Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Favorite Photographer: "Ashley the Wonderful"

We're going to the beach house again this year. I think it's the only vacation that's on our summer list this year, but is the best. It has been over and over a place of great occasions and memories. We look forward this time to having our family all together in one place. All of us. We have daughters with their families in Wyoming, Utah, and Arkansas and I never, ever once thought while they were growing-up and small, that they would live far from Steve and I. The bad-side is that we miss some fabulous "time posts" with them and knowing first hand their needs and also their successes.
The greatest part of the beach is that these special times in our lives have been even at the beach when apart we come together and there is Dallin being baptized in the Pacific Ocean or Kiely and Matt becoming engaged and kiss in front of all (they still didn't really kiss...just laughed) Tressa became Miss Teen, Marnie had birthday parties, and Larin entertained all of us. Actually, each has had their turn doing just that. Dustin and his cousin Robert, would eat all the ice cream and sugary cereal in the whole beach house just before we went home so we wouldn't have to pack it all. Each time both got so sick, but they would do it again the following year.

One year in the not to far past we had family pictures taken of all of us. Baby Susan wasn't here yet or even Finlee. I'm so excited that we hope to be able to have more family pictures taken again. Larin and her friend, Ashley...oh and Andolin, too were together often at the beach house with us though-out Larin's teen years. We asked Ashley how we could remember her name and she said just call me, "Ashley the Wonderful." and we have ever since. How great it was to have her take our pictures and be with us again at the same beach and with her little family there, also.

Our Family

Our Children

A Candid Moment of The "Girls"

The Boys!

Our Grandchildren and Now We Have More

Ashley gave us a moment when time stopped and we can look back and remember the day. We are so blessed and we all look forward to our great reunion at the beach. It's not so much the sand, the ocean, the breeze, sunshine or the waves and gulls. It's the excitement of being reunited. I truly love my family. Thank you "Ashley the Wonderful" for blessing us with our wonderful memories at a cabin, a house, lots of blue waters, grains of sand, and best family in the world.

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