Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Wonderful Seven....This Isn't Hard As It Seems, But...You May Not Want To Know The Details

Seven (I was tagged by Larin Luree, my daughter)
7+ Things I plan to do before I die (I already had a bucket list and I'm not changing to less) I doubled the list, cuz that's what I had in my planner
1. Ride horses
2. Drive our tractor
3. Go to another state on an airplane
4. Wear a bathing suit at the beach and not be self-conscious
5. Run and have my knees not hurt
6. New car Yay! done
7. Do my genealogy, never done, but I want to do more
8. Walk on the Islands just off our coast
9. Take a college course
10.Drive a horse, mule, donkey, or goat
11. Be able to shear our sheep
12. Cowboy Boots Yay! done
13. Go shopping to my favorite store
14. Play a sport! Mexican Train and Fishing are NOT real sports, neither is GOLF (I won't say what my doctor told me it was)
15. Roller Skate and yes, Marnie, ride a bike was on the list, but I got a bike for my birthday, so I took it off my list. I should have put it back on, after I hurt my knees. Yes, people YOU CAN FORGET HOW TO RIDE A BIKE! I love it that my dear Larin and dear Marnie, and are trying to teach me like I'm five years old. I don't think they are laughing. No sarcasm! I do mean it!
16. And here's the last, but if I do all these things--I'm definitely adding more. I'm going to hike to Ferndale

7 things I do now
1. Web sites
2. Read exciting, scary stories. Getting ready for the "Girls Night Out!"
3. Babysit and I love it!
4. Learning about my new camera and new phone and my new MP3. BORING!
5. Playing with my grandchildren & teaching them the important things in life. WONDERFUL!
6. Talking to Kiely about friends, boyfriends, and what she is excited about in her life
7. Helping my family accomplish their goals

7 things I can't do
1. Ride roller coasters (inner fear I have always had, same as Larin. I'm sorry I passed that on)
2. Drive long distance or touch a mouse, or snake, or Cenipede, oh and heights--that's really it!
3. There's a lot I can't do-run, lift, repair fences, saddle the horse, and not lift my grandchildren : (
4. Eat Right
5. I sneeze really loud and hiccup really loud and can't stop doing that. Can't add burp to that list, I do that on purpose.
6. Garden like I used to
7. Do the splits (Larin, if I did that, I wouldn't be able to do any other thing, because it would kill me)

7 things that attract me to my husband
1. The look (and more)
2. Secret messages
3. Putting his warm hand on my shoulder at night
4. Never quits
5. Always says good about everyone
6. Steve is humble, he is so much more than he believes (Larin, you can go there! lol)
7. He has the best sense of humor, forgets my sins quickly, if there's a problem-he's "Over It"

7 things that I say most often
1. I love you
2. Get me a pop
3. NO...KIDDING!!!?
4. What?!!!! I love this one! I do say it a lot, too. Like I heard it, right?
5. Crap! And, I've got to repent
6. I say "Sorry" even when it's not my fault--I have this unusual guilty feeling
7. No! And no explanation here--because it applies to everything
BTW, I do like the saying "Geez, Banana! Shut your freakin' Gob! .... Okay?" I laugh hard every time single time I hear it.

7 celebrities that I admire
-admire is a strong word- not meant for celebs
1. Condoleezza Rice (I guess she's not a "celeb"; but I really, really admire her)
2. Larry "the cable guy" I love his look and he is a known vampire. You know, Mossy Oak is my favorite color.
3. Hwell Howser was on my list, because he looks like my husband, but that's all.
4. Meg Ryan because she shows her inner-child
5. Bill Engvall (just like Larin) but he's also a shape-shifter and that's actually funny
6. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Hopalong Cassidy, and Andy Devine
7. Last, but not least, John Wayne
I don't like any clowns and talking dolls

7 favorite foods
1. String cheese, only because it makes my stomach feel better
2. Monster Roll with fresh-water eel Dynamite Sauce and the ice cream that goes with it, after.
3. Tri tip. You Easterners don't know what you're missing!
4. lol Thanksgiving and that little piece of turkey underneath
5. Lime chips when I'm car-sick
6. Mash Potatoes-Real potatoes, not the ones in the box. Real milk, real, ok, real Smart Balance, (off the butter) and a little salt and pepper. Even w/o salt and pepper. Whoa, I'm too into this!
7. Favorite candy, is Planter's Peanut Bar, not the goouy one, the toffee-type one

7 people who need to do this
1. Kiely
2. Bree
3. Marnie? Haven't you done this yet???
4. Larin
5. My Steve
6. Dustin (that would be great, "Light 'em up!")
7. My mom

TMI? I tried to restrain myself.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Soooo Confused? Is It Spring?

