Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, Look!...Dang goodie!...Another Crisis!

Well now, we are having a fun Bar-B-Que and think the smoke is...not from us! Sept 6th, thank you dear neighbors for "Lighting Our Life With A Fire" Structure down. Husband on the monitor putting out the fire in his authorized, Hawaiian shirt, uniform on a warm Saturday evening. Very impressive. It made my husband's night and it gave me nightmares. There was ammo stored in the building and was flying all over the neighborhood. Guess where all my family was? Watching the heroes put out the fire with bullets going off everywhere. Oh my heart. I did take a Xanax. Welcome to my world.

Fires Are For Firemen with Their Outfits On--I Mean Turn-outs--I'll never get that straight!

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