Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knox Blox Animal Science, Oh Yeah..........

Remember Grandma Dune Treats?

Or, you can do this: I can't
guarantee how long it would
take to get the junk out of your hair.

Knox Blox

Use the link above and look under "Basics"

4 envelopes Know unflavored gelatin
3 pkg (3 oz. each) flavored gelatin
4 cups of boiling water.

In a medium bowl, combine Knox unflavored gelatin and fruit-flavored gelatin, add boiling water and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved (this takes a little bit of practice) Pour into 8 or 9 inch baking pan. Chill until firm. (3 hours?) to serve, cut into 1-inch squares. makes about 6 dozen blox. You can use sugar-free or top with tons of whipping cream. The Titans might like that.
Fruit Juice KNOX® BLOX:
Omit fruit flavor jelly powder and water. Sprinkle unflavored gelatin over 1 cup cold fruit juice; let stand 1 minute. Add 3 cups fruit juice, heated to boiling and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved, about 5 minutes. Sweeten to taste, then chill and serve as above.

This is from the Knox Web Site and you know what? My added cha
nge here is less water than it asks. I don't know why I like them even chewier. I bet there's a web site to add cream to it. Wouldn't that be the best and fattening. Of course I WOULD think of that kind of recipe. This one can actually help you lose weight, help arthritis, and make your hair and nails grow. This is not "SNAKE OIL" I'm telling the truth and I don't work for Knox.

BTW.... Do you want the recipe for play dough, too, Kiely? I just thought maybe you might want something else to do at college.

Actually, I thought of your project. Please read information on the link below. Animal Science plus+Roosters are involved, and that's what I had injected into my knee. Brand name Synvisc-one.
Another link is: Rooster

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why Do I Make Things So Complicated! This is EASY.... My Homemade Bread Recipe

My Homemade Bread Recipe

Double Left Click The Recipe Book Entry and It Turns Larger

I just sent Kiely, my daughter, this email for the Resident Coordinator at the dorm where Kiely lives.

OKAY... USE HALF THIS RECIPE for the breadmaker. I usually don't dissolve my yeast, but if you do.... the loaf rises higher. I don't beat the egg, for the machine either and I don't half the egg.... just more protein.

Most of the time... I don't add as much sugar, like less than 1/4 cup, and it still works. The 1/2 cube of melted butter or margarine (1/4 cup) is usually so hot after 20 seconds in the microwave, that I add it to the pretty hot water. I put all my liquids in first and then the dry stuff and the yeast on the very top, so it doesn't touch the salt or the hot water or margarine.

Check it a bit at first to make sure all the flour is in a rolling ball and not too dry or too gooey. I would add just a touch of water and make sure the flour is mixing or add a little flour if it's too wet.

I don't use shortening anymore at all. You might as well just "rub-it-on-your-butt" (family saying from way back, I'm just quoting it, sorry)

The breadmaker usually says in the directions (do I ever follow THEIR DIRECTIONS) to only use only up to 3 1/2 cups of flour and lately my bread is really hitting the top of the bread maker, so decrease the amount of water slightly and then you have to decrease the flour a little.

I use the breadmaker to stir the dough mostly, and then put it in the stove. That way.... all the missionaries think I did it completely by hand. If they ask or question it...I tell them. But, it is a hassle no matter what---but it's so worth the taste and the plus is the wonderful scones, and the pizza (use less sugar for that), and the cloverleaf rolls, and the Scandinavian sweet braided bread, and the...I could add "pan"... but I don't think too many know what that is, unless they've served a Spanish speaking mission. They are frosted a little with color, or powdered-sugared on the top.

Oh, that reminds get more servings if you take it out of the breadmaker and into the oven bake it. Also, to make a pretty loaf, the last 5 minutes, you can put some lightly beaten egg-white on the top of the bread because you do want to brown the loaves if you cover them with foil. I usually let it brown about 10 minutes. Call me if you "knead" some more help. Now, I'm so hungry to get bred. Didn't mean to leave-out the "A"

hahahaha lol

Remember that with the cousin from Utah? The goat jumped in the car and he said, "Why did the goat get in your car?" To all of our family right there in the driveway ....


Picture: A bunch of blank faces.