What is happening around here? The Sonny stallion just bred with our little burro, Maria, last night. Isn't that a spring thing? I guess it's good timing for a foal. I wonder if she will settle.

Then, the most unusual thing happened this afternoon. A young cowboy around here, saw that the burro has a bunch of hair missing at her neck. Kiely knew that the two (the burro and our Bashkir Curly stallion, must have bred. Okay, so that's not unusual, but they needed to take care of the wound, which of course was a bite. We have a Vampire Stallion lol Yes, he is!

The burro was lassoed and she Maria was extra sweet. We lifted her feet and all around was just begging for and wanting attention. When we got her from BLM, she tried to kick us with all four feet. Maria's front feet were the scariest. I never thought she would let a human touch her.

Now, it's either she loves all of us secretly because we give her treats or some "horse whisperer" has a way with equines. "Burro whisperer" doesn't sound as, well, I don't know. We should not be surprised by Kiely's way with horses, but I'm am very, impressed. Yee haw! Cowgirl, you just made a fan.

Okay, I'm going to stop writing now. This is just too much for one Sunday Evening and it's almost Monday.

Burros love Curlys, too

Church, Yesterday and Today

I loved the General Relief Society broadcast on Saturday evening and was riveted, I guess you could say to the speakers, especially President Uchtdorf. I felt he really spoke to me. One of the things he said was, "Those who bring sunshine to others, bring sunshine to ourselves." and paraphrasing his last words were...that we need to look for others to uplift, comfort, and provide service. I took lots of notes during the meeting.

Today, I was first after the bishop, to bear my testimony after an uncomfortable long pause. I thought, "I'm not going up there!" So, I just went there! I spoke how I WAS so overcome by my attendance at the Women's Conference and just a bit about it, I 'm sure I bore my testimony and that's really all I remember.

I felt a bit uncomfortable with myself today, from the time I woke-up. I had some thoughts on my mind about a book I was reading. I got up from sleep, late in the morning, from reading the book. It's hard to quit reading and I stayed up too late. I dressed hurriedly--actually feeling messy, even though I had on a new dress. Okay, my problem: It's Twilight, the book, and you know why. My daughters have all told me to read it and others--both ways, more of the series of Twilight books; and also more people have told me to read it. Not really hard to read, I just felt I wasn't really supposed to be reading anything other than non-fiction, especially on the subject that the book is about.

Makes sense? Not yet, but I'll pull this together.

The girls, my daughter's, want a night out when the movie comes out. They want a movie party with other friends. I've been feeling uneasy about the book and told my youngest daughter, Kiely about it. Kiely said just last night, "Mom, all you need is a bookmark, a list of the characters, and you'll be fine." She didn't understand.

After Sacrament Meeting and the testimonies, Brother Vaughn, he's the brother in the blue shirt, gave me a bookmark he made for me. He has been already following President Uchtdorf's counsel. I didn't have a bookmark, I didn't even know where there was a bookmark in my house, but this kind gesture immediately, I felt, was....it's okay to read non-fiction. He didn't attend the meeting. He was so in touch with the Spirit of losing himself in kindness. I don't have to feel bad or uneasy or unsettled. I watched the Transformers DVD and loved it. There isn't much difference.

Okay, now just after that, I'm wondering toward the door and foyer and "YOUNG" Sherman, who's a senior in high school told me I looked beautiful. I hugged him and then he said, " If you weren't taken, I would ask you to a dance." I was floored. Brother Vaughn just lost his wife recently and here he was giving a present he made with his own hands in answer to my prayers about the book and THEN dear, young Sherman tells me I'm beautiful. Both these Priesthood brethren were in touch with the Spirit to lift me, to teach me, to help me, just as President Uchtdorf had spoken about the night before. I'm changed.

