Monday, April 26, 2010

Please Look At Our Queensland Heeler Puppies

November 16th 2010 Note:  The puppies are sold, but we are going to breed Darby again in just a couple of months. Please swing by later to see our new puppies for spring. They have grown-up to be darling and wonderful pets. Thanks to all that bought puppies from us. They all were matched perfectly!

Here's the new Link to Our Queensland Puppies. They are ready to be sold: $300.00 each and there are 2 blue males, 2 red females, 2 red males. All WITH their tails! Yes!

Jaxon is in the middle of the grand game of "Dog Pile"
Tackle Jaxon, he's got the ball!

Our little puppy blog is not finished by a long-shot, but you can see the mother. I have tons of pictures of the puppies at this age, now and ready to be sold. I've just have to work hard at getting them up on the new blog even with a broken finger. (minor typing problem) The money all goes directly to our daughter's college funds and she's majoring in Animal Science.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doppelgänger. Person-double in German

Where is our twin? We know there's a person that looks similar to each of us. Cartoon or in real life. Here's what we came-up with this year.

The name ... Mr. Incredible came from the fact her boyfriend actually looks like the star in the movie "The Incredibles." Hahaha Kiely looks like Elastic Girl with her hair brown. I think these are their "doppelgänger" My husband's is Huell Howser and mine is, Kathy Bates. I do look like her now at my age, and interestingly we have the same taste in clothes. Mr. Incredible, Matt, is living-up to his name sake. He lifted Kiely's car by himself as in picked it up. Spring vacation was fun for all of us.

Added November 1, 2010: Guess What? The boyfriend and our babygirl were married in July and I bet you can just guess what they were for Halloween!

 My Doubles are quite a few people. I have a person that is just like me everywhere. I put some famous ones that my family and friends (without each talking to each other) and just randomly stuck them up here. Just old pictures and the new ones.

Lots of people would say that I look like the French actress from "American In Paris" Her name was Leslie Caron or I would be the girl in Darby O'Gill and The Little People. Her name was Janet Munro.

Janet Munro above and my picture before we were married below

So now I look like Kathy Bates. We even have the same shoes. Watch "Waterboy" sometime and looks at those Keds hightops Kathy, the mother wears. Honestly I can't even wear those shoes now without my children saying to me, "Did da debol make you wear dem shoes?" Thank you Kathy. I have them in every color and love them.

We now look like each other, even more--I even lightened my hair the same, but not on purpose. Weird.
I look Even More Like Kathy Bates Now That My Hair Is Short


My Steve and his Double is Huell Howser Below

Steve has always been mistaken for Huell Howser
All the time and that was even again, yesterday! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Loving Spring, Crying, and Trying To Do Everything With A Stupid Broken Finger.

This is my grand daughter, Adree, when she was little. Yes, we had sheep then and not just stuffed ones. I always wanted to wear an outfit like that instead of bibber-overalls. Just a "girly-girl" I guess.

Spring-time in Sunday School we always sang this beautiful song of spring. This video is exactly how I envisioned the musical pictures in my mind. This is lovely and helps me appreciate this beautiful renewal. I honestly think with so much rain this year ( and thankfully the rain storms were spaced-out a bit) that now we have the most beautiful spring that I can ever remember,ever.

I haven't been writing at all on the computer. I've been busy, busy sewing and that isn't easy right now, typing either. I broke another finger. I dislocated my first knuckle of my ring finger, right hand and I also received a very nice spiral fracture, I don't mean that to be sarcastic at all, it did look very pretty on the x-ray. It was a bit like a barber pole.

Just Lovely!

I did that ... by trying to catch a large ram in our sheep pen, in my flannel nightgown, while it was raining hard and I was soaked. That was day before yesterday. Trust me it wasn't pretty. I was still in my nightgown because it was early and the guy wanted to see it now! He wanted this big ram and I know from experience, not to crouch down to catch it run by--Yes...A ram to the head, unconscious, concussion, and a broken nose. I've learned that lesson. I should know why shepards have crooks to catch the back feet. I KNOW, huh? Anyway, the curls of the wet wool wrapped around that finger while I grabbed at it and the ram almost took my finger with it. Wool is strong! My hand, palm facing north and the top of my ring finger was pointed east toward Fillmore. That jus' didn't look right! Soooo....I picked it up (I knew this had to be fast or it would hurt a lot more later) and I shoved that knuckle back where I thought it was supposed to go. Shoved it, I wanted it to stay in place. I make this really loud crack when it happened. You know what? I didn't think a bad word at all. I just said, I broke my finger. I showed the man standing there and he said it looked okay to him. hahahaha FUNNY!?!

