Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is It Spring? What is Going On here?

Kiely went to check on the young Queensland Heeler sisters and guess what she found? The dumb mother cat put her babies in the
doggie's bed and dumb and dumber dogs didn't even know they were there. Our dogs are just over a year old and I know they were so hungry. Kiely was bringing them dinner and the kittens were right in there with them. Crisis! Let the dogs quickly out of jail! Rescue kittens! We are hoping that the wild mother is still taking care of the babies.

The kids said they saw her hop out of the horse trough that the babies are placed in and then placed again, inside a locked stall. Of course, the baby kittens may not be there too long. I think all cats move their young around. But, with the dog-wolves?

If I could talk to animals a lot of my questions could be answered. I would definately be pointing my finger at the mother and ask her this question. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"
She's brainless, maybe she has ESP. I hope!!! My vibes are disturbed. I love kittens. But, get daughter, Kiely has kitten paws as her favorite smell in the whole world. Actually, it's even with the smell of money. Happy grandchildren, the kittens are all named, by now.

Baby Kittens In With The Dog Kitten Eaters

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