My testimony grew today in many ways.

Some Things Come At You In Very Precious Ways

Captain Lazenby Is Very Handsome.

Dustin, you look very handsome in your outfit! I mean uniform.

You know, now your dad has to get one. I like uniforms. Dad said,"I'm the oldest one on the department and the stripes will go half-way up my arm." "How's that gonna' to look?"

Quite a while ago, on one of Steve rescue calls, the guy came out of his stupor and said, "Dude, you're OLD!"

I know that Steve will not wear his as much as my son. He won't be buried in it. I hope he gets to go someplace like, "What? Like the White House?

Yes, in-deed-dee! Steve was invited to the White House for CERT, public service, but he'd had to pay his own way. Bummer. Steve's video is on the county public broadcast and people recognize him. Point their fingers and whisper. Some even ask him for his autograph and he really gets embarrassed. Poor celebs that get chased by the media. I'm so sorry for you. NOT.

Dustin be careful where you wear that. You'll have the girls chasing you. I'm proud of you and so is your Dad. He has you as his screensaver! Not only are you his favorite son. He loves you lots and lots.

My husband., So is the other one

My Husband and His Other Wife.....

I caught your attention, huh? Yes, Steve has a BFF that he actually lives with more than me. They work together at the fire station and their logo is, The B-shift Buzzards. Steve is older than John. They know what each other is thinking and lots of times call each other at the same time.

I suppose they get so close from first, being around each other so much that they know what the other is thinking, but they've had harrowing experiences that will never, ever leave their memory. Those are things that I haven't ever experienced. Some of the calls and rescues that they have been on......are sad, some wonderful, and some extremely wonderful--like a new-born baby named Hunter.

Yesterday, Steve called John and asked him, "What would you like for dinner, dear?" Steve tries to make the food on Sunday, so he keeps the Sabbath. I make fun of the fact that both see each other more than they see us, their wives. They are brothers in the truest sense of the word. I'm jealous, really.
I bet you snore., John Harber

Is It Spring? What is Going On here?

Kiely went to check on the young Queensland Heeler sisters and guess what she found? The dumb mother cat put her babies in the
doggie's bed and dumb and dumber dogs didn't even know they were there. Our dogs are just over a year old and I know they were so hungry. Kiely was bringing them dinner and the kittens were right in there with them. Crisis! Let the dogs quickly out of jail! Rescue kittens! We are hoping that the wild mother is still taking care of the babies.

The kids said they saw her hop out of the horse trough that the babies are placed in and then placed again, inside a locked stall. Of course, the baby kittens may not be there too long. I think all cats move their young around. But, with the dog-wolves?

If I could talk to animals a lot of my questions could be answered. I would definately be pointing my finger at the mother and ask her this question. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"
She's brainless, maybe she has ESP. I hope!!! My vibes are disturbed. I love kittens. But, get this....my daughter, Kiely has kitten paws as her favorite smell in the whole world. Actually, it's even with the smell of money. Happy grandchildren, the kittens are all named, by now.

Baby Kittens In With The Dog Kitten Eaters

The Chicks Dig It.

I've missed our chickens and my bestest friend will be so happy I'm back in the chicken business. I worry that we will have a rooster. Actually, I sort of okayed the whole chicken thing, but the project is my son-in-law's, Dave Knapp (married to my 5th child, Larin) We love knowing that our eggs we eat are safe. Maybe we won't have to color them for Easter. Not the chicks, the eggs. hmmmm. Not sure if they'll lay this next summer. Wouldn't they be pullets? Actually the whole sound of the chickens and having them is completely what I love. Jeanie, I may just have to not eat chicken, anymore.

One of the chicks has only one wing. Corbin, one of my grandsons, adopted that one and I'm praying for him not to be a rooster. Where did that chick's wing go? So many unanswered questions, but really of no consequence, because it doesn't matter. Actually, it has made a little chick more loved and special to all of us.

