me. face is a mess. Steve's on duty again--hope he will get my medication for my face. Medication is okay to buy on Sunday, right? Oh no, that's just if you're dying. It's for my face and I'm dying to look normal, wear make-up, and please let it start raining, so I don't have anymore bloody noses! The East Wind and the medicated cream don't do wonders for my little nose. Dumb ram lamb that broke my nose (still small) the last time, has made life difficult if I do a body shift change on my face at night. The ram wasn't this cute and a whole lot bigger when he "col-cocked" me. The lip tissue was permanently enhanced, easier than botox. I just saw stars.......Yes, the white devil ram is dead.
This Is So Weird That I  Think I'm in Another Dimension

Now, I do really have to get better. My husband is becoming famous and if I want to actually meet a celebrity (Oh, do I have to?) It's not really that, the people he meets think I'm invisible, or gone on some long journey, or I'm maybe even divorcing him, or he's single or gay (right, John) I'm not gone....and I've got to be there with him and schmooze. (It that the right word? I like just hanging out) I had someone try and steal my Dearest. Haaahhaaa, I sunk her boat! But to be did get all over town that we had gone our separate ways, a few years ago. Be careful and check the right boxes in your child's school information packet. I didn't have my glasses and just filled it in like every year. But..... they changed the format a little, and I checked divorced on the form. It couldn't have been more public than if it was printed on the front page of the newspaper. People I didn't even know asked me how we could live in the same house.

"La la la" I didn't even get it or even know that it was the town gossip until someone at church asked me if Steve and I were back together. Well, shoot! I wouldn't be letting him drive my FJ, if he wasn't sleeping with me! One check mark in the wrong place can do wonders for a person's reputation.

Should I sneak out of my cave and investigate who's out there? it's so quiet in our house. It's like something is wrong I need to check. Maybe eat. No, I should start calling everyone I can think of on my cell phone? Swell, like I know anyone's number! I can remember my number at my home when I was little: JACKSON 5-3593. And in Fillmore it was, never-mind, I only remember my house address. My phone number will come to me.

I just tip-toed out of the cave of wonders and made a quesadilla for the microwave and put it in and yelled at it in a very loud voice, "HURRY!" Uht-oh, everyone was asleep. That's quite embarracing to be yelling at the microwave. I found a present for me in the kitchen from my husband. AHHHHHH! FOR ME??? He does love me! Only he knows I like dried vegetable slices, called Terra. He went to a fire in Ojai this morning and must have got those up there. He knew I was dying for them..... retreating to the cave, little kids are crying. Kiely is that you?

******Added Monday Nov. 24th Steve bought the chips on Saturday night before he went to work. He didn't even break the Sabbath on duty. I thought that was a little "out-of-character" for him. Steve cooks all his meals and even takes his own ice cream. Santa Paula firemen usually don't cook, they eat at "Dirty Al's"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OOPS.... I Did It Again, Twilight Saga

Tressa, Larin, Marnie and I went again to a early, early morning showing of Twilight. I think I now...not only look like a vampire with black eyes, but I have a terrible cold. I think I've slept most of the day. I wanted to listen to my playlist, but how funny that I start it and only remember one or two songs. I was Zonked! Soooo, I put the weirdest one first. I think I have a new Enya-type favorite singer called, Hayley Westernra. She sang the Dark Waltz somewhere near the prom-scene near the end of the movie of Twilight. I really like Flightless Bird, actually that one is my favorite.

*****Added after I saw this movie again, Dark Waltz wasn't there. Sorry. I did see it with them dancing to it, so I must have seen it on a fan-based, You Tube video clip. I still love Hayla Westernra, I'm not sure where I go to get her CD. Ahh Haaa! Amazon.

I do have a real life. Right now, it consists of taking my heart pills, drinking diet Dr. Pepper. (not today, because it hurts my throat) and staying out of the light, because it hurts my face and especially my eyes.

Really excellent time for me to read and I plan to catch-up with new books with a bandanna handkerchief in-hand. No, not for crying. I just do that in the movie theater.