My thoughts almost immediately were that this finger's going to start really hurting. Okay, what else do you want to see. (to the ol' farmer) I can't get the ram, it's too strong. He talked me out of my favorite baby doe. ***tear*** I wanted him to leave and I'm loosing my mind. Then he wanted to see our puppies. I took him to the stall and said, "Here they are.." and I ran in the house as fast as I could and took my boots off. And "Wham!" I started screaming and crying and couldn't talk. I cried hard in bed for over three hours. I couldn't even tell my family what was wrong, it hurt so bad. Steve took me to the doctor and they did x-rays and junk. I need to see a hand surgeon and get a stupid pin in my finger. Naw-uh! I don't want a pin and I'm going to tell the doctor/dude that. Really it coulda' been worse.

Today, the man who talked me out-of-the baby goat felt bad and gave me a pregnant donkey and a jack to breed my other two jennets. He's still taking the goat, but he knows he took advantage of me. There was a language problem, also. Maybe, there still is. I wish I knew Spanish. The man with him today is going to rope the large ram and take him tomorrow. This is a good thing. They're needing a ram for their herd and he is two years old and my four-year-old, is at the top of the "peaking - order" and doesn't like the younger ram a bit. They stomp at each other! Funny fights, no head butts just stomping.

The reason I'm writing is that I heard a ewe outside. I was shutting-up the house and a mother was calling for her baby. I thought, "It's 11:30 p.m. and her very little baby probably was eaten by a coyote." I got a flashlight and went clear the heck out there. Baby lamb lying outside the fence. It was tired and thirsty. The lamb had a raspy, hoarse voice and probably worked for hours trying to get back inside the fence. I just held it, and it's little heart was pounding, too tired to run and easy prey for anything. He is so tiny--might be a ewe, I didn't check. Oh, how happy was the mother who finally spied her little one back inside. I heard the sweetest humming noises, talking to her little baby that she so missed. I'm glad listened to the pleas of the mother and helped reunite them together.

I just found-out Mr. Flores, Kiely's agriculture academy teacher did the same exact thing to his finger on his left hand. I told Kiely and then realized Mr. Flores is left-handed. Yep, we've in the same boat. Yes, it was a run-away sheep, too baaaaaaaaa...... for both of us.

"♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Just turn that
frown upside down and smile
those frowns away!♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪"

Just another day at Danger Ranch. Learning the importance of the "One" and the value of the Shepard, and He knows His sheep. Trials make us stronger and little things like a mother's love can bring smiles to you face and warm your heart, even with a broken finger and no Vicodin.

Friday, April 16, 2010

St. Baldrick's Foundation

He REALLY wants to help, I think he wants to be older and wiser, too.
Steve already is.

St. Baldrick's Foundation

Steve and I ate at Garman's, the Irish pub downtown, yesterday. It reminded me of posting this event.I told Steve he could shave his head, yes it was a wonderful cause, wonderful!

But leaving the bald head was not an option, he did it anyway so I made him do the "Magic Mountain Old Man Dance! Yes, he does look like him, huh?

You have no idea how hilarious he was doing that dance! I cound't keep the camera still and it had a MIND (Androids are taking over) of its own. Okay sideways. AND adding extra words funny!! I made him dance like the Mr. Six at Magic Mountain! Wanna' see Steve dance? He promised me he'll perform when he's got his head shaved, but only for the people that helped with the fun-d raiser. I'm not in on this...Kiely is teaching him the moves here in Santa.