The chicks are mixed breeds, I think..... duhr...they are all different colors and some have fluffy legs. We got a picture of the Chicken Coop. My friend, Jeanie actually painted it so cute with the barn-red antiquing and decorations. lol The coop used to be a crawler-tractor shed and and a couple of stalls, and it's been there since 1929, I quess an antique, already.

I love chickens. I want more chicks, baby chicks in the fall.

Gene Wellman Look What I Found

Look at my dad's wallet.
Oh, I just can't believe
that he had such a
beautiful leather carving
on it. I know either he made it or my grand- father, both of them tooled leather. My grandfather made saddles and chaps and it does look all hand-made. Even has a silk lining.

The interesting thing about the wallet is that it is of the oak leaves and acorns. I know he loved the trees here. He didn't name our ranch. Well, he called "Rock Ranch" but I added the "Rock 'n' Oaks" to it and now we even have our brand and logo with the ranch on my FJ and our horse trailer.

I also found something interesting. I know he didn't read really and especially as he got older. He just couldn't see that well with his diabetes. However, he still wanted to get around, hang-out, and drive his truck. My dad had his license still when he passed-away. I knew that he had to get it renewed about, I don't know, just a couple years before he died. It was a Commercial Truck License GVWR, which is for an 18 wheeler truck. How'd he manage that? I think the DMV gave him the wrong form or did he have it already and he just took the test? I'm going to ask him. But not tonight, or not planning on very soon. lol

Everyone tells me now I look like my mom, but when I was young, everyone in town knew me because I looked like my dad. My dad and I both share large foreheads. I used bangs to cover mine and as my dad got older he lost more hair. My son has the same hair-line as my dad. No comb-over for Dustin, he shaves it all off. I wish I had gotten his cute beauty mark on his cheek. It's not visible in the picture, but it was in his smile line. We both also shared big lips and clownie-eyes. Handsome dad, huh? Oh, that picture was on his wedding day. Geez, I look like a guy?

 Lots of things happen in a week around here

Sunday, September 21, 2008

P.M.S. Sunday. Not so Bad. First; Not So Good!

Menopause is not for me. But P.M.S. is even more not for me. Something very small was very big to a beautiful girl, with a tender heart, at the wrong time. We've all been there. Larin and I we're trying to tell her....and she kept saying,"Don't point at me!" So, I pointed at the air. Like Moses. My daughter, who had this incident happen to her today, laughed about it this evening. I really want all mother's of girls to know that I didn't say anything to chastise--who am I to judge? I used to throw things. I really did. I just tried to pick stuff that wasn't my favorite stuff and crashed it---made lots of noise.

Is it a Menopause thing to throw your reading glasses on the table? I did that a month ago. If you come in my kitchen would you look for one of the lens? It's invisible. I don't need it. I only pick stuff to throw that is worthless, remember? I just don't want the grandchildren to find it. No telling what will happen if they do. I can imagine...VCR, DVD, down the garbage disposal, in the toilet, through the electric fan, in my shoes or Steve's fire boots, (Heh, heh, marbles are worse!) If the 'trash panda' baby finds the lens, he might eat it. He chews rocks...?

Yeee---aaahhh. TMI today. And I'm ready for sleep. I am putting on earphones, so I can't hear the alligators growling and grunting outside my window. My music is going to be The Tabernacle Choir, up loud.

P.M.S. Girls Are Fun or Are They Funny?

Hurry! Come Look At Kiely's Horse, Sahara

Palomino Horse and Cowgirl Loving It

    I don't think I've seen Kiely so happy. We drove to Arizona and picked-up the most wonderful horse. She's Sahara, and was raised by a young lady from the time she was a foal. Sahara hadn't been ridden in a year, but was honestly, for a greenbroke, 5 year-old, she is an outstanding horse in every way. I think I love her almost as much as Kiely. She's Kiely's Flika. The horse had never been trailered, but went home on an 9 1/2 hour drive home in 106 degree weather. We stopped lots for water and treats. Believe it or not, she likes to go in the trailer now. Kiely has ridden her constantly.