And my Animal Science-Little Farm Girl, Kiely, YOU! and only 8 years old! ... and now with a major in "Animal Husbandry" piped-up and you right-out, matter-of-fact....said, "She wants to get bred." and he said, "The goat eats bread?" and you said, "No, breed the goats! She wants to go get bred and BREED." "She's in heat!" THE COUSIN about died. (I think his wife laughed, nervously) Your Dad loves that story because THE COUSIN is pretty much the worse black-sheep cousin ever, and mean he's pretty gross! That's the first time he ever saw "THIS COUSIN" blush! Black sheep isn't a real good term ... here. I love our sheep and most of them are black, it's the white ones that cause trouble. Anyway, he's the odd-ball, and what do you call an "Apostate?" COUSIN NAME CHANGE TO PROTECT THE GUILTY.

Okay, one more thing! The warm bread is so good if you take a slice and put bite-sized pieces in cold milk and eat with a spoon. That was many of the Prophet's favorite meal for supper.

It was also your Grandpa Doug's favorite. Just thought you might want to know that.

Last part of my email to Kiely:

I forgot to tell you that this is My great-grandmother's recipe. Martha Marie Loepp McKean And Grandma Winnifred Lyle McKean O'Connor....

My grandmother, my mom's mother, made it all the time! I got the recipe from mom. Haha Grandma O'Connor told mom, the yeast is ready (it used to be like tiny pie chunks) when it feels like this. Translation from the chunky yeast, "gooey" Grandma made my mom feel it. lymi Mom

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Overcoming Obstacles And Then Great Rewards

These Are My Boots!
I'm so spent, I REALLY BUSTED MY ABS on taking my rubber boots off. Don't ever, ever fill the boots at anytime with water while they're on your feet. I accidentally got water in them trying to keep our red heeler doggie, Darby, away from playing in the water. I was getting wetter from the dog and completely missing the horses' troughs. Darby loves the hose when crazy, fast water comes out .... It's like attack-time. My heart raced all night! One foot became covered with a big hicky-thingy! I miss my dear chore-laden daughter, Kiely, more than anyone could ever know!

I called my husband on the fire line at the station and wanted him come home to cut the boot off of me. I was afraid of actually cutting myself with the only scissors I have and they are very sharp. Fiskars, yeah, you know, skin would be no problem. My foot is still swollen today and my back, stomach, and knees hurt so much. I had this anxious, crazy fit trying to get it off my foot. I wasn't in a real hurry until it started swelling. I became very mad at my husband for laughing and not coming home to help me. I honestly was dialing 911 when I broke-out into this claustrophobic attack. The boot HAD to come off now! The boot-jack wasn't working. I almost tore my rubber boot off on that thing. I pulled so frantically hard! Finally, I stepped on my toes and somehow a little bit of air came out the heel area of my boot. I did it over and over and yes my toes hurt, too. (I hate blogs that are just rambling on, with old people talking about their aches and pains) This is super weird stuff, here. I am giving the blogging world an answer to this "stuck - rubber - boot - on - the - foot" problem. The way to release your foot is to smash your toes over and over. The air finally sucks in and VoilĂ ! Foot Loose! I would have danced, but I couldn't even stand-up straight.

I prayed for someone to help me with the chores on Saturday morning and night because I almost couldn't get outta' bed Saturday. I was scared. Heavenly Father answers even prayers that seem trivial and I was really troubled by the fact that I would probably fall down. The mud is sooooo deep, I have to use a walking stick for balance and check the depth of mud as I walk. I had the phone right next to me, because I really thought that I had burst a blood vessel in my head from the pressure of trying to pull that CUTE boot off of me. I didn't have a busted vein, but you know how the night puts crazy thoughts and dreams in your mind. I did have a headache.

My prayers were answered by my grandchildren that appeared on my doorstep bight and early because Dustin was called in for work, unexpectedly. The first words out of their mouth, no second, was.... "Can we feed the animals?" I looked at Heaven and said a "Thank you Prayer" right there. Wanna' know what the first question was? Can we play our xbox on your TV? All day I thought about how little this situation seems to everyone else, but me. I so needed them. I wasn't going to ask anyone, because the responsibly is mine, completely. THEY WANTED TO DO IT! I'm so blessed, I had even other grandchildren come and help me in the evening and grandchildren overnight, so I didn't feel so alone.

We come to today ... It's Ward Conference and I'm singing as part of a sextet, a song I've sang just a very few times. It's was a bit difficult, especially since I was late this morning and missed the practice before Sacrament Meeting. The Young Women sang a song arranged by our Relief Society President Karalee Johnson. I did manage to walk normal and sing okay. The best part is that I stood by the Bishop's wife and she has a beautiful voice and perfect timing. She's the teacher for the Young Women and they love her.

