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  1. Tripped across your blog while looking for some info on the McKean's and O'Connor's in Ridgway. Great job putting this together!

    My Mother, Jeannine O'Connor, was Vinita McKean O'Connor's daugher (Winniford's older sister). My Mother was born in the same year as Marion and Mary, and spent many summers in Ridgway. I visited Mary and Ken Gore Ridgway ranch twice in the late 50's or early 60's – once with my Grandmother Vinita (Winniford's older sister) and once with my mother. My Mom had fond memories of Mary and family, Ridgway and Mt Sneffels.

    I live in Denver, CO. Email: Phone: 303.883.0239. My two sisters live in San Luis Obispo and Stockton, CA.

    Ward McNeilly

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