I was so glad Tressa was there to chew on the projectionist. Dang, he fell asleep during "the turn off your cell phones slide" at the beginning. We looked at that for 10 minutes, Tressa took off. She had just returned and then, the movie was showing on the ceiling. lol Tressa jumped out of her seat again, and this time gave him "THE-WHAT-FOR?" I guess he was asleep. Tressa did get applause the second time she went up to shake him. Otherwise, it was a super fun experience with my girls. It was also so interesting to see my daughters take on all of it. The second time was better because you do see so much more. Hope the DVD adds the expanded version for more character development with Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice. They do have the extra out-takes that were removed for time sake.

I'm a person that rarely goes to the movie, my husband especially dislikes it. This is the first and second time this year and it's the same movie. The last time I went was to see the Chipmunk Movie. I thought after that one Steve and I probably would just watch Bob the Builder, Monster Truck Shows on TV, and of course, Elmo for the rest of our lives. I do watch Cops with him if it is showing when he's off duty.
That's okay, I'll watch Monster Trucks. This is my son-in-laws favorite sport. His truck is 40 foot tall. His two boys love trucks, too. If you need to know more about BIG CARS AND TRUCKS it's:

I know all the Monster Truck names by heart. My favorite is Grave Digger. Duhr. He's just outta' control. Kinda' like the rest of us.

I have to go at least one more time before I buy it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight...let down

I wish that it didn't end with the prom. It was an absoulutely beautiful prom and then the movie lead us to the next book. I didn't want it to be over. Please Stepanie don't let us down, make another movie!

What happened to the over three hours that I was there for the midnight showing? Oh my heart, I had to take a heart pill. The romance, the action--so scary, beautiful scenery, I actually swooned for Jacob, but when Edward opening his shirt. Oh, my gosh! My husband is just the right color. I'm buying him iridescent make-up for Christmas. My Norwegian husband has such white skin it's almost transparent.

I recommend this movie--what can I say? I read the book and it is so true to the story and setting, just exactly what you read, but better! Jasper cracks me up. I loved every bit. I cried so hard when she left her dad, 'cuz you knew. Oh my, even her dad is hot. I AM a BELLA and proud of it. She's not scared and would die for her love. It is a contemporary Romeo and Juliet with a twist. I loved the audience participation, we went nuts all together. Actually, in about 9 months there will be a lot of new Bellas and Edwards. Utt-OOO TMI I need to see this movie again and again. I'm buying it and I'm getting the soundtrack! Sigh. I loved this movie. My favorite.

****UPDATE Dec. 10, 2008: Yes! The Twilight saga will continue with another movie. My mother is even loving the books. Nothing like a "Great Grandmother Twilighter"

best ever., Oh. YES, This is the Movie, YES

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Rock, An Enigma, That means "I'm a Hot As Molten Lava Rock"

I'm not too sunshiny today. The sun actually did this to me. Oh, yeah, don't let spiders crawl on your face.
I'm almost healed. This is at 3:00 a I'm wide awake thinking about what a few hours of sleep did to me. All good and I did let all the bad attitude go down the drain when I took my bath about midnight. I washed my hair nearly 4 times and it really made my hair different. It's not greasy. I'm happy, my hair is fluffy, but I'm not going out yet. The dark feels good to my eyes in the cave room with the air conditioning.

I wanted Steve to tell me his favorite seven this morning. I said, "You know, that list, of things, like your favorite things in groups of seven." He said "What's the seven?" "Just answer my questions" I pleaded, pen in hand. The conversation didn't go over well. Man, is he eating "Wolf Cookies" or what? Hmmmm. I did like Jacob best. Get it!!! Wolf cookies?? Where are you people? IS everyone is crazy but me? A Indian wolf could be mighty fine! Soooo, just skip to Twilight. Vicodin! Yes, my children, I'm on drugs. Get Over it.

Steve's top seven were so boring, he won't do it. He said for me to make-up the rest. Thank you. That gives me the free-agency to make Steve very interesting. Honestly, he doesn't want to know. The only thing I could get out of him was that he wanted to take his car to the car show next year, but not like it is right now. That "thought" must have just set him off. No money, no time, and mechanically impaired. I really think he COULD DO WELL at fixing cars, but he always manages to cut-off a finger or knock-himself out.

Steve was so sweet last night--at almost midnight, he bought me tickets to the Edward's lol Cinema last night for the premier opening in Ventura County of the movie-- Twilight. Kiely and I are going together and we are wearing our matching T-shirts. Then, we'll go as a big party and then, I get to go with the Young Women. I hope it's a good show because I've never gone to a show more than twice, ever. I'm going back to bed. I have the flu...I have an ugly face that's hurts more than the way it looks....and a headache, intermingled with hot flashes. huh? Thank you, Larin.