We had great, great talks. One I can give a reference, because it was taken by our Bishop from a talk given by President Monson's story of "The Wedge" or "The Peril of Hidden Wedges" wonderful lesson there and also President Jones talk on following our leaders. All were so excellent and I'm so glad I went today. I was worried about my gait and if I could make it up the stairs to the stand. Heavenly Father takes care. A little Adrenalin kicks - in and I couldn't feel my soreness at all. Great painkiller.

Young Women's was wonderful, as well. My own niece is on the Stake YW and I used to teach her right in that room. She looks the same but her message was so incredible. I love our new theme this year. Joshua 1:9

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

The Young Women General Presidency has provided us with new addition to our theme and to add to the virtue is the scriptural message

Have Courage: Lead Out in the Cause of Virtue!

President Elaine S. Dalton suggested a three-part commitment: daily scripture reading, prayer and smiles. Based on the teenage standards handbook For the Strength of Youth and the counsel from Church leaders, the young people were invited to make commitments for the upcoming year.

My heart was so glad to hear that message for us all. So simple, so easy, and my own children so love to smile. "Kiely, do you hear me?" Your goal to "Scatter Sunshine" even in the darkest days, is a goal you have kept for years. A smile can bring an unhappy countenance to one that is happy, if you keep it pasted-on long enough, right? Be sure and remember the other two very important goals.

Today's lesson in Sunday school was about creation and I shared my story about my grandchildren's private talk on the rain. One said, "You think it rains in heaven?" and the other one said, "Yeah!" very surprised, "We wouldn't see rainbows, if we didn't have rain." We've all marveled at the rainbows and double rainbows this storm season and what a sight to see them arch across the whole valley.

This is one of the views behind our house. There are almost no homes and we have these amazing mountains. The high coastal range of the Topas, Santa Paula Peak and the side of beautiful San Caytano. This picture was taken by the Fillmore Gazette.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today I'm Prepared

This has been a really strange day. Lightning and a small tornado just a over a mile from where my swimming exercise classes are held. And...just down the street from my son-in-laws folk's home. We sure picked the right way home. The highway toward the beach was closed (the 33) and so we went back the way we came, though the mountains and Upper Ojai, with lightning all around us and rain so hard that we couldn't see the lines in the road. The lightning even knocked-out an emergency Stop-Light. Scary winding through there. What if we met another car on the one lane road?

Ventura County Star Newspaper Picture

The call first started as a roof of a building had blown-off, but then there were uprooted trees and lots of "debris" "We have debris!" Remember the movie, "Twister"? The tornado must have been a water-spout just coming off the ocean and up our Santa Clara River. Just guessing, but the power was so intense. Actually, the whole storm is intense. I don't know how all this clay earth holds the water!

We just drove in the areas in the video below. We went over to see the waves and they are a lot bigger than the short video shows. More damage to our pier, but so far, fixable. I wanted this hat so Steve and I came home and he fed the animals and we went just about behind the mud-scrapper. It poured and harder than I have ever seen it. Hail, and a huge thunder-storm rolled through before we could get home. Hikers were trapped at Ferndale near St. Thomas Aquinas College and the helicopter hovered over the area. Ten fire trucks went up there and they had a swift water rescue. All are safe by the heroic effort of the trained responders to the scene. We saw all the action, but of course, we were really trying to make it home. I really needed a hat to do the chores over Steve's fire-duty days. I still have my hat on.

My husband Steve... teaches CERT and that acronym stands for Community Emergency Response Training. The classes are probably the biggest he has ever had and he is being asked from everyone to come in an train offices, schools, and do more classes. Heavenly Father blesses us with more classes, but it is so sad it took the disaster in Haiti to encourage people to really come. Not all of them, but he had about sixteen walk-ins at least, in each class so that they could start there preparedness plans. Alan, the other teacher, that has classes going right now, also had over thirty walk-ins. I love the work Steve acquires to help Kiely go to school, but the circumstances are so terribly sad. Our prayers are with the people of Haiti, their families, and the many volunteers that are attending to the country's needs.

The rain is pounding and I'm glad I'm in my warm living room with even a heater. I'm so grateful for it the heater. I remember seeing the cabins in the snowing country in Central Utah and wonder how they endured such hardships.

