Saturday, June 15, 2013

And We Did This, and This, and This?

We had an early start today with lots and lots of chores to do before we headed-out past Los Angeles.

So we did this, and this, and this, got dressed and put my make-up the car (bet that looked lovely with a few curlers hanging here and there) I was essentially "all dolled-up" before we hit Fillmore.

We both hated the terrible traffic and going at speeds not known to small town folk. No problem, we stayed ahead at the front of the traffic jam.

Rancho Cucamonga's a good ways from our house and the building we needed to be inside was huge! We sat and the music started and there was our Tressa graduating, again!

We're so proud of her! She was in a mass of other students. I suppose I thought 330 names were a lot to go through she graduated with a major in Psychology so she was back toward us, but so far away. A Mega-tron shows us her walk. Wow. More graduates than I've ever seen.

We know this is a great dream come true for our oldest daughter and she'll go far. Not a cliche or part of a speech, she really does have a wonderful and new plan. We are amazed at her goals for the future. My children never give-up. I'm so proud of Tressa and for her family's support. I cried.

We went home the old road and scenic route. We call it the "Bree-way" because I have a daughter that hates freeways. So on the "Bree-way" we stopped here and had a happy picnic.

Hugs, kisses and  I know you know ... I love you, Tres! We're very proud of you and glad we took our jar of pennies and nickels to pay for parking (for reals) it was worth every cent!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So Much Happening and I'm Sick. Timing On Being Sick Is Always The Wrong Time

Be sure and check the update on Our Queensland Puppy Page

I've been doing a lot, going a lot, having a fun time even though I'm sick.

  • Graduation of Corbin and I've got pictures
Corbin is telling The Principal that she said his name 
wrong. It's not "LAY-zen-by" My name is,
 "Corbin LAZ-en-by" The principal has known
 our family for a long time and Corbin had to make it right.

  • Outrigger canoe racing-my grandson's love participating paddling and I've got more pictures
    Corbin Pushing and Tanner Pushing With His Feet

    Huge Crowd

    And They're Off! Too Crazy In OPEN Water. It's Passion
    • Our Kenna grand-daughter was a star in "Ruckus in the Rainforest" & had a solo part. Pics!

  • Dallin is in the Little League Champion play-offs. A HAT PIC-THAT IS ALL...
  • Church IS wonderful, as always.
  • I'm still milking goats 
  • This journal writer is sicker
  •  Puppy duty daily just like the goats and I love it!
    Monday and Tuesday:
  • My Steve had Emergency Preparedness Meetings all day with the County
  • I watched grand children and arranged for my referral to another specialist doctor
Today we had to do a major clean-up work day at our house. My grandson's helped with my son. We appreciate them more than they will ever know. They fixed fences, cleaned some pens, worked in our garden, and carted-off two really nice but not working refrigerators. I almost danced.

Tanner put all my Christmas decoration boxes in the basement and out of my "cowboy room" corner. I could've stayed in the basement all day. The stuff in there is as our Tanner says, "Totally Awesome!" I found my record player and a bunch of old LPs and my grandson packed it up and is enjoying Perry Como, like I did when I was his age. Perry Como is "big band" and before my real music appreciation time. Well, I heard it on KNX Los Angeles at my Dad's dry cleaners in Fillmore. Let's see...that was about in 1963. I was 9 years old.

Funny how some days go.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring, Summer? Stuff and I Already Posted: I Just Want To Say: What a Week!

I was just thinking of the past 9 days! I had pneumonia and with hanky-in-hand for little coughing while I gave a talk. Steve gave the long talk on Memorial Day and it was on his Birthday! Great huh? He has no problem speaking in front of others. My topic was Family Search and it's a whole lot newer then the "new family search." I loved the topic and love genealogy so the talk was easy and I was already enthusiastic about the program. I did use a Twitter post that said, "Family Search is now Facebook for the Dead." and that's true with the new easy upload of our ancestors. What a great find that would be to see your great-great grandfather that you've never seen; you have the same smile or almond-shaped eyes. So fun to give a talk and see eyes open, smiles, and nodding. The opposite is a whole congregation of sleepers, yawners, and no one looking up at the podium.