Kiely did slide off when the horse reared. But all is fine, she spooked at the sound of a hula hoop that sounded like a rattlesnake. (Now, isn't that a coincidence? Arizona-rattlesnakes-we HAVE rattlesnakes. Duhr.) Then, Sahara jumped and bucked over a small fence and landed in a not-stickery catus...and got tangled in a metal chair. Kiely was under Sahara; and she only stepped on her leg with her front hoof. The horse spread her back leg so not to hurt Kiely. Of course she "cowgirled up" after Steve and the fire department gave her the okay.(Dang! Another call to our house) Kiely just got on Sahara about 4 or 5 more hours, she didn't even put Sahara away, slide off a horse and what's the rule of the west? Get back on. She had only one small bruise on her calf of her leg. I'm thankful for the lawn being so soft from the sprinklers that day. Corbin was on the horse with her and he was laughing-he slid off just like Kiely, only first.

I remember those days. I'm thankful that they were not hurt or even shaken. I'm grateful to such a sweet horse that loves my daughter so much that she would step in a metal chair to get away from hurting her. We all saw it. Grandmothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, and cousins. The whole thing was in slow-motion. My mother wanted to put Sahara in the pen and Kiely said, "I'm okay, I'm still riding with Randy." And she did.

Jurassic Park is in our Oak Grove and this is just a very happy posting. She needs a BFF (Best Friends Forever!) We are all happy for her. Kiely has been praying for another horse and crying about Boogie for over a year. She now has a treasure.

Oh, Look!...Dang goodie!...Another Crisis!

Well now, we are having a fun Bar-B-Que and think the smoke is...not from us! Sept 6th, thank you dear neighbors for "Lighting Our Life With A Fire" Structure down. Husband on the monitor putting out the fire in his authorized, Hawaiian shirt, uniform on a warm Saturday evening. Very impressive. It made my husband's night and it gave me nightmares. There was ammo stored in the building and was flying all over the neighborhood. Guess where all my family was? Watching the heroes put out the fire with bullets going off everywhere. Oh my heart. I did take a Xanax. Welcome to my world.

Fires Are For Firemen with Their Outfits On--I Mean Turn-outs--I'll never get that straight!

Rattlesnakes And Their Relatives

Did you know our rattlesnakes have purple iridescent tongues? They look a lot like gopher snakes, but they usually sound like rushing water or a broken gas line. No, che,che,che. It isn't slow. They are so mad that the rattlers around here make just one big noise. I know sometimes they don't rattle and it's time for shedding. I hate snakes and I screamed so many times looking at it in that big barrel. It didn't help as I would look at it, someone would poke me.

I really tried to be nice to the King Snake. But, I just put on some cologne and it snapped at my face. It snapped, truly. I heard it's little mouth go "snap" really close to my neck. The kids still have the snake, it's name is Elvis and it eats mice. Yay! But it can NOT visit me. Dallin, quit kissing it, it makes me sick.

rotflol Did you know I found the snakes in my icon file next to John Lennon? And, the squished armadillo next to a chocolate cake icon. Don't ask me why I made that an icon. Nevermind, I guess I could tell you. It's Justice.

In passing, not passing away....the snake in the barrel went to another spot and was relocated by a Steve Erwin type-of-guy from Thousand Oaks. Thank you very much for the rescue.

I dilike rattlesnakes and mice ever mice more than rattlesnakes. I know I can't say hate, but they are not my favorite animals! Sigh....

John Lennon An Icon?

Oh, this really hurts. I had to find this file on John Lennon, like a picture. I saved him in my scrapbook icon file. I just wanted to quote him, not make him my icon! One thing he said that was really smart was, paraphrasing here: "Life happens while you're making other plans." Just to let everyone know I was not a Beatles fan, ever and I never, ever liked English fashion of the 60's. I'm more the EMO type. j/k You know how crazy that is? I dressed like an EMO for Halloween. Oh, thank you for your thoughts. Yes, dressing like the 60's is a Halloween costume! So are COWGIRLS.