I do know we will have a picture perfect spring and summer. Oh the greens, all the gardens, and ranches with lots of fruit. We know, that floods are part of living near the crik, Da' River right now. Two of my married girls and their families are listening to the boulders roll down the canyon raging muddy water. I can hear them like so many times in my life. My son is hearing the waves batter the Ventura Marina Beach. So far, my sheep are not giving birth yet. Whew...Yes, and I still have my hat on.

This video was posted on the Ventura County Star Internet site.

Monday, January 18, 2010

STORM WATCH 2010 My Videos Are Back, Fixed

G blogger videos Are Back

Yesterday I turned on my Playlist so that at least there we will music. The videos are back sooo Please if you watch the video, you'll have to turn the lovely music player off but hitting the II button to an arrow and that's located right at my Grandpa Joe's backside is located. (You know, on the horse picture) That will shut the music off.

Seems it never rains in southern California
Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California, but girl, don't they warn ya?
It pours, man, it pours!
Song by: Albert Hammond (It's true!)

My Marnie just said, "HOLY RAIN STORM!" " I can not ever remember it raining that hard. Looks like it has eased up, so I am going to take out the trash while I can! :)"I think mom just took a picture from the kitchen door. it is a crazy rain storm. We have a bucket outside to measure and we are at 3.5 inches! I the creek is roaring. I love it!

My nephew-in-law said, "I'm loving the torrent! It's rare for here."

My Bree said, "It's sounds like Arkansas."

Kiely's friend Kelly said, "Seriously, I think there's a hurricane outside my house."

My other daughter, Larin Luree said, "Wow, Santa Paula is already flooded and we are not even to the worst of it yet. I better get my treadmill up off the floor in the basement or we will be up crap creek....or is it Knapp creek? lol

Okay then, "Pounded with rain and flooding from Knapp Crik!"

My thoughts are, "Did you know sheep swim?" "I thought with all the heavy wool would make them drown. But...they're just "sheep paddling" around in their pen. It's the fat, they just float. Einstein (the ram) is diving off the shed! Yes! That was a great belly-flop!"

Lilly got in the swimming action.

Actually, I noticed this outside...It's RAINING CATS AND DOGS. The News Team even broadcast that fact on the "Storm Watch News" so it's true. I whistle with fingers in mouth (very loud) and yelling, "Dallin, you're gonna' get bit!" "Enough, already!" "Quit calling the cats and dogs!"

Kiely asks me from very far-away, ""How much rain have you gotten way over yonder?" And it's snowing where she's now living and going to school. Very cold.

Curious thought, I don't have to fill the bird baths, water the lawn, or the flowers. The animal's pens each have large troughs and have magically filled to the brim.

I always wondered why we have so many cats and dogs. Yes, it is raining that hard, still! I'm very grateful the dogs live in the barn and the cats? I don't have a clue where they live, but there's a big bundle of them on my porch every morning for food, even "Scrappy The Wonder Kitty" She was partially eaten by a big ol' Barn/Screech owl. I think the little kitty probably got some good parts of the owl, too. Maybe a couple of toes.

My kinda' Video! Love This Bree!
It's true sheep are ashamed when
they're sheared. All naked, buff, and stuff.

The Lamb is a Michael Flatley from Riverdance....
Let this video buffer it's a'doozy!

He's all pink, my favorite lambie color! Don't you figure in the "hot" weather that lamb jumped in that pool? The BEST part of this video, if your not happy, you can rebound and your life will be as you make it. Sad or BOUNDIN' ! I'm going swimming in the rain and I'm going to "bound" in my pink bathingsnoot! (Family saying for my our favorite swimwear) BTW ... It's a REAL SWIM -SUIT! Don't even ask that question!

Added Thurs. Jan. 21, 2010: We are still having this huge rainstorm, lightning and thunder, hail, tornadoes (weak waterspouts, unless they hit your field) and even major flooding. My poor Larin is going to move away. Her basement flooded-up all day yesterday. And I was almost electrocuted by that big lightening blast out in the just plowed (thank you, Steve) field. Smart. I was holding the large metal rail to a fence, under high-lines, in the rain, and herding wet sheep and up to my knees in muck. My husband literally yanked me in the house and all the sheep ran back in their pen. Freaked-out all the animals, me, and a few people in the town. Not usual weather. I can so take earthquakes compared to this. But....what a beautiful Easter and Mother's Day we will have this year! Color!

Real Firefighter Sayings Old and New

Real Firefighter Sayings!