I received a wonderful new calling in church with the Primary
 and it fits me. I'm so happy now that I'm in there.

After church we had lots of fun at the family party at a beach. We celebrated with Eirely, my grand daughter and Steve (shared birthday) and no one would leave the house...we were having so much fun.

Just Fun!

The next day and all-night we had Queensland Heeler puppies. (7) All so very different and so cute.

We survived another tornado aimed at our daughter. So glad she has a this "plan" and knows where to go to be safe. Our daughter Bree, watches the weather. The Moore tornado was really upsetting to me we had heard it was the fastest moving tornado ever recorded and was a wedge that sprawled almost or at two miles wide. I had tried and tried to get their family to rent a house in Moore because they were all new and so beautifully landscaped. Little did I know the houses were new because Moore is the tornado capitol of the world. There's hardly any storm shelters and when I was back there in November, we shopped in Moore and became very familiar with the town. It had great shopping, great places to eat, and even a new big movie theater. All new and beautiful. I remember eating yogurt at the Orange Leaf and looking at all the shiny new tractors across the street. There was a NEW Tractor Supply building and I was so wishing to go shopping for farm stuff that shined like that. I can't even imagine flying tractor parts in a wind and then Bree finding delicate family pictures in the park where she was assigned to work and clean-up with the "Helping Hands" LDS disaster services. I'm grateful for new technology and the App on our phone called, "4-Warn Me."

Bree Feels Oklahoma Strong!

Everyone Does Their Part-Like The Honey Bee Sacrament Meeting Just Before The Storm On Monday

Brother Ludlow With My Daughter Bree LDS Disaster Services And Works At Our Temple In Los Angeles.
 I have to be honest, I did love Bree's old ward-house. The church, our church is beyond wonderful and very old. My husband had served there on his mission and even an old-style. In fact, all the change I think the church had done was put in an extra door to keep the air-conditioning in and the heat inside as needed. Bree was very familiar with the deep-downstairs because during Relief Society and Sunday School, my daughter is always down in the nursery. The church is made with huge, heavy walls and even the stairway wall has no windows. Bree had mentioned that it would be the safest place for a storm if Midwest City ever had a tornado. I've only seen the tornado clouds 43 years ago and only one very small tornado in my life. The Church was safe if there was a nuclear-attack, earthquake, or hurricane.... it seemed to me about as safe as any place I'd ever seen.

Midwest City Bree's Safe Place

I LOVE This Ward House
I received a wonderful serger for my Mother's Day gift and I've wanted one forever. So, I've grumped so much because no matter I hard I worked at it, my serger wouldn't work. I need to work on this, but it's so hard, when I think I've done all I can do. There's a lesson here somewhere.

 See: Tip On Singer Serger, The Cheap One. It's Glorious

I altered a wedding dress. I had to pray a lot to do it right, but I have to admit I did a great job. I was blessed because not only did I pray, but this dress was special. It was a sealing wedding dress and I feel that I received the serger ... so I could do well on this dress.

 I couldn't say no and asked for help to guide my hands to make the tiny stitches and hide all the frays. My hands were really shaking because I was so nervous to work on a beautiful sister's dress, a dear sister that I hardly knew, and I wanted to make it perfect.

We all joyfully, enjoyed my grandson, Dallin's baseball game and screamed and sang and WON the championship. "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" the moms, dads, and families are so fun with this team. No drinking or bad words, or fighting...just fun. I lost my voice somewhere. Dallin was selected for the All Stars. Typically, a pitcher doesn't hit very well. He pitches like an All-Star and hits like, what do you call the "extra good hitter?" Pinch-hitter? Dallin is that, too. I guess he knows the strategy. Dallin always hits hard and gets the runners on the bases and gets himself to home. All of this is so exciting and it's like I'm watching my son Dustin hitting the ball over the fence every time and just jogging around the bases with a big smile on his face. This is a series of pictures-my husband already knew this kid was going to hit. Surprise not center, not left field, but a ground ball just along the right line.

