Monday, December 29, 2008

What a Wonderful Day. Sad / Extremely Happy / Crazy

First of all, I want to make this clear, I definitely do not have shifts in mood disorder, As in Bipolar. I'm generally very, very happy except when I fight with my son-in-law, Dave. (not really) He's my favorite! Actually, he is today! I can't say why, but with the new general technology, that I'm too old to understand. A "something" was shown to me that made me so happy I couldn't contain myself. I still have to wait. But yes, we're all so blessed.

I did take pictures of Kiely teaching her horse tricks and Kiely jumping on her without reins and bareback. Sahara, the Wonder Horse is amazing, she has a growing vocabulary that is very impressive. I don't think we've had a horse so intelligent since our young Polish Arabian, Smokey, probably smarter. (Early 1960's) I've never seen a horse pick-up on anyone's words like Sahara. The horse also LOVES children, actually licks them all over their face--like Kiely. No Kiely doesn't lick the kids, I mean...the horse licks the little kids, like she loves on Kiely. That's funny. It makes a big difference that Kiely works her consistently every day'

Kiely's got a blog: CowGirl Kiely

Jumping to the next "Big" happening. Out of the blue...Nieces and nephews and gillions of cousins came today, without the knowledge of the other, but they came. Granted, the little ones are 2nd cousins. But... Oh! It was wonderful to see them. There were babies I had never met and they are beautiful. We had to meet at Marnie's Mansion because so many, many could never fit in our house. It was wonderful watching the cousins meeting each other. Of course, some didn't get the drift because there's so young but Emily Etchells was the oldest at 12. Then all the way down to Marianne's little lap-baby, who's 5 months. It was heaven! A noisy one, but such a wonderful surprise. Steve drove the firetruck up to see everyone and I know that John, Steve's other wife. BFF Uncle John was "chill-axing" watching the running and playing. Happy Uncle John, unfazed by the whirlwind and completely never spins, put his feet up and soaked it all in. While the "newbie" young firefighter was "big-eyed" and desperate to leave. It was a short stay, but a surprise again--remember the first paragraph.. That one! --I'm not suppose to tell. But it has to do with a BABY!!!! I'm so happy. #15

Kiely and I had to leave because the missionaries were coming to teach Randy, the cowboy. Well, they all came, all four because they were transferring. Hard to say bye and looking forward to a new "cowboy missionary" to come. This is a missionary fast and prayer special month by the Regional Representative. I fast on New Year's Day. Perfect for me, not for anyone else, because Steve will be at work. I'm looking forward to my part.

****Added at 7:05a Dec.30th 2008: I had Tachycardia last night. Too much emotion in one day. I need to be more like John. I need to not spin and relax. I just ran a marathon the half the night. I hope the whole thing burned some calories. See, I'm trying to "turn sour lemons into lemonade", right? It's a beautiful day!

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The Knappy Crew said...

Happy Happy that is you. I didn't mean to add to your daily merriment you call life. But it was sure entertaining to see you do the Grandma dance yet again.