*****This post was rewritten this evening because everyone in my house said that they didn't understand my post. Am I that transparent? Huh? I'll get you all, no holds, bring it on....
My Husband Said..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hee Hee. I look so peaceful and contented, a lot like one of the "contented cows" I'm leaning against. I lost my mind today over a web page template, that I worked on from 7:00 a to 1:00 p. What I don't understand is how I got lost. I work with web-pages all the time. Okay, it's my fault for not keeping up with technology and the fact I'm playing with this blog. I just had such a major brain freeze and the result was.....well everyone decided to get outta' my way. I broke my "That was Easy" button, on purpose. I turned-up Sponge Bob Square Pants so Mel, the Etchells' neighbor, could hear it. Actually, he's in Heaven, he heard it. I ate freakin' worms for dinner. It was spaghetti--I felt it was just plain worms with cheese and it didn't surprise me Jaxon threw-up across his high chair while I was taking my last bite. A couple days ago, I would have thought that was funny. Actually, it still is.

I hate that I have two big black eyes from the freckle remover (cancer remover) and I have a major sore throat. Right now, out of the clear-blue, it's night, I mean, clear black.... A whole day is gone. Even my dear husband, showed me a picture that John Harbor sent him email of a his pretty dream girl. I hate that I can't get the medicine out of my hair, it's greasier than Butch Wax.

Now, don't think that I'm ungrateful because I do have many blessings. I hate to know that I feel so creepin' terrible and there are so many, many worse off than me. I hate that more than anything. I'm not having a pity-party enough to just leave in, ANY WAY. Death, travel, etc. I don't want to scare anyone. I won't lash-out and pound anyone, including any animals, rats included. Is this cabin fever? I tried to go on a vacation yesterday and the bright sun just ruined it. My eyes are so sensitive. .....I don't hate myself, I love my new porch and I want to thank my son and son-in-laws, and husband for that special gift.

I bought my mom a surprise Twilight T-Shirt, because she read the book, I didn't tell anyone I did that. And.... she took it to Utah to wear on her vacation today, but she embarrassed me in front of everyone at Adree's Party and told the whole group, I was obsessed with the book and
have a crush on Edward. Don't say, "Well, that's it!" That's not why I'm flippin' out. Approval from my mother? No I'm used to that-- I just think everyone believes her that I am obsessed (I'M NOT!) Kiely and I, mother and daughter, got matching T-Shirts to wear to the opening. No big deal. We picked these very bland ones because we could only agree with this one and she got a hoodie-type.

I think I'm tired of ranting...Do you like clowns? Between talking dolls and clowns, I think I may have to take a tranquilizer. Oh, and that headless steamer for coats at my dad's and grandpa's dry cleaning business, yeah, I hate those. I thought at any given time it would blow-up. Last, but not all, I want to go to sleep and not have bad dreams

Remember me in your prayers, my dear family. I'm off to take a soothing bath and let all these lovely thoughts go down the drain. I'm Einstein. That's the best idea yet!!

I HATE ................ JUST FILL IN THE BLANK

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fires, Protests, Heat, The Flu--It WAS The Perfect Day

Stop it, or your face might just freeze that way.

Larin! Did you comb your hair with a firecracker? I shouldn't talk my hair looks like a "Prairie Chicken" tonight.

Sorry Larin, I know you had a bad day, well both of you guys, Kiely, too, had the flu. Sorry. I really wish Larin had been better and could have given her talk at Adree's baptism. I gave the talk because I thought it would be just our family. Yeah, alright, I can do that, it's just us...Adree is loved and the room was full, and I was really wasn't self-conscious of my melting face. But, I felt honored and I felt blessed with the Spirit. I felt comfort, unusual calm, and great joy at my grand-daughter's baptism and confirmation.

Adree Ann
I'm so glad I got this cute picture of her playing the guitar. I was relieved that my son, a fire captain, was with us and he conducted the baptism. He's so good, just like his dad. And...I was so glad Steve, my dear husband, was able to give the other talk, even though he was on duty. My heart is full.

