Saturday, October 11, 2014

Always Too Late Making My Blog Posts

I had the best birthday ever! Considering I am now 64. I started my website when I was 47. It took a lot to get me to move over to blogging. My webpages were before Facebook and Instagram. It was even before Website Editors. I wrote all my Hyper Text Markup Language by myself. 

And my first page was a poem, then a page about "The Meaning of Flowers." I learned so much. I had a webpage on my home, our weddings, how to grow gardens and I connected them all. My favorite was my genealogy and every page had "midi" music. I think I had about 25+ subjects and each with one or three pages long.

I was asked by dozens of people to set pages online for them. I was busy selling Automobile Emblems on EBay. I was the "Emblem Queen" after aquiring the largest known collection of emblems, hub nuts, and scripts in the world. I still have too much left over. It was so fun! I was a seller and even made my own page to sell my goodies.

It was interesting on EBay! You could actually SEE the bidding going-up as you watched the computer monitor. No sniping back then.

I made so many web pages for my friend's start-up companies and even for a pest company my husband was working at part time. If I couldn't find a picture I needed, I hand drew it (basically) on my art program. I even made the company's logo. Work.

I always got this same let-down. "Looks like we can manage." "We are looking for something a little more fun, business-like, or less wordy"  I was often told that I could have a commission of anything that the company or my friends' sold. 

I put my heart into every page I created and my husband's company outright stole my page. Something to do with him working for them. Okay, I learned a lot and I did a great job.

The others would change their page a bit here and there. So the website (they said) wasn't really my project anymore.

 I wasn't through because I felt it was my new hobby. I taught HTML for fun. Ugh! There was no change with everyone and I was still doing all the work. All anyone really wanted was a website and not learning how to put one up on the Internet.

Lately, I've missed so many events. I really need to go back and fill-in my blank weeks of blogging zero. 

I know this whole blog post sounds like bragging. Now, I'm just learning to blog on my phone. I hated trying to learn "Flash Scripts" barely managed "Cascading Style Scripts." I still feel new(bie) I've always disliked that term. 

My brick-wall at blogging is that I'm needing new glasses and huge adjustments to my eyes. I hate typing; it makes me look like I'm crying with tears included. I have a handkerchief and Tylenol at my side.

I suppose I should've gotten glasses for my birthday. I adore my bright red Kitchen Aid with attachments! And goodies that never expected. 

My silver Young Woman's with a ruby? I did earn it, but never expected to have one. I'm so blessed. 

What do I need to remember about my birthday? Don't try and carry more than you need. Make more trips back and retrieve your presents because falling-out of a 4-wheel Toyota FJ can take all the fun out of playthings. Yes I did. I fell out on the driveway and knocked myself out.

Pause. I hold my silver, charm-necklace between my pointer-finger and thumb; thinking. It's not the charm, it's what I learned, what I did, and happiness I felt when I chose to do right. The right things were easy and hard. I think the really hard ones like studying the Scriptures every single day throughout this year started-out hard, but became easy like I missed my day without study, I couldn't NOT do it. I really missed the feelings of having that extra strength in my day. I really love learning the Gospel and love the Primary and my challenges I have there and I also love the Young Women's Programs; I still follow.

Maybe a sideways look toward the mixer... and I have the same feeling. It's not the cookies I make for me. Oh No! It's the little ones with me and watching my grandchildren and children after baking! I love to cook for them and WITH them as much as seeing them eating Gingerbread men, cookies, and Divinity. 

The homemade bread is for Steve and Primary treats are a joy. We'll both be eating healthier with the slicer/dicer attachments. It's about doing, giving, and learning and making memories to blog.

Yep, I want to say, "I remember that."  HTML wasn't for money, it was to get to this place of a journal about family. I would have never jumped right into blogging without some HTML knowledge. I'm feeling really blessed and it's not going away.

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