I think this is from the newspaper:
On March 17, 2000, reinsurance executives Tim Kenny, John Bender and Enda McDonnell turned their industry's St. Patrick's Day party into a benefit for kids with cancer. The three planned to raise "$17,000 on the 17th," recruiting 17 colleagues to raise $1,000 each to be... shorn. Instead, the first St. Baldrick's event raised over $104,000! The event had a life of its own and quickly grew into the world’s largest volunteer-driven fund raising program for childhood cancer research! The Foundation now funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. Since 2000, events have taken place in 24 countries and 50 US states, raising over $74 million. More than 130,000 volunteers-- including over 10,000 women-- have shaved their heads in solidarity of children with cancer, while requesting donations of support from friends and family – each one becoming a walking billboard for the cause! At a St. Baldrick's event, something amazing happens. People who normally shy away from the very thought of childhood cancer find themselves compelled to support this cause after looking into the face of these brave children who are beaming as their friends and family members proudly display their newly shorn heads. Volunteers and donors see it can be fun to support a serious cause. Young cancer patients and survivors see how many people care. And researchers see St. Baldrick's funds helping to find like so many other foundations a cure for childhood cancer.

Without The Suit My DH Still
Looks Like Him!
Wow, a Bobble-Head...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wonder Under. My Journal & Danger Ranch Strikes Again

Yeah, it's a wonder I'm not under, as in dead. I bet those who follow my journal thought something happened to me. Broken finger and it's so hard to type. Not completely true. I can type but you would never figure-out the code.

This blog is not about interfacing or fabric bonding, exactly. Interfacing with other people. One on one and sometimes it's not pretty. Facebook is a Wonder Under type of interfacing with people and it's a bit hard to figure-out. I'm not talking about those that don't think, like teenagers (sorry if you are in that mess right now) but for instance: My history teacher from 7th grade is my friend and he had a memory like, Wow! Here's his quote,"the two things that can make a man look the most stupid, Woman and a dog." My dear teacher usually posts something very spiritual or motivational...stuff like that. I posted after him,"Both together with a guy, or separate? I don't get it....sometimes that happens." Next post by me, again.  " It only took about 3 hours but now I get it. Big guy smooching his dog in public and the dog's sitting on his lap while he's driving.   out-to-lunch." His reply to me,"I don't think you have changed a bit since we first met! To tell the truth, that saying is one of those that means whatever you want it to mean god Bless, Love ya."

 Looks like more than one...

My history teacher could have said, "And, bless her heart!" I wrote back, "I know  "
Soooo, he's actually telling me I still don't get it? And I've got the brain of a 5th grader, I mean...7th grader. True. True. I do want to got to the movies and see, "Nanny McPhee"

Here's the sheep that broke my finger:

I have been told not to catch a sheep like that! 
I've been told to not open a can of dog food like that!
Here's my fingers:

The small one was cut on a dog-food can because I couldn't open the pop-top lid. My finger is permanently and irrevocably -- can't go to revert, BENT ugly. I don't walk on it so ugly it stays. My doctor tells me it needs a pin. Uht-ugh! So dumb, I am. Never pick-up a sheep by the wool when it sprinkling because little curls of wool twist tightly around the top of your finger and dislocated the joints and the twist turns into a spiral fracture. I heard my dad saying to me as I was in my flannel night gown trying to catch the sheep, "Where's your gloves?" "Don't you ever pick-up any sheep, lamb, cat, rabbit anything by their wool, fur or hair." The picture comes to mind of him reaching for my pony-tail.

For all of you that may think that this was inspiration, nah...maybe. But stuff as in advice from my dad, was always sprinkled with very descriptive language that runs through my head at the same time. hummmm I think I just heard his admonitions so many times that it is memorized in my brain. Like: Stand your ground when the horse is running full-blast at you. STAND! If you run-off Babe (the horse) wins and she'll continue that vice. She continued that the whole time we had her...years and I stood my ground, never giving-up and slapped her growling lips and teeth. Should'a used a broom. I think I blogged that already, tells you right here...that "Babe" made quite and impression on my life.