Kiely gave me a ride to the fire station to pick-up Steve's fire station chili he had made for the family luncheon and out-of-the-blue, Steve was released and cleared to come home and celebrate with us.

Really and truly everyday is a milestone and event in our lives.

Randy, Kiely's side-kick, was doing me a favor in the late afternoon and moving Sonny, our stallion, to the other donkey pen and just for fun, he broke him. Not like "in hurt him," he just has this way with horses and rode the stallion all around with just a halter and a rope. Sonny is normally an"out-of-control" wild pill. What happened? Everyone that had come to the luncheon were literally, standing in amazement at the window watching. We didn't even realize it was the same naughty horse. Randy said Sonny just wants some attention and love. Well, it worked.

Adree received a new Labrador, named Foxy, as a birthday present.

My husband watched a Get Smart movie tonight on DVD. A whole movie, watched for the first time in months and months with his other grandsons.

Today, I had so much fun talking to my sister and I feel so close to her. My sister even lives in town, not like she is far, far away.

With everything--there was a great spirit of closeness today with our family and close friends.

I wish Steve would have asked me, "Susan, was this a good day or a bad day?" "Just answer the question." His famous line to all of us. Yes, today was filled with love, appreciation, joy, and of surprise about the horse. But, really a gentle surprise about how I feel this evening. Me, giving a talk? A talk on the Holy Spirit, and a talk that I didn't even have time to read over or even think about beforehand. I feel wonderful and blessed by being able to do so.

I do feel thankful everyday. Break-out the turkey decorations

Friday, November 14, 2008

You Can't Get Them Out Of Your Head

It was my mother-in-law's birthday on Veteran's Day. Her mother was Norwegian and actually her father was mostly Norwegian and English, too. I so love the nursery rhymes she taught me.

I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck (or substitute Kiss on the neck)

Rock-a-bye, Don't you cry, Going up to Granny's.
Up the hill, by the mill, to see the little lambies.

This one is 'bout my favorite 'cuz I'm the Granny, I'm up the hill, and you have to pass by the mill (at Mill Park) and I always have a bunch of new lambies

The Norwegian One, is the for sure the rhyme I want all my family members to not forget:

Forehead Bone

Panneben----------------------Pona Ben
Oyesten------------------------A a' Sten
Oreflipp------------------------Ora Flip
(optional Grandmother Patten skipped the earlobes)
Nesetipp-----------------------Niss o' Tip
Munnelipp---------------------Mono Lip
Hakeslipp----------------------Acka Slip
Og Dikkediddedikk!------------Ah dikka Likka' Lick!


(point to forehead)
(point to eyes)

(point to ears)
(point to nose)
(point to lip)
(point to chin)
(tickle under chin)
Nursery Rhyme

Forehead bone,
Eye stone,
Nose tip,
Mouth lip,
Chin slip,
And tickle, tickle,(tickle, tickle!)
Sten literally means 'stone' – so the whole thing can probably better be translated as 'Apple of my eye'. Do bear in mind that in parts of Norway they have a traditional dish which is half a sheep's head, including the eye. The center of the eye looks very much like a stone, and can't be eaten, this is that the 'stone' part came from.
'hakesnipp', and 'snipp' is 'collar', which means, 'goatee'.
I found some translation on the Internet. Funny that Dune's mother didn't do the earlobes. At least Dune never remembers that she said, "oreflipp" I'll have to ask Aunt Margaret about it, too.

****added today, Jan. 13, 2009. I can't believe someone actually looked at my blog from Oslo, Norway.. where my husband's grandmother is from, well, it's really: Stenkjar, Egge L Stod, Norway, I think. Karen Marie Morthensen raised goats, just like us. My husband can't complain, now--it's in his blood. Goats! We have a copy of an article in the newspaper that praises her about her living without any government assistance into her 90's and death, by the self-sufficiency of her farm. Yay!
Sophia Wilhelmina NIELSON, was born in, Steinkjar, Nord-Trondelag, Norway. She is my mother-in-law's mother, or Steve's grandmother. Our treasure from her was that she made him a blessing outfit that we used on our son, Dustin in 1974, and then the grandchildren. She made quilts, and baby clothes, she had a chicken farm in Payson, Utah, and made furniture and did her kitchen cabinets by hand. And....she was a nurse, who worked in Oslo. She cared for the sick, in times of epidemics and left a great legacy for my children and grandchildren.
She said this little nursery rhyme to her children and grandchildren. The big thing is that I finally found it IN NORWEGIAN, I didn't have to guess the spelling. Our family names are: Nelson, Beckstrom, NEILSEN , MORTHENSEN, OLSEN, NIKOLAISEN. I noticed a link and copied it so here it is:

Forehead Bone
Nursery Rhyme

og dikkedikkedikk!

