Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So Much Happening and I'm Sick. Timing On Being Sick Is Always The Wrong Time

Be sure and check the update on Our Queensland Puppy Page

I've been doing a lot, going a lot, having a fun time even though I'm sick.

  • Graduation of Corbin and I've got pictures
Corbin is telling The Principal that she said his name 
wrong. It's not "LAY-zen-by" My name is,
 "Corbin LAZ-en-by" The principal has known
 our family for a long time and Corbin had to make it right.

  • Outrigger canoe racing-my grandson's love participating paddling and I've got more pictures
    Corbin Pushing and Tanner Pushing With His Feet

    Huge Crowd

    And They're Off! Too Crazy In OPEN Water. It's Passion
    • Our Kenna grand-daughter was a star in "Ruckus in the Rainforest" & had a solo part. Pics!

  • Dallin is in the Little League Champion play-offs. A HAT PIC-THAT IS ALL...
  • Church IS wonderful, as always.
  • I'm still milking goats 
  • This journal writer is sicker
  •  Puppy duty daily just like the goats and I love it!
    Monday and Tuesday:
  • My Steve had Emergency Preparedness Meetings all day with the County
  • I watched grand children and arranged for my referral to another specialist doctor
Today we had to do a major clean-up work day at our house. My grandson's helped with my son. We appreciate them more than they will ever know. They fixed fences, cleaned some pens, worked in our garden, and carted-off two really nice but not working refrigerators. I almost danced.

Tanner put all my Christmas decoration boxes in the basement and out of my "cowboy room" corner. I could've stayed in the basement all day. The stuff in there is as our Tanner says, "Totally Awesome!" I found my record player and a bunch of old LPs and my grandson packed it up and is enjoying Perry Como, like I did when I was his age. Perry Como is "big band" and before my real music appreciation time. Well, I heard it on KNX Los Angeles at my Dad's dry cleaners in Fillmore. Let's see...that was about in 1963. I was 9 years old.

Funny how some days go.

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