Never tie a horse up to a fence that just might move. Common sense. The horse knew it was a fence and now I didn't see anything wrong with it. I'm a grandmother. Horse flips the fence over on top of herself. No cuts, maybe bruises. I could have left the scene a real broken grandma. Oh yeah, "Don't climb a ladder near a horse and hold the lead rope or rein." Broke my kneecaps that time and the best of all. He told me to wear my gloves. I had no skin on my hands because it was a darn man-made fiber, that I've also been told not to use. Horses can strangle on those man-made, fibered-up halters and leads.

I got all that advice did whatever I wanted. I messed-up big time making mistakes all along the way. I certainly ignored it all, and had to learn by myself what everyone was telling me was true. I don't know why it is human nature to do that or this (?) should I even be writing this all down. But, know from me if someone says that is a pretty stupid thing to do, listen and don't do it. I know there is no going back. I wish there was more time to live my life the right way. I pray every night that Heavenly Father blesses me with more time on earth. I have lots and lots of work to do here.

 To my family: Listen to your parents. They know... and are saving you from sorrow and lots of angry or bad feeling toward yourself for the messes you might (probably will) create. You don't have time for doing wrong! Keep the commandments. I want you to find and follow your passions in creative ways or even mechanical, fishing, or whatever you love; because it will keep you out of mischief and on the right path of working and learning. I wish I could watch you all grow-up and help guide you, each of you. There is the Holy Spirit to guide you but you have to repent and keep the commandments to receive the inspiration needed to help guide you. If you are not getting an answer, fix you! And when you can have the Spirit, pray. It may take a long while, but the answer will come. I know that this is true.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Place is Just A Reality TV Show, Without The Video. Plus Added Urine Cures

For Sale To Any Gypsy Family:

My Grown Children.
Will work as full-time babysitters and wagon-cleaners for food.
But, it has to be "Vegan."

I get all the grand children. Pause ..... I changed my mind. Fifteen grandchildren at once, uh. They would not make it on this place, and I would have to run-away.

My husband called from work at the Fire Station and asked, "How are you doing?" I said, "Oh, did you see my Facebook status?" I then proceeded to tell my husband that I had my life all figured-out and just minutes ago and I posted it on Facebook. "Did you read my post?" "No." and he started laughing like crazy, "So, you have yourself all figured-out?" More laughing, laughing, and me sitting here with a puzzled-look, and me resenting the fact that he can't take me seriously. SERIOUSLY, I think I everyone is crazy, but me.

I'm skipping Church because I wore cowboy boots, ran across the arena to break-up dogs fighting and with grandchildren in the middle, and I took my heart medication with soda pop. Actually, that made me feel like I had been blown-out with a shot gun in the back!

I should have gone to Church! Dang Dixie, the visiting dog, tripped me outside. Dixie running to bite our horse, Banner, and I was running to make her stop. Running! Really, serves me right. I needed that lesson. I am better! Just a couple of chewable cherry Tylenol. I could have gone to Church and been fine. I'm such a whiner. Hold on ...The dogs are fighting AGAIN! Okay...large fight on Ojai Road. Now, I'm glad I was here.

Reason for this post: I just found out that this week is Family Abuse Week. Sheesh! I never, ever get a break!
Gammy's Rules:

1. No peeing off the front porch. I don't care if you're are afraid of Mayflies. Why do Mayflies pick my bathroom to die.The long legged-bugs are just large and don't eat little kids.  Mayflies aka "kid eaters" The truth is they do NOT have a mouth. (and that should give you bad dreams) They don't even eat mosquitoes while they fly. There is no excuse! "Go" in the bathroom!

2. No popcorn in the living room. It sticks to my bare feet and feels icky.

3. Hit the target area, I painted in the toilet. Grand daughters are exempt. But everyone always has to check for "tinkle" on the seats. BTW Mothers..I used fingernail polish before and this was a paint pen. Urine dissolves paint pen paint. Say that three times real fast! lol I'm getting porcelain paint at JoAnn's and try that.
4. No nose-blowouts anywhere, ever. Not even in the "Forbidden Forest" Take a hankie with you. I don't like "elevens," either. Do not use your T-shirt or dress.
5. Don't play in the snakes! Don't march through tall grass or even play under the porches or in any of the rock piles! You are NOT allowed in the "Forbidden Forest" "Jurassic Park" or the "River-bed" EVER!