(point to forehead)
(point to eyes)
(point to ears)
(point to nose)
(point to lip)
(point to chin)
(tickle under chin)
Nursery Rhyme

Forehead bone,
Eye stone*,
Nose tip,
Mouth lip,
Chin slip,
And tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!

My mother on the right, sang all the popular tunes from the late 40's and early 50's. I remember Mairzy Oats and Dozie Oats and Little Lamzie Divy. Of course, that's just about farm animals. And this one--really can get stuck in your head. I also loved, "The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens" Over and over. I just wouldn't let up and make her sing the songs until I was asleep.

My father-in-law was an English teacher and "I" even had him for English my sophomore year in high school. Small town for sure. He was also the Drama teacher and he had memorized over the years, hundreds of poems in his life. Beautiful poems and poems he wrote himself. He always remembered them and even played the harmonica beautifully-- fun rhyming songs...that I was not familiar with ever! My most memorable poem was absolutely the one we begged for....all of us! "Casey at the Bat". Wow! Incredible! He even acted it out.

My dad is the one with the horse. We were all riding in the Fillmore Festival Parade this day the picture was taken. I should have found a picture of him that you could see his face. He was a very, very funny guy. And...every once in a while he'd play this song on the piano. Only song he knew and did all the chords, with a bunch of added ones that made it sound so honky-tonk. My dad didn't read music, but this one song that he played, he really knew, and it made us laugh so hard. My dad didn't even look at the keys, had a very mischievous face and he'd laugh so hard because he knew he was in deep, deep trouble.
Honestly, I can't remember if this was the version or another, but oh my gosh---if he got caught playing it my mother would slam his fingers in the piano. My god-father and his wife were at our house and while he and my dad were singing my mom did that slam on his hand punishment. I was so surprised she did that in front of company. Yeah, they knew the Modine's forever. But I think all of us kids eyes were at big as dollars. (Oh, there were big coin dollars back in the old days) Sheesh! I know I heard the song many times when my mom wasn't there. I knew it was bad and I generally didn't understand what was bad about it. So, I kind'a covered my ears, but listened and laughed and looked out the window for my mom to show-up and teach him a lesson. My dad's version may have been worse, or not as bad as this one, or different words, but you'll know the tune.
My dad, Grandpa Gene, also gave my kids dog jerky and would laugh so hard at that--constantly playing tricks. He also had this pet, red hen follow him all over the ranch and sleep in his window. Actually, all animals loved him. Here's his song:
Miss Susie had a steamboat
the steamboat had a bell
Miss Susie went to Heaven
the steamboat went to
hello operator
please give me number nine
and if you disconnect me,
I'll paddle your
Behind the refrigerator
there was a piece of glass
Miss Susie sat upon it and broke her little
(this is where my mom usually caught him and he had to quit)
ask me no more questions
tell me no more lies
the boys are in the girls' room
pulling down their flies
Miss Susie and her boyfriend
are kissing in the
dark is like a movie
a movie's like a show
a show is like a TV screen

(TV screen doesn't sound right, had to be another word)
and that is all I know
I know I know my mother
I know I know my pa
I know I know my sister
with the alligator bra!

I suppose if I didn't blog this stuff, it all would be forgotten. Dumb song probably should be forgotten, but I loved to see his face when he played it. Now that I think about it, my dad's version had a goat in it. So..... I'm NOT asking my mom!

I'd also love to find my family's old-fashioned sayings. Oh, for that matter, my own husband has some sayings from his father and grandpa that all of us will never forget. For another post.

*****Added to post November 15th, 2008 I found that my dad recorded his naughty piano singing in Hawaii just after WWII. I found the 45 record (little ones we used to buy instead of CDs with only a single song on it.) It was in a old wooden trunk in the basement. I didn't know a person could make the records themselves. Now, I'm so curious to hear the song, I've GOT to find a record player. I pray that it's rated sorta' "G" and if it is, what a treasure, to hear his voice as a teenager. He was only 18---lol---I bet it's naughty, he got even got a tattoo that night and I might add without pain killer, except lots of beers.