What was I saying?....All this crazy stuff that happens. You know, living from crisis to crisis isn't all my fault. There's this book...Quit Chasing Alligators and Get Out of the Swamp Whoa! I don't chase them, they hide under my window and constantly bite me. What will happen tomorrow? Will I run over a baby kitten? I killed the skateboard today with my FJ. Everyone please don't tell the grandchildren that I flattened it like an armadillo, okay?

So, in conclusion I just want to say. We all need to live each day and because we have lots of people around, pets around and weird animals around, there's bound to be just events that aren't planned. I always wanted my goal for the year to be "serene." Well, I've changed my goal. I need to be more "flexible" about everything. The goal will be done before my birthday and then I can start on "serene" and I will be already a flexible person that just flits though each day. I almost said the "f" word~~not the real bad one. The one my grandfather called a buck-snort.

Do you know the DIFFERENCE in GOATHEADS?

Does anyone here know the difference? Do we check our shoes. I'm not talking about goat droppingS that look like "Cocoa puffs". I'm just warning all you that walk in and out of my house to check your shoes. Take them off at the door and look. If that funny looking sticker is in your shoes, please, I beg you with all my heart to not drag it on my large sisal rug in the kitchen to remove it.

Did you know I troll for goat heads? I don't mean to, but IT HAPPENS. Every goat head that comes in my house goes in my feet and they really so flippin' hurt! Our male, or buck, or billy or what ever, has never once hurt me as much as those STICKERS!! I hate them and the person responsible for bringing them on ranch is going to PAY! Oh dear, now that I remember....I had them on my shoes when I visited Sandy Carter on Grand Ave. in Fillmore. She was my best friend when I was about 11 or 12 and it was me....she had goat heads in her dad's orange orchards. I think I got in trouble for that already. I started one plant and then the "goat heads" exploded!

Okay, Okay, I got in trouble, I've repented, and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of not checking my shoes. See how this can spoil your very own habitat? Please do not bring bugs, including; but not limited to, dogs with fleas, MICE or snakes speaking of snakes---yeeeeaaaahhh! See snake post!

Goat Heads for Dummies!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a Marathon at Disneyland

Running a real marathon just now, is just isn't in me. Watching all the babies isn't in me either, but I did it. That was my marathon. Everyone had fun and I have a new favorite attraction at Disneyland. It's in the California Adventure side. The name of it is Crush, and he's the turtle from the Finding Nemo movie. Weird animation that talked and answered personal questions. I have no clue how the Disney creators did this great production. I was pleased that Dory was mentioned and Crush asked everyone to forget that one part where he accidentally put on a bikini top. Crush was sooo embarrassed that he wanted everyone to be a Dory. No Problem...I'm there.

Kenna was hiding in a laundry basket. She did a good job. Steve relaxed after the jog. I did not put that pretzel in his mouth--blame...Larin or...Let's See....who would do that? MARNIE? I took this picture at the Grand California Hotel in California Adventure. We always stay on about the sixth floor and get to eat healthy at the concierge and all of us stay in a huge suite. I think Luana has stock in Disneyland. Thank you Luana for such a wonderful time. More and more of us are running and it's a wonderful tradition for Labor-day!

We Had This Get To Know You Party at the Church

What a crack-up! The party people were such duds--except these two and of course me. I got a lot of sweet pictures, but you can see in their minds "Quit taking these stupid pictures" and I didn't quit. Larin and Louise were used to it. Louise Spendlove is my buddy from way back. She and I had so much fun. We shared secrets...don't you want to know? Actually, I was out-of-control this time and Louise had to "rein me in". Well, if you want the truth, I'm an open book. I tell and hold nothing back, if it's about me...and then some. lol

I think this was a bit much for our ward to have this truly, get-to-know-you-thing. Mostly, I think, they don't have the Internet and they are not used to questions like, "What did you sing in the shower this morning?" Just Kidding. Really, people are not ready to share.

Our family arrived late because we were packing to go to Disneyland for the marathon, so when we arrived we just started acting crazy. I take a little of that back, Steve doesn't act crazy at church activities. He saved it all for Disneyland. Yay...
Santa Paula California Ward, WE LOVE TO PARTY!