If you want more,
Here's the Link: Real Firefighter #2

I have to say first that firefighters are funny! Really funny! One time I came in the station where my son was doing a mask test. I watched for a while and then figured, "Why is he ignoring me?" So, I said "Why are you messing with the dummy?" Oops! New hire sitting really still. I'm so sorry Jessie, I really didn't look closely at you.
The dummy, or King Airway/Res-Q-Pod as shown below, sometimes is left-out of it's case. And ... Sometimes there's the whole practice body, on the floor and in the station bay with the fire trucks and engines. I left to go get a pop in the "bay area" and saw this fireman without much on, just sprawled-out on the floor. I was having dinner with the crew and I screamed really loud. Scared me so bad! The crew jumped to go rescue me and Steve said, "Oh... she just saw Resuscitation Annie or whatever her name is. Thanks Steve. Yes, he really knows me. I came back in and it was as if I didn't make a peep. Thanks for the rescue, it coulda' been a.....
"Station Rat."
(person that has nothing to do, but hang-out at the station and be cool)

My husband takes his duties and training at the fire house very seriously. There's really a lot of sayings that have been going around the department for years. No one will tell me. I just picked-up on a few. Most of the sayings are the great wit of John, the engineer. My son is great with his expressions, but they will not reveal because they can't remember. (right!)
Just in case you think this is when Steve was a volunteer firefighter putting-out fires in Hawaiian shirts, it's not. It was some neighbors and other houses were at risk, so the chiefs just put him up there on his engine on his off-duty day. Southern California firefighter, like the ol' days.

"Hope I don't see ya 'til mornin'!"
"Ain't done until the paperworks done."
"It's a guy, no it's a girl, no it's a guy!"
(fighting with yourself)

"It's a ripper!"
"See ya at the big one!"
"Stay safe!"
"Shoulda' Gone Before We Left!"

Great way to wake-up firefighter's "sleepwalking turn-out readiness"
Honestly, it does happen & Dollar Store horn wakes everyone up!

(no picture needed)

"If your hose line is short
or your pressure is low,
move your apparatus closer.
No drafting!"
"Corn, I don't remember eating corn!?"
"Look!" "Don't Look!"
"And That's Funny, Right There!"

This is all bathroom humor the middle quote was a sign since the 60's, maybe before and was taped to the men's bathroom wall.

"Try before you pry."
"Quit spinning!"
"We're Going In!"
"First In"

"Don't straddle the hose, ______!"
"Shut It Down!"
(Power, hose, leaving, etc.)
"Don't Run Over The Hose"
(motorist stops on the hose)
"Don't stop!"
(motorist just stops where they are, and not over by the curb)
"Pull Over!" "Grrrrr!"
(Yes, motorist again.)
(said going through a intersection with the engine
and on the wrong-side of the road, facing traffic)

"Stay out, deny entry, call for help."
" Engine__we're staging _________!"
Train Hard and Right!
(Don't want any visitations from "Above" to tell
the trainer, "It was you that
didn't train the firefighter!")

"Captain Crunch!"
"Just Go Sit in The Rig!"

The use of profanity is not used around my Captain Steve or Captain Dustin. Actually, if it's used in the fire house or at calls after a call. And around the public, they are on your case.

"Beans saved!"

"Who's cooking for us?"
(Where are we going to eat?)

"Post Code Seven Syncopal!"
(after eating code)
syncopal means: Google it! I can only explain....
it's like the firefighters mean, "eating so much turkey
they want to take a long nap"

"Truckies are a different breed."
"East Side vs. West Side"
"Mormon Firefighters Smoke!"

"Addresses in town are Sweven!"
(South and west even)

"Were Going!"
(New call just coming over the radio and station)
"Poaching Calls"
(Out of sector and at someone else's call first)

as in:
"First on scene!"
"Cumulus Over Timeless"
(Describing the large cloud of smoke.
Bush Fire Season overtime. That pays
for a long-needed refrigerator) I might
add it is said, and then it's scary stuff from then on.
Out To Eat Mexican Restaurant Never Can Get Enough "Hot" Sauce

"Shake 'n' Bake"
"Pee Often and Pee clear!"
Seriously? Seriously!
 'So, You Wanna' Play That Game?"

Never spray cold water on any of my guys
(lots in my family) You won't win!

(This is when a person is working
on a big fire with every muscle,
and then sit-down to relax. Ya'
wait too long and you become
all knotted-up and become sore.)
She's HOT!
That actually can mean one of two things:
The FIRE is hot literally or that girl/woman
is covered in tattoos and piercings, sarcastically.

