Monday, March 29, 2010

New Queensland Heeler Puppies. We Scored

"Doggie D. A." Translated: Dog-gone Adorable!

""PUPPIES! DID YOU SAY PUPPIES?" " I LOVE THOSE ADORABLE SPOTTED CREATURES!" Yes, I do and so far three.. My blog of pictures shows the story ..... more coming. Kiely had to take the first fat boy out, he was to big to let all the other out. They are already sporting some cute spots! Note: Update.... Darby has six puppies, four male and two female!

Why is this soooo important? We have to sell them to make some money for Kiely's expenses at college. Everyone that comes by wants them. They are such "chunky puppies." The little puppy above is Darby's niece and half sister to all our puppies. We used the same sire.

Darby went nuts just the days before like super active.

Notice the fast, fast Queensland Heeler in this video with a Border Collie, the Heeler is almost a blur in the video.(Towards the end)

Then this morning...wass ... happenin' I mean, "What's up with this mate?" I forgot she's not originally from around here. She's crying, trying to eat grass, wondering around with questions of what's happening to her and he's shaking, she's so scared.

She as just simply crying and looking for something to make her feel better. The barn? Darby's cozy little kennel? What? It always means something's wrong when in the hard labor, they start flopping around. She's doing the turning round and round, this way and that. A Kiely made it better. Pulled the big male plug-out ( and yes, he's a pig/dog and away she went birthing puppies.

Waiting is hard for little girls that love puppies.


Align CenterAnother puppy was just born! We don't have a clue what sex it is...they're all spotted!
All the puppies are wonderful, thank you, Darby.

This has been a great lesson for the grandchildren to watch and they watched every bit with the commentator and lessons from the mid-wife, Kiely. The Discovery Channel in Grandma Susie's Barn.

I love it that they are going to be tri-colored.

It's not hard to entertain precious Finlee.

Darby the Red Queensland and Her Protective Nature

Friday, March 26, 2010

McKean Genealogy. I Love My Family

I've done generations of genealogy and have been so upset by not finding my McKean ancestry. Well, "low and behold" my brother-in-law loves genealogy and bought, so I'm working on my sister's work (which is exactly like my work) The greatest thing was I've been looking for the McKean family forever. The updates on just added all my McKean family the past 6 months. I haven't been able to copy it all over at the Family History Center. Now with, I'm almost in genealogy heaven! There were some mistakes, like the extractor on the Church website forgot a whole generation, the whole family. My ggrandfather's father's family went directly to HIS grandfather. It should have sparked a "this-doesn't-work" note in her head because of the dates. BUT, I GOT IT, AND FIXED IT! I stayed-up until 3:30 in the morning correcting it all. I learned so much about the Church's New Family Search. I think it takes a mistake to really get in there and learn about what your doing. Not upset at all, time was not wasted and me...I feel like I now can accomplish the task of finding my Family History and all the names that go with it. ALMOST!...I may have some problems going to other countries and I say almost, because surely if I knew what I need to know, I wouldn't be thinking that.

I've gone through pounding the desk with the whole FHC library full. I cried in front of everyone and hooted out-loud. I got the "Shhhhhh!" from lots of people. I really didn't mean to ruin their concentration. It was like I was the only one there. Intense. A name of Hannah J. McKean kept popping-up in the wrong family and when I finally got her in the right family I found out her middle name is Joy. That's how I feel. Joy!!!! The computer again is now on my phone so when I have to wait for anything I can find more on the lines. I've got lots of leads.

I know this is soooooo boring to listen to another person that you are not related, talk about their genealogy. I just want to convey the feeling I have received from doing this. It's addicting and even more than Facebook, eating, (I can't believe I wrote that) and also drinking soda pop. It loses all its frizz while I work diligently. The experiences I've just had even lately, spurs you on to do more and more. It's really a satisfying accomplishment ... as would be creating a invaluable piece of artwork or writing a best-selling book. Okay, it's even WAY better than that, knowing the consequences.

I have to write this little note in, so when my family sees this picture..... my grandmother Winniford Lyle McKean O'Connor was in the picture maybe, but not born yet. So please don't try to figure out which one is Gramma Commer. Winniford so looks much like Nelda Lucinda, the Great Aunt that we never met and lived in Springfield, Missouri. And Winniford was the youngest of the four little girls.

Richard Winslow McKean Family is related to the Scot (line migrated from Ireland) that signed the Declaration of Independence. His name is Tho. McKean representing Delaware. He was a gguncle to Richard Winslow McKean. I am working on the McKeans at the moment. I change by inspiration and I mean it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kiely's Homecoming For Spring Break


Thank you Kelly for being a great friend and navigator!


Road Trip

Life has been exciting at Danger Ranch. The horses sure love all the green wild oats everywhere. I'd let the sheep out more often but the bottom-line is they don't stay in the wild oats. They have decided they are on the prowl for roses. Neighbors, like my mom and daughter, and my gardening husband, are not too fond of that appetite craving the sheep have developed.

Kelly, Kiely's friend from high school and community college, came in from Wyoming to Salt Lake and they rode home together. I'm very grateful that she had someone with her. Like: ROAD TRIP! The brand new Tom Tom messed them up and they started to go to Arizona, thankfully she realized soon enough and was only about 3 or 4 hours late coming home.

Just about everyone was here to meet her as she pulled in the drive-way. I think her horse got the first hugs. It was great seeing her and I'm glad it was beautiful weather.