Stuff I Think About When I Should Be Doing Something Important

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Signs Of The Times

You know that it's a sign of the times when your own mother has lost it and wants me to convert to the ways of the world. This card was for my birthday! She says that when you get older...weird stuff goes into your head. I may like aging.

"Signs of the Times" could be a book title and not just about signs. I looked at the 'No Whining" sign in my last post, I mean the post before the last post, and thought about a scripture I found useful for my children and my husband (he would say it was for me, un..ahhh) Titus 3:9 "But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and striving about the law, for they are unprofitable and vain." I personally love all of Titus Chapters, including 2:3-5 also, but right now and for my purposes, I'm all for the usefulness of the admonition: "foolish questions are vain" at least, when someone else says them. I had to sit down at the dinner table last night next to my son-in-law. Definitely, not my usual spot and suddenly he went into this long tirade about how the toilet paper needs to be hung in the bathroom. I actually gave him a good answer on that. But, he kept on and on and it seemed my husband even joined his side of the argument. I smacked him. And he said something like, "I (meaning himself, and that's totally not true)always has to hang it" My husband doesn't hang the toilet paper. "Are you kidding?" He just starts a new roll and sets it on the bathtub. "Now" he says, just tell the mother, "Okay, you're right!" And completely not mean it, but that statement makes me quit arguing, like I won? This is where my face turns red, I mean redder than the cancer, beet red! I may have smacked Dave. (Yes, Dave confirmed that I had smacked him this morning) Okay, now in the verses just above in Titus 3:9... I'm not supposed to say evil of no man and be gentle. I repent, I do, and it's here written for all eternity on the Internet. At this point...I may add this little rant is of no consequence and I shouldn't even be talking about it and for the most part everything that comes out of my mouth or the keyboard should be completely banned. H0, h0, h0! I do mean it but it makes me laugh completely out loud. (That's all I can say... "ho,ho, ho"... because my lips are cracked from the facial sandpaper I've been taking for my skin cancer.) I wish I got some unbridled love and affection for my affliction. I love you Tressa, you rock! And so does Bree, for embracing 5% Fluorourcil. rock..she rocks.

Steve decided early on in our marriage that we would not be complainers because we would grow-up to be old grouchy pair, that smacked each other. He bought this sign for just me--it was his idea, then.....we got this wonderful tin sign that was really posted in places in this mission area of Stilwell, Oklahoma,

and then, this other one, 'cuz he's got a job with Homeland Security, and...

this one below, well, that's obvious for LDS members. As for the spitting tin sign, Steve doesn't want in the house-but the barn's okay. The jackass way not really him, she's a girl and donkey kicks just like me. He likes Rosa (her real name) and just because Steve has always liked the word "Jackass" Now, he can call everyone but me, that name. I'd let him call me Maria or Rosa and right there, he is still in the bounds of decent language. He gets the point across anyway. We want our two little Jennets to bare us some sweet little baby curly mules, and make money, so Jackasses are a necessary farm animal for us. And that's a long story in itself and for the reader might be too graphic. We do talk about this and that, and stuff like that, at the table. Rosa heard me typing with her big bunny ears and let out long, HON.....HEEEEEE. She wants to go get BREAD. ewww Don't want to offend anyone.

BTW... the bathroom kind of talk...invariably sets off our daughter to burst out with some random "Quito." Don't ask us what she meant??!! She was laughing so hard and then stopped... asked us why we were laughing... we were laughing at her. Duhr.... She started laughing harder, I was really hoping she would breathe. Kiely has by-far, the most contagious laughter I have ever heard. Steve Jenkin's, Marnie's husband--my other son-in-law, laughs pretty good, too. He sounds like a little kid.

I think my uglee face is making me so strange. I look like an Alien Reptile. Today, I look 80% better and it's not as good as this picture. eyes are swollen shut. So, Here I Am, for the world to see. "Happy as if I had good sense." The Vicodin helps. Sorry if "I been 'talkin' through my hat" If you don't get's just fine.... I may delete this whole post.