My daughter with her Dad, Uncle John and Cousin Bryan

Kiely, my daughter, on a ride-along with her dad, Uncle John, and a Rookie. j/k Bryan. BTW ... Bryan, I know who put that decal on your truck. Zipped-lip.

Anyone reading the rest of the quotes in these paragraphs may have to look them up. I'm not explaining.
"Frequent Flyer"
"Code Brown"
(well, this is a sad saying. It's, "Dead Right There." No one wants to say the real thing.)
"Sheesh, he's looking at her like she's a rack of tools at Sears!"
"Hispanic Panic"
I almost didn't add this one and it should be Latin panic, like even to include Italians. It is a custom to be hysterical and hyperventilate actually causing a rise in blood pressure, tachycardia, etc. In the south, maybe it could be related to the "Southern Belle Swoon" were women faint out of panic or surprise, or embarrassment. I suppose low blood pressure. But the saying is used, treated and taken seriously.

***Just for reference: My daughter, Tressa was a dispatcher for Santa Paula Police and Fire, actually... just like my mom did. She said that "I" was going in the record book for the most hysterical (not funny) call she EVER received. I was crying and screaming and she couldn't understand me, but she knew it was her mother. Yeah, a neighbor kid or kids got in our barn and started an arson fire. It ruined a lot of real, awful, junk! I was sad about the big sycamore tree, but the poison oak, at the base...well it burned, too. I have "Hispanic Panic"...ask my daughters, my son, and my husband. Oh, and my mother.

This picture is lovingly titled,
"Captain Lazenby's Class Reunion!"

"There's medication for that!"

"Don't worry, I'll get it"
This is a sarcastic Captain saying to a rookie
to make him feel inferior. It works.

"No chief Friday"
"No chief weekend"
"Looking at my 4-day!"
"Call-in sick!"
"Sweep To The Freeway"
My husband is the maniac sweeper in front of the station.
Sign on Hydrant in our yard...
"Not Real and Not Connected"
"Dang, bossy husband! I just say...
"Yes sir, Captain sir!"
We're wrappin' it Up!
(meaning the shift is almost over
and the 4 day is just a sleep away)

Steve, Dustin, or Matt .... The phone's for you ...

"Out by locals"

My most embarrassing moment at the fire department was when Steve was a volunteer and we came to the station in a hurry and in our '64 Valiant convertible. Steve stopped and I was to jump-out and run over and drive out the back and carefully dodge incoming traffic. I flew open my door and my blouse caught on the door handle and ripped my shirt-off. Yes, in front of maybe 20+ firefighters. Don't tell me you remember!

Please add more sayings in my comment section. I would love to hear some more from other stations. Real sayings, but leave-out all naughty stuff. Not allowed. Thank you.

Here's the New Stuff-Don't Have a Clue Where It's From: March 10, 2011

Just Tell Me, Is Sitting On the Job A NEW Fad? 

What? You guys too Cold To Fight The Fire? Move and You'll Heat-up!
The Posers Gott'a Have Those Pictures At A Drill

Drills Are Perfect For A Bar-B-Que

Please Call 911

Is This Our Department? I'm Confused!

Turn Around! Clearly This is not Santa Paula or The U.S. for That Matter

Firefighters really save cats and dogs we have eight rescued cats at our house.
Sparky is Soooo Sweet with My Grandson, Jaxon

Sparky, Did You "Go With The Dark-Side?"

Way Better Than A Parking Ticket

My Favorite Firefighter Quote, EVER!
 Thank you All for sending me your pictures. My son has a camera on his helmet and as a Captain it sees lots of action. I'm going to "take-it" and get some real, nevermind...I don't want to see where he's been. I'm afraid of smoke and fire.

I really laughed at this web site a long time ago and it's on my bookmarks from two computers ago.

This site reminds me of all the years before Santa Paula became a full-time department. Yes, Steve and Dustin left me at restaurants, gas stations (while in the restroom) and especially at the grocery store without money! Oh, and responding to a call on a tractor! Coulda' been our tractor or forklift. I love that page, I hope my firefighter "picture link" works, still.

My son, Dustin Laz Capt. 82 West-side and My Husband, Capt. Laz 82 East-side

Put The Blue Stuff
On The Red Stuff
The video below may have to be reloaded once to get it on the page. There really is a video there.