Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blogs are Weird, I know..

Have you thought that a blog was similar to a Christmas letter that you get from your friends? All good and nothing really bad, stupid, or even real? It seems a lot of ones I read, seem like everything in their life is perfect. I would like to set the record straight. NOTHING is perfect! I don't really like reading other people's problems, mainly because I worry about them. But it's okay...I like someone to pray for or help. I like knowing that I'm not the only one that has money issues, fears, fat, or even if they are mad at someone or something, or even that they are just plain having a bad day. Not good to put details of any of that on a blog. Like...who your mad at...'cuz it just might and usually is, just a misunderstanding and we get over that stuff fast--blog is there forever. It's read by a lot of people and sometimes their thoughts affect... well you know, they could easily NOT forget it. BTW I'm not mad, unhappy, fearful, etc.--just thinking about journaling, or writing our family history. It SHOULD contain trials and point the way of getting through our exasperating experiences. This is part of the reason we keep a record. I wrote down ever phase of my pregnancies because I wanted to change the bad choices to how I could improve to make them better. Loose ligaments, walking, starting labor, all of that was a great relief about, during, and after each pregnancy. Interesting how we forget what Braxton-Hicks feels like or how after pains get worse with each baby. Those both are uncomfortable subjects to write down, but for me, having five miscarriages, I needed to know every detail and you know what? It saved me from crazy.

I love to read my family's blogs. Sweet and straight to the point. I know they have courage. Courage is something that you fear, but go ahead and do anyway. Like moving to Arkansas, changing jobs,shaving your head for a school fund-raising event, building a house that is almost an impossible task, or thinking about another job. Where will our life be in 2 years? Where will I find the cowboy of my dreams? (we know who that is) We all have those things swimming around in our heads and I promise, Marnie, your donkey/goat problem will soon be fixed! I love you all and your makes us close. I love it and look at my babies everyday. Mom and Grandma


Breeda said...

I love you, Mom!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

mother i do not mind the onkey. i would not care about THAT goat, but it smells and makes a crazy noise with his horns. other than that i don't mind him.
thanks for your post. i agree with you. i love to read blogs, it gives you a glimpse into lives that we sometimes can't see everyday. like my midnight post with lots of tears the other night. i love you. your blog is awesome.

Ashley said...

True, very true. I do try to keep my blog up beat. I don't want to weigh people down with my problems or sound whinny or ungrateful. I like to do that in the privacy of my own home;)

I could see how journal keeping and telling it all might actually help though. Usually I don't think, or hope that no one reads my journal so I let it all out.