Yay! He Bought In Two Other Runners on Bases
 My Jaxon, Dean, Finlee, Jane, Charlie and Sue are all doing sports and activities this summer. I'm so blessed that they are all coming for a baby shower for my youngest daughter Kiely, and I can catch-up on their fun activities. Soccer seems to be a favorite and I think I'm going to have to learn all about the sport of Hockey.

No Alert, But Bree's Picture On Her Porch Said, "Go For Shelter."

I go from joy to sitting in the parking lot of near CVS pharmacy for my Rx and were not moving. Steve and I are listening to another tornado that's live streaming. The tornado went through our son-in-law, Chip's work in Mustang, while he was there! All went well and they did have a shelter at work and he's now working up in Tulsa. Bree has learned about the tornado this evening, it had lifted-up with it still rotating above Midwest City and took a sharp southward turn and killed Reed Timmer's mentor and others helping chase and report news. Very sad.

Beautiful Midwest City Glad You're Still There!

Pretty Trees Just Down The Way Gone With Beautiful Homes
 The tornado changed direction going toward Norman and not following the 40.  We watched Channel 9 Oklahoma City live-streaming tornado going toward stadium full of people and they were talking about evacuation under the bleachers.

Sue's Idea Of Comic Relief. This is Spring
I knew the Reno Road is where the Church sits and the tornado was following the road and the Highway 40 and then it turned unexpectedly and for no reason.

I wondered if it was in Bricktown in OKC.  Bree's home wasn't far from there. Bree send a message back to us on Facebook (yes, it worked the phone's didn't) and she said it was the same stadium. How scary for all those people in the stands.
The goats just kicked my butt tonight and they hate milking in the dark, but the couple hours wait was worth it-lots of milk. Maybe this is just relief from the storms. I love the sheep and's the most relaxing chore (?) I do around here and crickets. I love to hear crickets, I don't like to look at them because they're black like black widow spiders. Listening to the sounds of the night and the beginning of summer.

I went to bed with a very grateful heart. My daughter is truly amazing, she's prepared and has a plan. These were both so close, but I knew for sure she would be okay. I was so glad that she was inspired to be physically and mentally prepared for all this. And then went-out and worked helping others. I love you more and more, my shy little Bree full of courage, compassion, and strength. I'm grateful for the prayers for your safety and lots of prayers for others that are needing help and those waiting in the path for the same storm moving on across other states.

I thought Sunday would be easy, but stayed-awake all night thinking about "stuff" and I watched the sun come-up. Why am I so close to so many with Breast Cancer? Or just any cancer, do we live in an area that's just full of environmental problems or is it that everyone eventually gets cancer and I didn't know that before?

I wish I knew the answer and in the mean-time this hurts and makes me so sad and gives me such a helpless feeling. We're all moping around with all the trials of the world just tucked-away in a place near to our hearts.

Today, (June 3rd) a bunch of animals got loose. Tractors went too fast..I have to pull the tractor to get it started. Just a small ignition problem and I thought Steve wanted me to go faster. 45 mph in the field about through-him-off his tractor. Steve went around about three times in the arena and had to quit. His back, arm, shoulder, and knee just were hurting so much.

The tractor was the best and greatest therapy for him and in the fog, there wasn't a problem of a spark and he could just drive, not answering the phone, hearing pesky animals, or anything..just the disks churning in the rocks. I really hope he can get help with Workman's Comp because living like this is sure difficult. He was my strong-man and now he can't open a jar of jelly. We were both so tired and because Steve can't sleep when I'm awake... we both watched the sun come up. This was the second night in a row.

I went downtown in the morning and rode in the FJ with Steve. It was after my chores and I was hiding a bit, because I was wearing my flannel nightgown still; so tired...but loving the break and short-hop down and back home. I won't do that again. I lost my mind there. So...both of us took a nap.


When I got up from bed, I tore my nightgown-up for rags. Gotta' do it and know that it's time that this gown can not be mended ever again. It sure ripped easy. hahahaha (laughing all by myself and at myself-pathetic)