There goes another bunny rabbit. Lips pointin' down. I look dead. I'm zippin' it! Rambling on......with no consequence.
Getting Old Can Make A Person Really Grumpy, Its a Sign of Our Times

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bush Woman Camping In Our Backyard

I didn't want to take a picture of her. She was so dirty. I did "sick" my mother on her. She was a police officer for years and can REALLY "dish-it-out" The homeless lady had been there quite a while. Our Little dog has been barking at the bushes and trees endlessly. Oh, my gosh, what a mess the homeless woman made with her "campsite". We called the police, but my mom did the interrogation (she's an expert at that, she raised me)

Now, understand my mother and my son-in-law were ready to just flip-out, but compassion slipped-in. The woman was so overwhelmed with my family's kindness toward her, that she wanted my mom to take care of her and let her live there in my mom's house. Sad. My family made her feel like she was getting help and I hope the officers do find a place for her.

She's got a name and a place to live, but her husband kicked her out, probably because of her mental illness. She is very mentally ill and taking either drugs or she just doesn't have the right medicine. How unfortunate that she was living in the trees. It rained more than an inch the night before. The lady probably was so cold. I feel so bad, she definitely was not doing well here and needed medication and professional help. She had stolen things from all the neighbors. I didn't ask about our place. I guess if I didn't miss it and she needed it, it's hers. I'm glad I didn't go out to find her...I would have frightened her to pieces with my scary, swollen and melting face. I blogged about that a week or so ago and I still have to be continuing this for a few more days. The treatment thing....that makes me look this way.

My mother is so kind and so is my son-in-law. I learned a lot. I was clearly mad at the intrusion, the blatant set-up in our place--like it was her own homestead. I am repenting and I'm very thankful it wasn't a huge wild animal or a mean man. I also love our dog. We need to listen to her more."Little" The Wonder Dog & The Forbidden Forest Hides Secrets

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh, For The Love of Wine

These kids are not underage in goat years.

I have wine in my barn and whenever one of the goats or sheep have pink-eye, I use Port Wine to cure the terrible malady that seems very contagious. Well, it’s a pink-eye humans don’t seem to get. However, I’m really careful about washin’ my hands after the treatment. I use a shot glass or spray bottle if the animal is a bit jumpy. Fill the wine in the shot glass half-full and hold it to their face, shakin’, makin’ sure the wine covers the whole eye. One would think this is a very labor intensive job if you own a lot of goats. I have to tell you that this is way better than the L.A. 200 shots. The animals literally scream and lay down when the L.A. 200 is administered. I accidentally hit myself ‘n the side of my thumbnail and shot the antibiotic in my thumb, ya’, it’s worse than any bee sting I ever had. I cried, jumped around, put ice on it, and went to the doctor. Horrible, but yes, it fixes pink-eye.

Wine, on-the-other-hand, hurts only the first time. The goats taste it and then can’t wait to have the next treatment around dinner time. They cry for it, “MAAAAAMAAAAA! MMMMOOOORREEE!! The goats get crazy. What can I say? Milk production does goes way up….Happy goats make…or is that cows?

Wine takes a week and by the time I’m through with the required mendin’ an’ the vision is back, the goats are stealin’ the bottle and chuggin’ down the liquor. The goats even try and lick each others faces. Goats never recover from the addiction to wine. I had to move the bottle and hide it on a high shelf. I caught Gypsy movin’ plastic chairs to climb-up to git the green bottle. No it’s a goat’s name, not my bogus or Internet name!

Have you ever smelled Port Wine? I opened the bottle up and I can’t even describe how horrible that stuff smells. Winos you are so nuts, it’s freakin’ rottin’ grapes. Goats drink this? The first time I bought it was at a chain drug store. I bought a few other things hopin’ no one would notice I was buyin’ wine. I knew everyone and even the checker, of course. Sooo….I turned and announced the truth to all. I will come clean and all will believe me because I will say it with conviction! “Aaahhhhh, this, bottle is for my…..goats.”

If any of you have been to our local drug store you know the lines are very long. No kiddin’, there were at least a dozen people behind me. One smarty guy said, “I haven’t heard that one before, bet ya’ keep it in the barn?” “Yes, I dooo.” I said meekly. Did I care? Yeee---aaahhh! My husband was the bishop.

The bottle is still there. The cork is on and I’ll bet it’s still stinky. I thought age helps or is that just me?

Goat roper information that everyone needs to know