6. Do not stand on anything but the flat ground and don't run on the pavement.
7. Never hurt each other! Never throw rocks! Never throw sticks! I can actually think of tons more nevers, but if you think just for a second on anything you do and know it's not right. STOP!
8. Watch out for everyone and help them. Little kids copy big kids and that leads to danger.
9. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO GUN SHOOTING ALLOWED! You can pretend shoot, but DO NOT EVER POINT A GUN AT ANY PERSON, EVER. Not even a toy gun. That list includes knives, swords, sticks that are swords, or rocks as grenades. Never shoot a birdie of any kind and I hate those plastic BBs. They do not recycle and animals can eat those plastic tiny balls by mistake, even real BBs. I hate to break the news to you -- but they really, really hurt. I was shot in the arm from far-away by a neighbor and I bled. The mark is still there after 40 years.

1o. Kiely is not a little kid and an adult. Treat her with respect. She sits at the "big table" now.
11. Don't whine and don't tattle. But... if it's serious stuff, tell an adult immediately.
13. NO PLAYING IN THE HAY. It messes up the feed and the animals all get sick and straw is all over my house
14. Love each other, love the animals, love the plants, and leave each place you play looking better than when you got there. Leave the ranch land nicer than when you started playing in the area. No trash, buckets, toys, forts, and orange peels, anywhere. Actually, the Boy Scout Outdoor Rule: "Leave No Trace," is the new saying. I mean it! These are my rules and now you YOU also have these rules...

Boy Scout Rules (Applies To My Girls as well) I wasn't a Den Mother for years NOT for fun..but I did, anyway. Have fun, that is...

A Scout is Trustworthy.
A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his promises. People can depend on him.
A Scout is Loyal.
A Scout is true to his family, friends, Scout leaders, school, and nation.
A Scout is Helpful.
A Scout cares about other people. He willingly volunteers to help others without expecting payment or reward.
A Scout is Friendly.
A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts. He offers his friendship to people of all races and nations, and respects them even if their beliefs and customs are different from his own.
A Scout is Courteous.
A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows that using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.
A Scout is Kind.
A Scout knows there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. Without good reason, he does not harm or kill any living thing.
A Scout is Obedient.
A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobeying them.
A Scout is Cheerful.
A Scout looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.
A Scout is Thrifty.
A Scout works to pay his own way and to help others. He saves for the future. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property.
A Scout is Brave.
A Scout can face danger although he is afraid. (Please call or whistle, or 911...I know this place. Do not try and "wrestle" a Bear with your own hands.)
He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him.
A Scout is Clean.
A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He chooses the company of those who live by high standards. He helps keep his home and community clean.
A Scout is Reverent.
A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.
Note: Just in case you're wondering, my #1 rule about peeing off the porch includes everywhere and anywhere but the proper place, except in an emergency. Pee definitely takes off the paint. That has been proven. Pee shot directly on my roses turns them yellow and dead. That has been proven, too. Yes, it does write in the snow, but I didn't need to add that information, right? If your a boy, you've tried it. For more information that is probably a bunch of "total bull" a reasonably wrong, good site is: Urine Cures

Grandma is exempt from powder-puffing anywhere and everywhere and that's not a metaphor for something else. I love powder. I rest my case and YOU WILL COMPLY! I am going into hiding in my "Cave of Wonders."


It's Raining! Smells Pretty and I Love It!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Danger Ranch and My Temptation to Sell My Children To The Gypsys

They're Here!

I always told my children if they didn't behave I would sell them to the Gypsys. Well, I guess here is the proof and we have a wagon to prove it. It's not OUR WAGON, it's the Gypsy's wagon. Honestly, it freaked my children out that it was there. We were in awe. It was beautiful! And no, I never got to the Gypsy's in time when I needed them. The wagons move around and by the time I could round-up the kids the Nomadic Group had traveled onward. They actually missed-out because all my kids can really sweep.

Has anyone noticed that rounding-up children is like putting cats in a wheel-barrow?
The picture above is some of my grown children that I often have reflected on the fact that I almost sold three at the same time at a discounted price. Dustin is missing from the picture. However, great blessings came to our family when they produced "prime" offspring. I fantasize that my grandchildren can do no wrong.

