Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Am Changing My Handwriting And This Is My Only Resolution

Well, after writing a talk and finding that I couldn't read or look at it, or understand what I had written, I typed it out. How bad is it when a person can write a ten minute talk and not be able to even follow it? I try to squint and concentrate to decipher what is on the page. I'm doing a sloppy job that's not only uneven, it's little. Is that an "old people" symptom?  I have new glasses, so that's not it. I'm guess my fingers are just lazy. I love to take notes in church and also write little things of what my grandchildren say...I want to remember the fun conversations. A little kid's view on any subject can be incredible. So now... I have a bunch of quotes of my grandchildren, and either I can't figure-out which child said it... or no clue what was said. I need a cure.
A Super Close Sample of My Chicken Scratch!
 I had, like every high school senior, a class in civics. I loved history, but this class was ridiculous. It was the big government class and now includes some economics, too. I wish we would have had been taught some skills in budgeting and investing. But, as it was in the mid and late 1960s, we just learned the Constitution, how the government works, and a whole lot of boring stuff, and was made way more boring by an instructor that taught this class... non-stop and all day.  I know he just monologued it and had it memorized for years. Our teacher was bored. He reminds me now of the movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Remember the economics teacher, played by Ben Stein... questions, "Anyone?" "Anyone?"  I think everyone has had one teacher like that. My cure, that kept me from running out the exit in class was taking notes with my left hand. I learned a great way to print. That might explain how unbelievably slow our teacher was talking. I can still write with my left hand, but it's printing. I want to change my signature. Is that a bad thing? Should I? My "Z" in Lazenby, looks like a lightening bolt and if I make it the other way it looks like a "m". A change is needed.


Breeda said...

I think it is fun to change it up a bit.
I have always loved your handwriting. I think it is very pretty....elegant even.

Love you Mother!

Our Aitken Love said...

I have always loved your writing Mom. Your cursive is what inspired me to make my writing pretty.