A few kids would fit...

The original owners were so old and they unfortunately passed-away and left a relic to be cherished. Where's their ponies?

It smelled like my mother's basement and I stuck my head in the back door and took a long deep breath. Old, very old. My children would have loved the adventures that could have been.

Reality, My computer has been gone and for more than two weeks I have had just an Android to post, surf the web, and it was so hard to even manage to control my fingers, I quit. Just tonight I hung-up on my husband about four times and sent messages that this computer/phone "intuitively" wrote for me. That's just "geek-talk" for making-up it's own message and posting it for me. Now, I'm known as an reptilian alien that no one even missed posting, while I was captured and re-done. Actually, I look better.

This has been absolutely and honestly the weirdest day of my life. I think it started-out with me hanging-up the cell phone on my daughter in Utah. We had a heck of a time trying to reconnect. I just can't catch-on to everything I need to know about EVERYTHING! lately. Is it oldness? Too much technology to fast? Too much going on?

We had company to look at puppies and I cried. I let a baby bird go out to it's loving parents that wanted to peck my eyes out. What is it with Mocking Birds and falling out of their nests and what? Do they only have one baby? I know, dumb question. Everyone of the grand kids were upset with me. They all had their hopes of domesticating a wild bird. Next it will be a Red-tailed hawk. Where do they get this stuff? teehee.

Adree went to LA to see a HUGE important softball game. I think it was UCLA against Arizona State. Biggest place ever for young women. Adree's only nine and her mother was amazed at her ability to text, send seat pictures (front row and right behind home-plate) and also going off with her team and without her mother, who was one of my special three children that had Gypsy written on her forehead. I tell her she is my favorite, she asks me and I tell her. Hint ... other children could ask me, too!

Jaxon, the mighty "Rob Roy" three-year-old scratched his eyeball on a sharp fence. Yes, Danger Ranch strikes again. I told him to quit trying to reach through the holes of the puppy's stall enclosure. Jaxon did anyway and ended-up with his blanket (weesey), a pirate eye-patch on his eye, and held a Red-headed, Raggedy Andy with the same eye problem, all morning and the "little whirlwind" scared us all.

And lookie here: Another redhead! Actually, he looks like a grown-up Jaxon. Whirlwind, yes. But I don't quite know anything except my daughter is somewhere in between "love-land" and so "twitter-patted" that she hardly talks. Surprising developments!!!! Spring Fever? Yes, she has it and it wasn't brought on by the "SNOW" Just the somebody...that's Mr. Incredible

She has his "look-alike" Picture!

Actually, he did pick-up the front of her Camry
with a huge amount of heavy snow covering it.

Do we need to send this to Matt?

Today we answered many phone calls with great carefullness. I was so rattled by all the grandchildren running and running. I put foot powder in the refrigerator. Okay, this is where my children send me to the Gypsys. Yes, they are my people! Never mind, I forgot about the alien, reptile implant. The grandchildren over-dosed on Fruity Pebbles and diet pop. Oh, did "I" give it to them? I saved them from getting smashed, kicked, knocked-down, falling down, caught on bad-wire fences and I may think twice about their willingness to help feed. Grandpa Steve doesn't know we fed all the animals twice. The animals are all pigs and I couldn't get to the feed fast enough to take it out. Oh, and I saved a couple grandchildren from drinking the sheep water that was medicated for the runny-nosed sheep and few TO BE runny-nosed, in the sheep pen. "Yes, drink Tetracycline!" "Grammy, it's Kool-Aid." "Ahhhhh, NO!"

We need to play animals when the feeding is through. Right in the middle of all the feeding, all the dogs ganged-up on Banner our sweet mare. Mostly, is wasn't one of our dogs. Dixie just wants to get kicked again in the jaw. And....all the children were right in the middle of Darby protecting her puppies by full-on "wolf-fight" with Dixie .... that would make wolf fights in the movie "New Moon" in the Twilight Saga, look like puppies playing! Saliva flying, children screaming....Did I have my phone there to catch all the drama today? Yes, but now ... how do I?

I think I'll go to bed now.